At the end of the screen, a button appeared surrounded by a G and a square.

"Switch on?"

Po, I'm going to press channel G on the screen.


But nothing will appear on the screen.

What do you mean? I thought, Channel G's results appeared.

I don't see anyone in the range.

"Communication... channel... eh, wireless communication stuff?

I just have to snap my neck.

What the hell do you want me to communicate with? If you're a spirit, you'll see it on the screen when you talk.

"Hey, what do you think?

I find the goblin spirits in the camad, jumping in the fire, moving their hands in a shimmering way, and I ask.

Then you know this one's talking.

GOOD JOB! and thumbed out his hand.

You look in a good mood!

But I don't talk about anything. I wonder if it's silent. The spirits in this goblin.

Together, there were spirits in red lizards with flaming tendencies on their heads.

Oh, cute. I think this is probably the spirits of normal fire.

"You know what?

Even when I talk to you, I just laugh when I snap your neck and tickle you.

That's how I keep dancing with the Goblin Spirit.

This seems to be a case where I can't get an answer.

I gave up and made enough tea to take with me tomorrow and decided to rest that day.

Clean it up and meet the person upstairs.

I guess I'm here to get my meds from Dr. Orvé. There was a captain.

The neighborhood under my eyes feels better than yesterday. But I guess I'm not feeling well. If you use medicine all the time.

I wonder what the hell is wrong with you. Look, it looks healthy.

I greeted him for now.

"Good evening, Captain. Is that your medicine?

"Oh, yeah"

After answering, the captain asks.

"Is there anything missing? I guess we're going to the woods tomorrow."

"Yes. But for now, I'm fine. I thought the pot wanted something dedicated too, so I let the merchant order it through Dr. Orvé. Don't worry, I'm the payment"

One pot is enough money to buy.

Anything is handmade, so it's expensive to think about from previous life.

Plus, while I'm employed as a crusader, I get paid every week, assuming I do and behave in a tea study.

And if you go on a crusade like this one, you'll pay for it. I'm fine with about one pot.

"... well. I don't think so, just in case Frey's here."

Then the captain let his gaze wander to say something before

"Don't die."

Say a word.

Not to get hurt, but not to die, but as a slaughter, it makes me laugh oddly.

"Thank you for your concern"

Though that's what I said and broke up with, it was still me who kinda looked at the captain's hand.

The next day, I wake up as usual, eat, and then go outside.

There was nothing I could do about the clothes, so I only weaved my cape from the top of my usual clothes.

And a tea bottle and pot in the backpack I carried, just a little water. Mobile food for what if. And I'm going into the woods, so I might only be able to use it for cooking, but I also lowered my knife to my waist.

The meeting point is a short walk out of the building where I or Dr. Orvé lives.

Mr. Frey seems to have taken care of me for not walking around the castle grounds much.

Out of the building, there were four knights and one apprentice knight, led by Mr. Frey, who was equipped with armor and a cape.

Or there's a mix of people who look very familiar to the knight.

It's Mr. Eval, assistant to the commander of the regiment.

She has beautiful long dark hair and the cubicle is shining... If you haven't taken care of it, it's the coveted hair of a woman, isn't it?

But I wonder why we're together until he is.

Six members, including me, are about to embark on an adventure, albeit with their necks hanging.

I'm sure they all look strong and very grateful.

I bowed my head.

"Thank you."

"It's okay not to be like that. Hop in."

Mr. Frey puts me on the horse he was pulling himself on.

... but given the future, you should be able to ride a horse. When we get back, let's talk to Dr. Orvé about if we can practice.

Sometimes for the second time, I wasn't more nervous than before either.

That's how we horse, leave the castle, head to the woods.

On the northwest side of the castle of the Sigur Knights, a large forest stretches out.

It is an area not very familiar with forests in previous life, but where trees are forested in flat areas.

It's not much wider than a tree sea, but it's connected to a mountain, so even from a height, it feels very wide, and walking down the ground is huge after all.

So to the point where you can go, proceed with a horse.

Because the line of alert is deeper than the middle of the forest.

"Does that mean there are goblins and such living around the mountain hem?

"Right. We're only crusading against a bunch of people who've stepped over us. If you're an intelligent demon, you don't understand what it means to step over."

Mr. Eval came into the conversation.

"Frey, she's a beginner, isn't she? Don't take part in the battle in a grudge, don't inspire enemies or anything. And make sure you don't run away from strange places with fear."

Whoa. I got a bitter complaint here.

Oh, but what do you mean by that in front of me, I don't know.

Did you do something that I hate buying? I don't have any contact in the first place.

"It's okay, Eval. Even you can destroy demons as soon as they come out, right?

If Mr. Frey smiles and says, Mr. Eval returns as if he were obstinate.

"That's right..."

"Eval's so strong, I was willing to rely on him."

"I'm not willing to spare my strength when I decide to..."

"Then you'll be fine."

"... there's a warrior like you, but you don't have to have me."

Although I reply, Mr. Eval's voice gets smaller and smaller. Slightly shy.

Mr. Frey... do you have a talent for people?

I find myself impressed with what Mr. Eval looks like with more and more thorns falling.

And you must be a battle freak, right?