I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Let's start by improving our abilities.

After that, I was to go back to my room with Dr. Orvé.

He was in the office earlier, too, waiting for me in anticipation of my return. He came to see the contract as an administrator because his direct boss would be Dr. Orvé.

Even so, it's good to have a teacher on the way home.

I knew I was unusual, something to look back at and stare at.

Now I know why I care so much.

Because there are rarely outsiders in or out of here.

There may be merchants or something, but people like crusaders who don't have the commerce of civilians are rare because they don't come much!

So, what's the deal? 'That's a lot.

If I walked alone, I might have been in a question-attack or bullied......

That's why the gentleness of the captains is twitching.

Thanks to you, I'm managing to do it, and after all, the captain of the regiment may be God.

I must be serious about protecting the captains.

When I arrived at the building I was making into a clinic, I made regular Heddell tea and caged it in my room.

More seriously, we should think about the game.

I've looked alike before, but I thought it was silly, but if it stays that way, I'm going to be sorry.

It proved today that it's not a gaming world or anything like that doesn't happen like the game, oh my god it can't be.

Because I tutorialized it!

The priest was short tempered, though!

"I need to lay down the name of the Tea Master..."

I was still dragging, but I don't have time to stick around there.

I wrote down plans for a game that would happen in the future.

Start by choosing one of the three knights and digest the quest that goes on there.

I have joined the Sigur Knights because of force majeure, so I will move on to the Sigur Knights scenario.

... Actually, the most difficult quest is the Sigur Knights.

If you don't fail to level, you'll be fine, but you can't be the fastest.

Of course I like the easy stuff, I was doing other Knights quests.

The story in the big frame, though, is easy for the Sigur Knights to dominate. So many people dared to choose this one.

So I've never had an experience, but I know a lot of mess.

First a quest to interact with the face of the Knights.

In the case of Sigur, it should have been something that would have done something like bridge between Mr Vice-Commissioner and Captain Lucien.

Immediately thereafter begins a quest involving the main one.

At the same time, I have a small quest that allows me to level up.

"... Is this, is that quest past already?

That place where I was taken and experimented with a metastasis within the other world... it's not a quest, is it?

The Knights would have raided and destroyed the hall.

But what happened after I quit, the first of the main quests about witches... was exactly what raided the suspicious hall at first.

If so, in chronological order, before the witch devastates the world... the scenario involving this dungeon, the scenario involving a war with a neighbor, is in a completely skipped state?

"But even if a game event happens, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to go according to the game..."

There was something wrong with the tutorial.

But a little anxiety lingers.

The reason is that an experiment with me and others was conducted for a plan to make a witch.

Besides, suppose that place falls under Quest... I guess it's me, the witch.

At first, I didn't think I could use magic, and I thought it was okay.

No, no, no, you can only give magic to tea, but that's not true, is it?

"If it's starting anyway, we need to level it up soon..."

If I don't do a bunch of Level Up quests, I'm not very good, but I can't handle it.

'Cause if it's going to be real progression, it's going to be another raid quest like that.

In the land where the Spirit was no longer present in the experiment, there are also quests to call the Spirit.

It seems almost if you just ask, but the demons gather in large numbers, making it a battle-tight quest.

Exactly. If you're not in action by joining the Knights, it's hard to clear. Those who can't make a party should have been joined by the Knights NPC to fight automatically.

Still, it's tight to do it in a production job.

"Isn't that too difficult? I don't feel I can clear it..."

Beyond that, there's a neighboring infiltration quest or something.

After that, you know, fighting revived witches...

It's like I want to play a game relaxed. It's not right to slay enemies, slash them, and gang up levels.

"I mean, I can't use my sword... no, no, not the fight itself?

That's where I come up with the fu.

"Can't you improve your physical abilities with tea?

I want to at least look for ways to improve my abilities so I don't get stuck on my feet.

It can restore energy and restore MP. You should try it.

I wrote down about the quest as far as I can remember and don't forget, I just decided to make some tea.

While we were doing this, Helga and the others were gone on the ground floor, so we can pull back and do research.

It was getting dim, so after lighting up every fire, I lit the room.

This light is magic.

When you tap the sphere down from the ceiling, it starts to glow.

Firewood and candles are not cheap, so using magic for lights is the most economically efficient. Don't make the brightness stronger, but if you try to get some sleep at night, I'll have it for a year.

I serve tea tools, boil water and finally start experimenting.