Beyond that came the spirits of the trees.

I hope it doesn't hurt me or the Spirit to hit me. I get so upset that I'm not used to it.

When I got hit in the face from the front, I just stopped my leg.

I didn't expect this kind of problem to arise from seeing the Spirit... The spirits in Kamado appear out of the fire, dancing while they burn.

I think that upset Mr. Eval.

"Walk with your head down a little. I can't have you on perimeter alert anyway. How about walking in the rain, without losing sight of the frey in front of you. The Spirit will almost fall overhead."


The Spirit comes down flickering from the branches. Sometimes they jump up in the air irregularly, so that surprises me.

A slightly irritated voice, but following it because he advised me, I was certainly no longer surprised by what came from overhead or straight ahead.

"Oh, really..."

I see. I know exactly why Mr. Eval said it. It's hard to care if you're as tall as you get, because the number of spirits you can see jumping and flying is also limited.

Doing so, I notice other spirits walking on the ground.

A spirit, like a mushroom with a face on it, walks in rows with about five people.

There's a chick. She's cute.

It's got a mix of goblin spirits in it, and it's like a player in a brave party.

"Thank you," Mr. Eval said, turning aside for a moment.

"Bebe, it's nothing like thanking you. Please walk quickly."

What you're saying is tight, but it's out of place.

I wonder if you're someone who's not being honest. Still, I'm hesitant to say the scary words as they are, so I guess I'll back off.

Anyway, I found out Mr. Eval, who followed me, didn't hate me in the bottom of his heart.

And when you're honestly thankful, it means you're weak.

I'm kind of relieved to find out about the person who became the party.

Anyway, it's definitely going to be a fight.

Gradually, Mr. Frey and the others are moving slowly.

As tensions mounted, the leading knight said in a whispering voice.

"There's a hundred meters away, probably a goblin"

I think he probably used his enemy skills. Otherwise, in a place with all these trees and poor prospects, there's nothing you can figure out about a hundred meters away.

"If that distance, it's outside the alert line. How many?

Twenty, sir.

In response to Mr. Eval's inquiry, the knight answers.

"Pretty much."

Even though Mr. Frey says so, pull out the sword.

"Looks like you'll enjoy it there."

It's even a beautiful way to nod your tongue. Oh, Mr. Frey, that's a lot more belligerent, isn't it?

"... Frey. Don't leave me alone."

"I know. But if it's just goblins, we'll just have to fight and defeat them, won't we? And twenty."

Seeing you say that back to Mr. Eval, Mr. Frey seems to be stepping on that he can take down as soon as possible if he's about twenty. On the contrary, he seems to want to fight.

Here I remembered.

Battlemadman and what Mr. Eval said.

Mr. Frey, a man who loves to fight?

Is that reliable or should I be scared? Should I be worried?

It was me that was bothering my head, but Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval just finish the action meeting.

"Yura would rather not be nearby. It's troublesome if the goblins you've defeated are attacked by weak individuals."

"You're sure it's easier to attract and defeat yourself than to protect it. Yarn, I'll leave you to Mr. Yura. For once, I'll do the magic of concealment, so wait here."

When the decision is made, Mr. Frey lightly begins to cast some kind of spell.

I guess that's the usual thing for Mr. Yarn, a knight with brown hair, who was walking in the hall. Solemnly accepting, I accept Mr. Frey's magic.

I took it with me, too, but Mr. Yarn's figure turned out to be sumptuous.

Oh, it's magic. It's magic.

I haven't seen it at all before, but I haven't seen much practical magic, so I'm a little thrilled.

Nice. I want to be able to use magic too...... Making tea is like magic, too.

"This magic assimilates around you if you're not noticed, and you don't know what you look like. Instead, when they notice a voice or bump into each other, they see it. Even so, it will be difficult for the opponent to attack because the contour will continue to look like it's being shaken."

Hooray. It's not magic you can solve as soon as you're discovered, is it?

"That's why I want you to sit there and wait. If I don't have a problem, I'll probably be back in about fifteen minutes."

With that said, Mr. Frey goes ahead with no hesitation.

How much you want to fight...... Unlike the impression, I'm surprised.


Mr. Eval sighs.

"As we both are waiting there. Please tell Yura not to move without so much, Yarn. She's a good novice, too. And then if you decide that Frey alone can do something about it, I or the other one will go back"

I said I would be back earlier than Mr. Frey, and Mr. Eval continued later.

Though the words are a little tight by the way, they seem to give us priority and come back first by the end of the fight.

Here, what is it?

I'm a good guy, but I honestly hope you're a good guy. The hard part is, maybe you want me to do something about it.

But I thought I might be able to count on you more than Mr. Frey, who was obsessed with fighting.