Anyway, I'm asking you, so I need to tell you where Dr. Orvé is.

"Now Dr. Orvé is out on the training ground. I think it'll take about half an hour. Would you like to wait?

I had to take him to a room close to the doctor's office if I was to wait, and I got up.

Vice Commander Harral hastily stopped that.

"Wait, it's fine here! I'm here, so you just have to let me know when Orvé gets here."


"Upstairs, you may meet Lord Commander."

... Thoroughly avoiding Captain Lucien. I have no choice.

But, you know, I'm seeing it, too. Spirit.

This one was kind of a spirit in a leafy feather and an Yaesuki swissen costume. However, if you make a slight mistake in your face, your hair is in the form of an alien... what seems to be an onion is upside down.

"Kutsuki Kutsuki"

The Spirit's words appear on the screen that was left out.

"Spirit of Confusion" Kutsukutsu "and.

Was this the Spirit of Confusion...... In the game, the captain should have gotten rid of it and ended it, and I only saw people's play diaries, so I didn't know.

But is it something I can reveal here? I worry if I shouldn't inhibit the flow of the game.

As I think about it, I'll have Vice Chairman Harral sit down.

Then I guess I was relieved to think I wouldn't have to see the captain. Deputy Herral knocked his neck off when he noticed the smell of my tea.

"I smell strange tea..."

"Oh, do you want to serve something? This is the right combination of tea leaves for me, so I'll serve you regular Heddell tea."

I know it's a safe one, but I also have a preference, so when I offer to do so, Vice Chairman Hurral gets an intrigued look.

"Well, did you mix the tea leaves? Don't worry about it. What flavor?

... Are there a bunch of rare likes of the Knights superiors here?

I just know it's safe this time, and I'm getting permission from the captain, so it'll be okay to behave.

Then I made more, so I brewed the almond tea and offered it.

It's just a little muscle gain.

Deputy Herral, who drank, also looked like he didn't have a problem. Rather, I suspect you haven't noticed your muscle strength has increased. That's right. It's only five points.

If I thought so, I destroyed the handle on the cup that Mr. Deputy Commander had.

Surprised to fly, the deputy captain was also circling his eyes. The contents were drinkin 'up, and the cup wreckage just fell on the table Gotri, Kathari, though.

"What is this... Did you use any magic?!?

"No, rather than using magic, it was magically imparted tea, but is there any way this could happen?"

I gained muscle strength, too, but the force applied and subtracted a little differently when I gripped it, so I never broke a glass.

Even Deputy Heral is quite muscular because his body is disappointed. Sometimes if you raise a specific skill level, it's +5, and that's not how you're supposed to be unfamiliar with it.

When I thought, the spirits that were floating beside the head of Deputy Haral began to fly around with their hands slapped.

This shabby...... is it because of the Spirit?

"Magic grant? Right, you're not. You're a newly hired crusader!

Deputy Heral standing up.

"I heard you can see the Spirit! No way!"

If you find out, you can't help it. I nodded.

"Yes. I see the Spirit at the side of the Vice Commander. Sounds like a confusing spirit."

If I confess honestly,


Deputy Heral clung to the spot with his head.

"... you know, you don't have to be so scared"

I just said I was there, and I didn't think I was going to get this attitude. I want you to manage to get up and walk over to Deputy Heral's side and say. But he tried to distance himself to the strange behavior of moving while crouching.

"You're going to tell that duke chief when you find out!? I knew I couldn't... I'm quitting the regiment! I have to go back to the country now......!


That's trouble! And I was in a hurry.

Deputy Herald of this setup is a very strong man and an excellent judge of the situation.

If a witch is revealed as per the game, it will be troublesome if you don't have the power of Vice Commander!

"I won't tell you, I won't tell you, so don't tell me you're quitting!

"But people have a loose mouth, and some say it inadvertently. I don't trust you with promises."

"How can you believe me?

When I got in trouble and asked him that, the deputy commander told me to groan.

"Just words, are they believable?... right! I will quit as soon as I speak, but sooner or later a visiting envoy of the kingdom will come. I'm gonna blow you into something that's not gonna happen then, okay? Then you won't be able to be in these Knights anymore!? What do you say we get out of here?

He was Deputy Heral who tried to obtain collateral by threatening him, but he asks how I am, even though he says so. I know you threatened me because I can't think of anything else, but if I said this, I might cry, and I guess I got anxious.

Rather, if that's what you can accept, it didn't seem like a problem.