First of all, I decided to try a new experiment after Mr Vice-Commissioner left.

I'm a poor man who can't even wear heavy armor, although I went to deputy chief Haral.

I want to improve my defenses with a little combat power.

Magic defense is ok, but it would be very bad if Goblin hit me.

Is there any other way to increase muscle strength?

In the meantime, I'm going down to town with Dr. Orvé the other day to get something out that I haven't tried yet.

honey, dried apples.

"One way or another, I hope it works"

First I decide to make an apple tea dressing.

I think I can fry apples... so I have more regular tea for making and storing. It also confirms that the Spirit has firmly granted magic.

Insert a few chopped dried apples so that the flavor appears well there.

When I started pouring hot water, I fluttered from the hot air...... the goblin fairy showed up and did a throw kiss and disappeared.

Are you in a lot of a mood this time?

".................. eh. Different reactions may have produced tea with different effects."

It makes tea with a nice smell of apples, and I'm sure it'll be fine.

I encouraged myself to look into tea first.

Open the screen and touch the cup.

"Apple tee. Effect: Physical Defense +3. Skill Proficiency +10"

"Alright, here I come! Finally, add to your physical defense!

Three, but I'd be a little comfortable with a goblin opponent!

Physical defense just increases, and I tried it casually, but it doesn't taste bad. Yeah, it's delicious, combined with the sweetness of the sugar that was covered up for apple preservation.

The sweet scent of apples also makes me want to smell it forever.

"I wonder what would happen if this wasn't a hindsight?

After drinking up, experiment with another cup of apple.

When I put it in together and fry it, the smoke throwing spirits usually came out, but the effect was the same.

"All right, all right. Then we'll have honey next."

I brewed regular tea and added a spoonful of honey there.

"Honey Tea. My heart is at ease (slight). Skill Proficiency + 3"

"Rest in peace?"

Will my heart be relieved?

"It makes my mind feel easier..."

It kind of became a tea with a very mild effect.

I'm glad that even milk doesn't mean I'll be asleep.

"This might just be right before you go to sleep. You're okay now."

Slip a bite down your throat.

A warm cup of tea flutters through my stomach and makes me feel soothed from it.

"Oh, relieve me"

This looks spiritually good. I feel the stress dissolve and disappear somewhere.

It doesn't seem to have the effect of restoring your strength, but this is fine.

Drunk and satisfied, Dr. Orvé came looking for me.

"Oh Yura. It's dinner time."

That's what they say, and I realize it was dark out there.

Besides, Dr. Orvé was carrying me to this point in my diet.

"Sorry, excuse me, Doctor. I was supposed to do it, but I slipped my hand..."

"I don't care that much. I signed up for the crusader, and your experiment became part of my job. But meals are important. Eat it."

"Yes, thank you"

Thank you, I'll stay and eat in the kitchen.

The Knights' dinner is cooked on the street by someone like Mr. Helga.

In the morning and lunch, many things are very wild because they are made by Knights apprentices.

So it can be used in camp training, so I smashed the dried meat into the soup, and the system, and the biscuits to be sunny?

All of a sudden I may have a day to join the camp too, so I'm eating because I don't think I've ever done it to get used to it, but I'm a little lonely.

I don't feel so stressed or cry if I can't eat it because I'm originally a thin taste preference in my previous life and I'm used to coarse eating in my post-reincarnation life.

However, when I go outside, I am absolutely determined to take my tea.

I think biscuits taste better with tea.

After dinner, Dr. Orvé's meals are also served. Even so, I don't want to walk at night even though I don't have the fighting ability, so I'll wash it and leave it where it delivers my meals on the ground floor.

Then I decided to try another cup of tea after the meal.

"If I put milk in my honey tea, would I still fall asleep?

The milk itself seems to produce effects in the direction of sedation, sleep, and adulthood, which may be true.

If I mix honey that makes me feel calm there, would it be a powerful sleeping pill? That, when the enemy comes out, might be able to use it for something... but I can't drink it.

Anyway, lets challenge.

That's how I could do it.

"Honey milk tea. My heart is at ease (weak). Skill Proficiency + 5"

"Oh, I'm stronger"

That was (slight) earlier, wasn't it? And is the honey action stronger?

"If your mind's at ease, you're fine. I wonder how weak you are."

I was thrilled to make tea now, but I'm not so tired. When it comes to tranquillity from here, does it occur as tranquil as being immersed in a bath?

Mouth the tea with excitement.

From about the third sip, I felt fluffy with a twitchy comfort.

"This... is good"

This fluffiness that also reduces vocabulary.

I feel exactly like I'm soaking up a bath. Huh - I breathe, I stick my cheek wand.

"I think I can get a stiff shoulder or something. Wouldn't it be great if I could sleep like this?"

It makes me jealous. That's even comfortable...

"Hey, you okay?

Someone spreads me on my shoulder and realizes I was closing my eyes.

looked at the kind man who woke me up all the way up, he was the captain of the regiment.