I was in a good mood.

Anyway, everyone told me the tea was delicious.

I am definitely getting more tea lovers. I had that feeling.

Besides, I was able to shut Mr. Eval up and make him care about his talent, so that's exactly the big victory for tea.

Remaining in a good mood, I left on foot when I finished cleaning up.

The more we had to go in a row, the narrower the road was.

Or the marks someone stepped on have almost disappeared, and I can't tell if it's the way.

Take that path in line, but at a much faster pace, with the lead being Mr. Frey's men, then Mr. Frey, me, Mr. Eval and the other Mr. Frey's men.

Thanks to this I was about to catch my breath early.

This is bad. Before I get there, I'm going to bat.

You can't get away with it.

"Excuse me, Mr. Frey"

Prepared to sit down, I spoke to Mr. Frey.

Probably from my schedule, I think I need to walk at this speed. Otherwise, you'll be late.

When I can't walk and then declare, I get more and more annoying.

They might say you're weak, but you're really weak, so honestly, it's the best way to go.

"Just a little bit more, if you could slow down the pace of walking, I'd appreciate it."

Oops, I'm in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Yura. Do you want to rest?"

"Uh, about three minutes, if you just let me calm my breath"

I, too, in this world, have a firmer ankle than the Japanese in my previous life, even though I have come alive by blasting through the streets of the people I know. Because you don't have a car, you don't have a bike, and you're basically all on foot.

With his hands on the tree, the leaves of the tree fell from his head.

No, I'm dancing, but it's a little crazy.

He's bouncing to get bounced off somehow in the air.

I was wondering what it was and I tried to touch it and see it, and it disappeared all the time.

... that.

"No way Spirit......"

When I thought of it, the parallax and the leaves of the tree shook a lot.

If you look closely, the egg-shaped green leaves have eyes, reverse triangular mouths, and hands and feet, like wire, coming out of the leaves.

It's like a mascot painting, something cute.

I've never heard of such demons, so I'm pretty sure they're spirits.

I rushed to get the screen out and it said Spirit of the Tree.

"I knew it was a spirit"

"There was a spirit?

"Yes. Lots of spirits like tree leaves come down..."

I thought it was cute and I looked at it, and sometimes there's a mix of things I'm used to seeing. He was wearing leaf clothes, so he missed it.

The goblin spirits of tree leaf fashion are also like buddies of tree spirits because they are happily bouncing and twirling around. Should I tell these kids by their clothes?

I thought I was going to say something, so I poked the Goblin Spirit.

"Wooden Spirit: Yiyan"



Cough it up and do something else.

"Hey, do you have any idea what's going on with the goblin settlement ahead?

I said it hoping the words would make sense, and I answered as the Goblin Spirit and the Leaf Spirit jumped up with their hands together.

Well, the letters just show up.

"The Spirit of the Wood: The Goblins Are Always Okorinbo. I'm upset!

I came back.

"Okorinbo. frustration?"

Are you mentally unstable, Mr. Goblins? I'm scared to get close.

"Is that what the Spirit said?

Mr. Frey asks me and nods.

"Hi. Looks like the Goblins are having instability in their minds. I heard that the deputy commander was in battle all the time, but maybe because of that..."

Now if Goblin raids, the deputy captain will be saved. If you find that the problems that are going on because of you are small, you will be able to speak normally to Captain Lucien and ask him to pull off the spirits of confusion.

And I'll be congratulated.

"Were there too many individuals? Either way, it won't turn you into a predisposition to attack people. If you can hunt at all, you should."

That's what Mr. Eval said and decided to keep moving forward.

"When it's battle, stay as still as you can with your back to the tree behind us. I'll put a knight on my side."

Nod to Mr. Frey's words.

Then I turned off the screen and walked out waving at the spirits.

That's why I didn't know the conversation that followed.

Tree Spirit: Still Not Leveled

Spirit of the Wood: But you're going to the Tatami.

"The Spirit of the Tree: Follow the Crusader"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Ha Shan Ka Shi Su"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Then Screw You"

"The Spirit of the Wood: I Want to Lose to the Knights of the Bastards"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Savory Giggles, So Muli"

"Wooden Spirit: er"

"The Spirit of the Wood: I Still Want to Potato -"