I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

When I tried to get permission to deploy...

"Sorry, I think you woke me up..."

"I thought you slept because of the tea again, but you seem okay"

The captain who said so breathes as relieved.

"Oh, but this is probably because of the tea."


"Instead of falling asleep, I found a cup of tea that made me feel so at ease."

"Feeling at peace?

The captain repeated with his face that he did not understand.

"It's a micro-effect thing, it just makes me feel like I was holding a cat. Tea with weak effects makes me feel too good."

"Is that like drinking?

Oh, does the captain like alcohol? You don't think it feels good to drink if you don't like it.

"It's like that. Sorry to bother you. Oh, but if it's a micro effect, it won't be like this, so how about an apology?

"... if you don't have a problem with tea, why don't you get it instead of booze"

"You're brewing now!

By drinking, Master Commander, do you like tea so much?

But I won't say that. I have trouble being shy of getting away with it. Because I think I'm going to have tea friends in a good way.

I would like you to take this opportunity to like the tea more.

So I just made a honey tea and offered it to the captain.

"Go ahead."

I guess because the captain stood there. It fitted in the seat next to me because it was close. Receive the cup offered as a matter of course.

Originally, this commander said he was a nobleman, so I guess it was living a normal life to be dealt with like this.

The finger holding the cup feels a little bit like a sword-wielder. From a distance, it just seems so long.

Still, Captain, are you tired of wanting a cup of tea to rest your heart? Sure looks like there's a neighborhood in that beautiful face.... the richness that won't be damaged if there's a neighborhood, that's amazing.

I was impressed to see it fly, but it's strange that I've been doing that, so I wash my cup first.

In the meantime, the captain seems to have finished drinking.

"You wash."

I remember much more after I said and received the cup.

"Yes, sir. I'm talking about maybe going on a crusade, but I heard there were some outings for vigilance. Can I participate in that?

When asked, the leader who stood up to return said strangely.


"We can also include outpostings for vigilance in our work as crusaders, right? Then I was wondering if that would be the track record for doing my job for once... You can get rid of the inspection, right?

Besides, you don't have to do anything crazy to escort a crusader. The opportunity for a crusade doesn't necessarily just happen.

If you make up a crusade, you'll annoy the Knights when you discover it.

When I give various reasons, the captain gets a more and more sinister look.

"Um, can't you?

When asked, the captain sighs.

"Not that I can... but it's a job I left to the deputy commander about vigilance. Did they say anything?

"No, not like that"

I denied it, but the captain doesn't look like he believed me.

"I've come up with too many reasons why I should do it. Did the vice president tell you to give me that reason?

I shook my head sideways desperately.

Yeah, how does that happen!?

And I feel at ease. I just had tea! Should have given him a strong action!?

But I have trouble falling asleep to the captain.

Anyway, we have to figure out the misunderstanding.

"I didn't say anything to the vice president. For once, when I came here, I talked to you to get your permission... I also thought to myself why. Um, it's usually safer than going on crusades, so I thought it would be nice. Look, I can't fight."

"But to protect herself, it won't be enough for the town girl to talk about the advantages in so much detail."

Ah... here I see how the captain suspected me.

Because I talked about it with the company in my previous life.

Too pale a list of advantages with the intention of going through the application form for the project….

If she was just a little girl in a small town, she wouldn't put it that way.

Simply because I'm scared, I heard about a launch that doesn't seem to have an actual fight, can't you take a ride? I'm afraid of the actual battle. I'm glad I just said that.

But it was too much now.

"I thought I'd gotten used to the hard language when I talked to the Knights..."

It's painful, but that's the excuse.

The captain didn't seem to believe it yet, but after closing his eyes for a few seconds, it wasn't about words that he came to ask.

"It's not about being forced, is it?

"Yes, definitely"

It wasn't someone who forced me, it was what I suggested. I answered in a hurry so as not to be suspected.

"Then the entourage will be chosen here to replace the vigilance patrol with a special unit that includes you. So I send them out as far as I can go on a day trip. Still okay?

"It's okay. I'm worried too, because I'm more comfortable with you knowing you're going to escort me than getting mixed up."

This is true.

If we mix it up, we'll all be close to first person, right?

We act together for a long time, so I'm still a little nervous. No one would do a weird imitation, but even if you're late on the run when something happens, if you don't have a good chance of getting shelter, you could die instantly.

I hate to hurt, so I want to be sweet if you can protect me.

"Thank you very much"

When I bowed my head, I guess I just didn't think I had any involvement with the Vice Chairman.

"Then schedule an appointment. I'll let you know through Frey, so you should wait until then."

"Yes, thank you!

When he replies with a smile thinking he believed me, the captain smiles fluently.

That calm look is going to nail my eyes.

If I were blurry to give it to you, the captain would gently stroke my head.

"Don't push it. I know you can't fight. [M] Just in case, give priority to running. Just make a track record of having assisted by behaving with tea that will restore your strength or something, whether you have followed it or not. Got it?


When he replies, the captain releases his hand with a satisfactory expression.

I almost said "ah" by accident.

Because I thought it would be a shame.

'Cause it was my grandmother who stroked my head in this world.

I remembered my grandmother and felt a little unbroken.