"No, no. You're still young, but you can't treat your grandmother...?

I just can't do it anymore.

But that's what I thought, too, I know why.

"People like your grandmother aren't here anymore."

I'm an adult, so I don't need you to stroke my head anymore. Still, what you do is about your parents.

That's why I miss my grandmother. All the more so because the only person who makes me sweet has always been my grandmother.

"It would be annoying for the captain to treat you like a father."

But it's thanks to the memory of my past life that I can switch between this.

Once I have a nested experience from my parents, I naturally get the feeling that I need to leave my parents.

If it had been me as before, I would have been sad and dizzy.

A weak self, too, is in my heart properly. I can hang in there for as long as I know how to get up, though that's the foundation.

"Besides, the captain's was inspired by his boss."

As much as I told the rookie not to push it.

I wonder if the reason I even stroked it was because I was quite relaxed because of the information, the tea.


I got in the mood.

Permission granted. I have to get ready for tea to take on patrol.

"I'm sure it's more efficient to behave than to drink."

Thinking of it that way, I'd like to take a cup of tea with MP recovery and qi recovery. I also want Defense Up.

"I wonder if the rest is an efficient way to take it"

It's a day trip, so I think a water bottle would be fine. The water's just heavy, isn't it?

Can't it be tea leaves?

I checked the tea leaves for a try, but it only worked about half as well as I did with the tea.

"That means you can eat leaves, but you should make them tea"

After all, during the break, do I have to ask you to make me tea?

I decided that and slept this day.

And the next day, early, they informed me of the day I was going on my first adventure.

"Tomorrow, you're on alert, Mr. Yura. We're leaving at 10: 00 a.m."

Mr. Frey contacted me that way and I checked what I needed to do, even though I was distracted.

"Is it on foot?

"Go into the woods. Horses for a while. And then on foot."

"I see. Do you also carry water?

"What you care about is tea, right? I intend to prepare it for you. As you carry your own cup, prepare the tea leaves and pot. [M] I think tea should be something that will restore your strength."

We have to remember. Especially the pot. There must have been something iron unbroken, so let's borrow that one and go.

Given the future, you might want to order the same thing.


Decide to reply well and start getting ready.

I also reported it to Dr. Orvé, and thinking about it is still about tea.

"There's something about medicine that can do more than one thing, right?... I wonder if tea can do the same."

I want to take three types of tea.

But with one break, I won't be able to make you drink three cups of tea, and I'll need a lot of water.

If you can put the effects together in a single cup of tea, you can do it in one cup.

I've already confirmed the effect times one by one. They're all about three hours old.

Once I drink it, I think I'll have a defensive boost until I get home from exploring the woods.

He said half a day, so the time between the break on the way home will probably be about that and just fine.

You're supposed to run into goblins on this alert patrol.

The only way to defeat it is by Mr. and Mrs. Frey. Because when I come forward, it's just my feet together.

At least I want to take something that will be an aid to that.

"Tea leaves all over..."

But I was wondering if something offset each other and revived your temper a bit when you simply mixed it up? It only worked about as well.

The Goblin Spirit doesn't show up, and his energy recovery is only +3.

This doesn't make sense.

"Then mix it up and make it"

When making tea, mix the two types of dried fruit. Here it is.

I just ran it.

When I fry the tea, as usual, a goblin spirit pops out of the camad and throws smoke at the tea leaves of the frying pan and leaves.

The dried orange and apple were mixed there and the tea was brewed with what was made.

"A refreshing and sweet scent...... If I put the milk in, would I separate it? But still, it seems delicious enough."

But before you drink, check it out first.

"Screen oop"

In that way, the screen that opened had the desired effect.

"Fruit Tea OA: Physical Defense +3, Magic Heal +8. Skill Proficiency +15"

"Ooh, ooh. Yay, two in! Does OA mean orange and apple?

I drink with joy, for now.

It smells so fruity, I couldn't stand it, and it's fine.

"It looks like you'll lose MP when you make tea."

Making a cup of tea seems to reduce the MP by 5. It's a trivial one, but there's nothing wrong with recovering, so fine.

As I was drinking tea that way, I found a strange indication on the screen.

Tea Master Skill Level Up!


Yay. He's got an increased skill level.

Wouldn't this have raised my escape leg a little too?

Look at your status as you tickle your nose song with humph.

I want to be fast and aggressive, that kind of status is only up by 1 with Chimichi. But it's better than not going up......

HP and MP also went up a bit.

But above all, I find something weird.

Under the skills section, a weird sentence had been added.

"Tea Skill Level 6...... Channel G added?

It's not a TV station, and this, what?