That seemed to fit in for once, but Mr. Frey was the last one, and it seemed like he'd spoken NG words.

"Didn't you specifically ask the captain because he was such an Eval, too?

"Special...... eh. Yes, I treat it too special!

Mr. Eval glanced at me.

"Why do you need to do this to this girl? This time, the captain told me that he could leave himself, so instead of giving it up, I came. Whether you just hire them or not, it's too much to go out and protect them completely."

Oh, I kind of figured out what caused Mr. Eval's objection.

I don't like the fact that the captain is too good for me.

Kind, thank you, God...... Though I was slightly thinking about it, it may look like a glimmer around me. I guess the usual captain won't take anyone so far into account.

... Is it because I held my breath in front of you?

Or maybe even though I wasn't sure, because I drank tea and fell asleep amicably, you know, fellowship sprouted up?

'Maybe it's because I like rare tea,' I add in my mind in the big hole.

He seems to like tea unexpectedly.

"Well, instead of fighting this way, Yura is a child who can't get away with it."

Yes, Fray is right, you can't expect a lot of escape feet either......

When I got slapped on the shoulder, I just had to get upset thinking you were the best.

"If you get hurt or die, don't you think you're sleeping badly? You're going to abandon a weak girl. In the first place, she's only going to have backup support."

"... well, let's hope it works"

Ugh, that doesn't work very well either, but you're going to be able to complain.

Still, it looks like you'll fight it right, and let's just do that already. There's nothing I can do about it just thinking deeply.

Anyway, it's goblin.

Goblins seem to admit that they are intelligent, as does Mr. Frey.

The game also made something like home, and if there wasn't so much territorial contention or something, maybe they wouldn't step over it.

In doing so, is the goblin, which comes rampant and stepped over from time to time, a rash whose settlement has become too densely populated?

Were you going to crusade that in the game?

Were those goblins being attracted to the Spirit of Confusion, even when Vice Chairman Harral arrived?

I don't have a way to know right now, but I care a little......

While I think about it, I go to the back of the woods.

I know it's a lot faster than walking because I've walked in the woods after rebirth, although the speed at which it goes slowly falls.

That was about an hour, too.

Where the spacing between trees has narrowed, we arrive at a slightly open place. So I got off the horse.

... It was my first long horseback ride and my legs were just cramped.

Even the return journey between the castle and town was a shorter time.

The dragon that the captain had given me a ride did not feel more shaken than a horse in the first place.

"Are you okay? Haven't you ever ridden this long?

"Yes, but good luck"

It's not okay, but I'm gonna do my job here.

I'm supposed to take a break here and then put my horse down and walk to the back of the woods.

Going any further back would increase the odds of demons appearing, so they should go back without a break if they don't have to.

It's on foot, and you can't get away with it in a hurry.

They're going to keep the apprentice knight as their horse number here because the horse will be in trouble when he's gone.

If there is no sign of a return at all after the scheduled time, Apprentice Knight will run to the castle to inform them.

I heard that kind of procedure is decided because I don't know when or what.

So I can only have tea here.

Just now I'll start getting ready.

Mr. Frey helped me gather dead trees and set them on fire where there is still Kamado-substituted stone assembly while someone started the fire before.

Place an iron net on top and wait until the hot water boils on a kettle with water.

The other knights looked interesting to see how it was going.

"Drinking tea outside doesn't do much outside the camp,"

"If you're just going home in the winter, it's water. Sometimes it freezes while I have it."

What a talker.

Mr. Eval says he'll be on guard around the area, looking outside the open place.

I don't know if I should drink it.

I'd make you say it's delicious if possible......

I can't follow the golden rule of brewing delicious tea anymore, because it's a magical product.

While I think so, warm the pot with less hot water and then let the tea put in the tea strainer whirl the water.

Since it is a slightly deeper strainer, there is some room for tea leaves to swim in hot water.

So I just sang it in my heart... and when I realized it, I was humming it, but it was for a moment, so I'm fine. Bullshit.

"Is that a hometown song or something?

If I thought so, Mr. Frey would just ask me. Shy!

"Yeah, yeah, well. With such…"

It belongs to Japan, the first home. I'm not lying.

"That's something I haven't heard much about. Why don't you let me sing it next time?

"Oh, because I'm tone-deaf!

Murray. It's impossible to make people listen!. You're deaf, you should stop.

He shook his head sideways and brewed tea in his cup.

"Ah, maybe it smells good"

That's what the two knights say.

"Did it fit your mouth?

If you ask me what I care most about, it gives me a nod.

"You don't have much tannin. Nice tea. This. It's not sweet to taste and smell like fruit."

"I like this."

Good. They don't taste bad.

Relaxed, now I see Mr. Eval mouthing this one again.

On top of the cup, she checked the fragrance by saying it with her left hand.... It's a way to remind me of science experiments. But if you're Eval, who looks like an intelligent brunette, the trick suits you, too.

"The fragrance is indeed unusual..."

No abnormality... it's like poison smoke, right?

Mr. Eval then mouths the cup with a careful face.


With that said, Mr. Eval stopped saying anything.

Huh? Didn't you like something? I drink the rest properly, too, so I don't think I liked it, but I want you to say something.

I wonder if it didn't fit my mouth, I want you to tell me if it wasn't my preference, and I stare at it, looking at me like I noticed that gaze, and then I say a word.

"Well, fine."

Sounds like you got the first point.

I was relieved. Now even if you let the captain drink tea, Mr. Eval won't be mad at you. Yeah, if I don't even put him to sleep.

So Mr. Frey asked me.

"What effect did you bring today's tea?

"Ah, it's a bit more defensive, and it's magic recovery"

When they mixed it well, the knights who drank it out rushed to take their measuring stone.

"Oh, really. It's a little up there."

And the apprentice knight I was drinking with was also checking his status.

"My defense is really up a little bit. It's a little reassuring because there are demons waiting for you here."

That's what he said and laughed at me, so I was really glad I made tea.

Eval was sneaking up on his talent, too!

You did it, me!