"And then she's going to change her location, so please record that, too. He lived in the town of Kathres, north of Arlendar."

To Mr. Frey's explanation, the priest nods to Humph as he touches the blue crystal ball.

The priest's hand is glowing slightly where he touched it, so I guess he's rewriting the information registered in the crystal as he listens.

"What's your new location?

"I'll let you live in the Knights"

Exactly. You thought that was unusual, the priest jumped a bit of a frown. But I won't say anything.

It's something you should decide in the Knights, so maybe you thought it was a bad idea to speak up.

"Now let's register as a crusader. Please forward for subscribers."

Knowing the flow in the game, I move on to the priest's side.

"Hold this and reach out to the Spirit Ball of the Altar"

Placing the red crystal ball given to me by the priest on his palm, I reached for the Spirit Ball.

The Spirit Ball is like a so-called network of communications supervisors, made by wizards who used to receive the strong blessing of the Spirit.

By registering for this, information can also be passed on to the spiritual spheres of churches everywhere, and even if they work as crusaders over and over again, they can prove their identity.

Besides, it's like registering household registration information, so the church can know who went where.

I think it's amazing how demographics can be taken in this medieval lifestyle world.

So the country and the nobles, they don't get their heads up in the church.

Other than that, it is the Church's task, in the form of Spirit Blessings, to use the help of the Spirits who sustain the Spirit Ball, to heal and so forth.

I guess registering crusaders has some aspects of managing people who can use their arms and magic.

If you do terrible things and are removed from the crusader, you will not benefit from the Spirit Ball.

Besides, since you have a registration, you can refer to violator information in any church, so it's useless to rename it.

That is why it also serves to regulate so that crusaders do not do anything wrong.

Hands close, something like blue smoke drifts out of the Spirit Ball and stretches out to wrap around his hand holding a red crystal ball.

Eventually the red crystal ball changed blue.

And that's where I recall.

Didn't I have to choose my profession name here?

If I'm having trouble registering why.

"What is your occupation name?"

That's what the priest told me.

But I'm not a wizard, I'm not a swordsman, and this, what do I do?

I looked back at Mr. Frey after worrying.

"Um, what should I do with my occupation name? I'm not a wizard."

Instead, if I name a wizard, they're going to throw stones at me.

Mr. Frey also makes a troubled face when told.

"Because it's special in Yura's case... Oh, yeah. I'm guessing you're going to be in a position to make tea, huh?


If brewing tea and that would also be a medicine for people, that would be the best.

"Then, like 'blacksmith', 'tea master' or something, wouldn't that be a good name for the profession?

"Oh, I see."

So you're thinking about a new occupation name.

Then hurry up and name the candidate in your head and think it sounds like the most...

"You're a tea master. Okay."

A waited priest said so and began casting the spell necessary for registration.

"Oh, that!?

It is only if you stop.

"… register this person, Yura Savell, the Tea Master"

Whoa, whoa! I'm registered!

As he hung, a flutter and shadow rose from the blue crystal ball.

A butterfly.

Many flickering butterflies appear. If you were impressed by the fantastic sight, the last time you came out.

"............... Again"

It was a goblin like putting together a blue toga.

Goblins dancing as they mix with the butterflies.

What do you mean... Goblin disappeared in the red crystal ball on my palm with the best smile on his face.


Liar, my crystal, with goblins!?

"What's wrong with you?

I heard Mr. Frey's worrying voice from behind, but it's not the kind of situation where I can respond.

Even while I'm surprised, the crystal in my hand blossoms like it was a stump from the beginning.

For a moment. I was wary that it would be a goblin human flower.

But the crystal ends up flowering like the Tsubaki of Yaesuki.

- Good.

Though it was me who safely pulled extra power out of my shoulders, I gave a little bit to the words following the priest's "You can put your arms down now".

"This completes the crusader registration for Tea Master Yura. Tea master is a very rare profession, isn't it?

"Oh, no... haha"

That's because they just made it. You've never heard of it or seen it.

I wonder if I can do anything about it, and I turn to Mr. Frey.

Mr. Frey, too, seems to be backwards that his job title has been so much decided in one word. I missed my gaze.

"We have accomplished our purpose, and shall we leave the church for now? Measuring stones must also be changed so that they can be worn."

If they say so, I can neither refuse nor refuse.

"Yes, I understand..."

But the lack of hegemony in your voice, forgive me.

Tea master.

You have to live with this job title for the rest of your life, me.