"Okay, that's fine. I promise."

"Is that true!?

Excited to open his eyes, Deputy Harral raised his face. He's really surprised.

"You took my word for it, daughter!? Are you sure about this?

Deputy Harral got up normally with a nod of "OK".

"Now that you know the secret, there's something I'd like to ask of you, the crusader"

"Would you do me a favor?

Here we go. Though I think so, I pretend to know nothing.

"That's right. Find a way for this Spirit to leave."

That's how Deputy Harral explained.

That one day, when I went on a crusade, this spirit was sticking around.

He can't see the Spirit, but he only hears the voice of this Spirit.


"Stuck Three Steps Ahead"

"Ten Hair Losses This Morning"

"No Next Attack"

What a last minute voice to say, it will reach your ear and you will be right.

... this is a huge, stingy harassment. Deputy Harral also seems to drain his spirit in strange places.

"It's tough too, but it's more of a problem than anything else..."

Deputy Harral takes a deep sigh of relief.

"Ever since that spirits got stuck, it's easier to have fights in the demonic nest near this Knights' realm"

Demons often unexpectedly live in solidification among their peers.

Goblins are what they are then.

The goblins that make the settlements solidify in their fellow countrymen and go hunting. They say there are some such goblin settlements behind the Knights' realm woods and so on.

Goblins can't even try to hunt down what happens.

So it seems the Knights' basic policy to eliminate what comes across the alert line and protect those entering the streets and the outer edge of the woods.

Game-wise, I guess I'll pop up over time even if I knock him out, but in real life, I imagined he was moving from a mountain or something farther away to a place where we didn't have to fight over territory.

The problem is that after the spirits stick together, when the deputy commander goes on alert, there seems to be confusion in the goblin nest, resulting in a battle.

That's when they always hear the Spirit's 'fight...'

"I wonder if I'm attracting this because of my attachment to this Spirit... Being the head of the flourishing Sigur Knights, I am known to be the cause of confusion..."

I don't like that, and they're trying not to run into the vice president.


I hold my mouth. I know it's the end of the story, though there's an exchange, but it's not.

But how about revealing that now?

I can't explain why I know. I want to set up a system that will make it as convenient as possible to ask the captain to get rid of that Spirit.

In order to keep the promise, I have to manage to run into Deputy Heral and Captain Lucien without saying it out of my mouth.

Anyway, this is a quest to improve the friendship between Deputy Heral and Captain Lucien.

I'm in trouble if you two don't get along.

"So if goblins and demons break out even when the Vice Commander doesn't answer, it means it's not the Vice Commander's fault, right?

"So far, only when I'm out."

I feel sorry for the vice president who is powerless.

Then I suggested.

"Then I'll see to it"

"Was that it?

I nod.

"Of course I'll keep a secret. Without explaining the circumstances of my deputy, there is a way to be on guard near the Goblin's nest."

"What? Lord Commander noticed something..."

I reached out with a stop and spread my hand to make the words stop.

"It's not. Hi. You know you're coming to visit from Wang Du, right? He was supposed to accompany me on a crusade sooner or later because if I didn't hire him to do anything, he might become the ingredient for nothing."

However, continue.

"I fights are a tease. So the captains should also like to be as vigilant as possible. If we can convince him there, he won't have to tell the vice president's secrets."

"I see..."

Deputy Herral was convinced with that and accepted that I would go and see how it went.

But hey. I'm sure it's gonna be a fight.

With that in mind, I asked the Vice Chairman for one last thing.

"One more thing, I want you to make a change to your promise"


"When the Spirit is away from the Vice Commander, please tell others already that you can speak of the Spirit"

It was for me that I offered the terms.

At the end of the quest for Vice Commander Hurral, the Commander will have already found out.

If we don't fall apart, we won't talk about it.

Deputy Harral would also explain that he had such an attitude because he was stuck with the Spirit.

Of course, Vice Chairman Harral thought it might be okay to say as long as the Spirit was gone.

"Uhm...... Then, well, there's no other way."

"Thank you. We will now accept your request"

Come on, I ordered your quest!