I see that's what the captain meant when he let you take Mr. Eval...

Now it is only for a reason.

With that in mind, wait with Mr. Yarn the Knight.

Standing all the time tires me, so I lay my hands on a nearby tree.

But it was a walking pack, so I thought I'd get some rest.

"Mr. Yura, please hide beyond that tree"

Mr. Yarn whispered.

Oh, what's going on?

"Looks like there was another group of goblins."

Mr. Yarn pointed at my oblique back.

Indeed, there were creatures who walked in, stepping barefoot on branches and dead leaves from afar.

As tall as I am. So although not big. He has an axe in his hand, a wooden stick, a rusty sword or something.

The face looks like that spiritual one I've been used to seeing lately...... definitely goblins.

But at this time, I just thought (the Goblin Spirit is cuter with a softer look) because I'm getting used to it.

But in Sovereignty, we should have found only one group. Why!?

Turn behind a nearby tree hoping you won't find it.

And Mr. Yarn put his hand on the pattern of the sword.

Still a young, slightly younger standing Yarn, but with a rugged look he finds his goblins.

I decide to put out my usual screen for now, wondering if there is anything I can do. I was wondering if I could check on the goblins for once.

Call the screen to do a trick that touches the goblin one from afar.

Goblin = Slightly Abnormal


I see some weird letters. What's a little abnormal? I mean, there's nothing I can do if I find out the enemy is abnormal.

Nothing. There's no effect like being given the effect of darkness, and the goblins were moving around this way, looking around very normally.

Shit. It's coming towards me and Mr. Yarn.

I wonder if I'll go somewhere soon.

After a firm wave, the goblins point their feet in the direction that Mr. Frey and the others went.

Oh, that's not good either.

Even though there are only three of them, they're going to be pinched.

There are ten goblins here, too.

If I think about it, it looks like my hands have moved like they point something at me. A non-goblin letter appeared on the screen.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Xuxx"

Spirit of confusion!

"Oh, wait a minute. No way."

Are you saying that those spirits did something to the Goblins and let them slip through their enemies? Wasn't the Spirit of Confusion the only one stuck with Deputy Heral in the first place?

I didn't think you had a goblin exorcism, sweeping away the troubled goblins, liding the problem or something?

Yeah. Yeah.

But all I can do is brew tea, and I don't know what to do.

Or this, no matter what, forcing the player to fight, is that it?

"Mr. Yura, be quiet. Because if you don't understand, you're rarely discovered with magical effects."

When I was in a great hurry, Mr. Yarn whispered so cautiously.

But that's all I have to tell you.

"On the side of those goblins, there's a spirit that generates confusion. So I think they confused the skills of the opponents and brought that bunch in here."

Tell him in a whisper, and the knight will have a sinister look.


I guess you're wondering what to do.

If he's been deluded of his opponents, I think if there were any other goblins in here, it would be harder for him to protect me on his own.

I was wondering if you could find a way to escape.

I wish I could do something too...... on the top right corner of the screen as I left it out, the color of G's button changed.


At this time, I push it because I think I should try it if I can use something.

Within range, we have a contact.

... ma... ha.

I watch the goblins still. They're about the same size as themselves, from the top of their hemp clothes, wearing chests made of some kind of beast skin.


Whatever you think, I think this is the only way.

Or it must be a channel where you can talk to the Spirit of Confusion in the Great Hole.

If we push it, can we open this place? But won't it just let Mumble know that it exists?

But the goblins are about to leave early for Mr. Frey and the others.

Shouldn't we be holding back?

Besides, I think.

You don't see yourself right now, so you just push the channel button and try to communicate, and if you don't talk, you won't find him?

"All right, women are brazen"

I pushed it out of my mind.


"Communication is now possible."

"Goblin: There are signs of people... damn, not here..."

Whoa, whoa, I knew it. So this means the Goblin Channel?

I'd love some more cuteness. - Ugh.

But if you know what the demon says, maybe it's useful to know what you're trying to do?

"Goblin: There must be people nearby... smell"

Goblin: Look, I'll feed you.


Looks like the only thing on my mind is knocking people down.

I wonder about this as information. It doesn't seem to do much good.


When I sighed, the goblins, who were about fifteen meters beyond the tree stand, stopped perfectly on their feet.

Oh, I knew you could hear me.