The big black door is a wooden touch of what the material is, but it looks iron-like and strange.

Following Mr. Frey knocking and going inside.

Inside there is a size that seems like a small meeting could be held. If I were told to do some clerical work here by myself, I'd be a little spacious and anxious.

There's no way I think the captain is so big and lonely.

The captain was writing at a black wooden desk, which must be the same material as the door.

Important records and the like use beautiful paper, but the captain also seems to use paper like soft half paper for routine documents such as reports. When I was just a little girl, I saw the print-like raw paper I saw in elementary school and I think so.

The paper I got from Dr. Orvé and all the other things I've used in my life are also scuffy paper.

There's an ink pen in this world, but it's hard to write if it's a piece of paper. One in three of me is confident of drilling holes. I wonder if the captain can write beautifully.

I was curious about something weird, but I think that's because of the tension. Here's what I want to distract you from.

'Cause I have a long-haired brunette with the captain and Dr. Orvé who I never talked to much about.

The captain nodded after receiving a report from Mr Frey.

"Now you know you're a Knights man."

"You've been turned around for some weird inspections, and you've avoided being able to wear a toy."

That's what I said, someone with dark hair, Mr. Eval, as an auxiliary to the captain. This Mr. Eval would be older than me, too. Perhaps better than the captain.

"But it's unusual to attribute ordinary people to the Knights. You want to make sure they don't follow you there either. Even crusaders rarely hire them."

But to Mr. Eval's words that followed, I rounded my eyes.

... What do you mean?

I can't miss hearing so much right now, I've heard so much about it.

Even crusaders rarely hire them?

"Uh... don't you ever hire a crusader?

Too surprised, I ask.

I don't know if the lower end of what I've just been hired to say here is okay, but I don't think it's a good idea if you don't listen.

Then the captain nodded.

"First of all, it's rare. Unless you're dealing with such a massive herd of demons, you can deal with them in the Knights, and that's the job."

... it sure is.

There are quite a few Knights.

If there were more than a hundred people, we wouldn't have to bother hiring outsiders, so we could handle some things. There can be no shortage of manpower beyond the number of people who can also cope when there is a war.

Because of my knowledge of the game, I was just deciding it was something to hire.

So, but what about the players?

There were a lot of crusaders, and it was the game that was completing all sorts of quests. If it goes the same way......

Who will complete the quest?

Who will defeat the witch?

If we keep this up, I'm going to do all the quests the players have to do?

Or me, it's like a production job... How do you fight!?

Until just now, I was trying to assist the players and get some more information about the deployment to get their hands on them first, or to get rid of the enemy early, but the plan is, the plan is...

Even while I'm in shock, the story goes on.

... Let's calm down me.

Let's deal with what's in front of us first.

"If there were any more outings to the crusade at the time of the inspection than we had hired, we would be taking them. But I promise I will protect you, and I will put on a guard."

To the words of the captain, nod.

I'd rather be free than let live in a hospital for the rest of my life. Grandma's house is something you won't be able to see. Something troubling that you won't even be able to visit the grave.

For that matter, good luck and follow the crusade. You even put on an escort, you take care of it.

I just don't have to wonder if you're okay with taking that into account.

As if I had guessed such a question, the captain went on.

"It is also in the interest of the Knights to retain that talent beyond what the Spirit sees and finds to be heard. Don't worry about it there."

"Now let's make a contract."

That's how Mr. Eval cut it out and instructed him to drop the measuring stone on the case.

When you give the crystal that was lowered from your neck, Mr. Eval gives it to the leader of the regiment.

The captain held a red crystal with his right hand and put his left hand over the blue-purple crystal that was decorating the desk. Blue and purple crystals glow blurry.

It was like a glowing butterfly that emerged fluttering from it... perhaps a spirit.

I was impressed.

Not goblins. Spirits are beautiful!

No, that's also giving me special abilities, and it's helping because it tells me about tea.

As an image of the Spirit, the hope of being cute is still dull in my heart... and it's kind to my eyes.

The beautiful butterfly then sucks into the red crystal placed in the right hand of the captain.

It glowed for a moment, so I guess I got the contract and done with it.

Said the captain as he returned the red crystal.

"Did you see the Spirit now, too?

"Yes, it was so beautiful! It wasn't goblins!

I meant to keep it from getting touched, but my voice got a little louder.

"Sounds like the Spirit can see everything. Now, even when the Spirit problem occurs, we may request a dispatch, but thank you."

"Nice to meet you!

Because of my past life habits, I bow down a lot.

But this is a pretty polite way to thank you in this world.


Mr. Eval seemed to get a good review, and I heard him crushing on that.