"Goblin: Some Breath..."

Goblin: Human?

The goblins are looking in all directions to find what people look like.

It's good to see how they come out, but this, if it sounds over there even at the sigh level, is a bad time to talk now.

I pull my mouth together and watch the screen.

Goblin: Find it. Don't even look at the marks. If a man finds you, the settlement will vanish. "

"Goblin: I crossed people's lines, now..."

For once, Goblin also seemed to know about the alert line. So there's nothing more I can do to kill you as soon as I find you than to be a demon anymore?

Still the goblins. I'm talking to you.

Goblin: Let's Go Home... The Number of Settlements Has Been Reduced Too Much

Goblin: Why are we walking here in the first place?

"Goblin: Shut up. You hunt more people than any other group of them."

Oh, is it an internal dispute?

Can we just keep fighting ourselves and break it up?

"Goblin: Taurus was pushing toward the settlement. You must be struggling by now."

Taurus is a cow-like demon.

There are two horns and they're bigger than regular cows, but it's hard to find when you meet them in the woods in black. Besides, the bait is...... meat.

I dare not say what meat it is. Whatever, but meat.

Apparently, the Goblin settlement, also being attacked by Taurus.

Aren't you going home soon?

"The Spirit of Confusion: Xuxx"

"Goblin:... it's all human fault"

Goblin: Fight.

Besides, something's going wrong.

"Goblin: Kill..."

"Goblin: You have to kill..."

What you're saying isn't different from eating, is it? Kind of more belligerent than before.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Fight... Xuxx"

I knew this was it. Under the influence of the Spirit of Confusion, I think the Goblins are wandering around places where they don't go home and bother to encounter and contend with people.

The goblins then began to look for humans lurking nearby as they weaponized their surroundings.

Oh, come here.

I pressed the G button one more time and cut off the communication and the messenger. On top of that, speak to Mr. Yarn.

"Mr. Yarn, let's get out of here a little longer. Goblins, it could make this neighborhood limp."


I guess it's because Mr. Frey told me to wait on this occasion. Mr. Yarn reluctantly moved.

But I won't stop getting goblins this way again, so he invites me and tries to stay away gently.

By the way, this world doesn't have the skills to erase footsteps.

If it were magic, it would exist.

That's how I was, of course, not someone Mr. Yarn could use that magic.

Mr. Yarn is someone with a lot of experience, albeit slightly younger than Mr. Frey. Of course, I'm used to keeping away from enemies so they don't make footsteps.

I'm just a complete amateur.

Having not taken off my town daughter's range, I broke the branches that were lightly underneath my feet.

I guess I heard a noise. Goblins on purpose.

The goblins have definitely moved in the direction we are, although we rushed to hide in the nearby prosperity.

Mr. Yarn pulls out his sword quietly.

And using the invisibility, he raided the goblins who had moved from side to side.

For my first battle, I can only watch with trembling.

Mr. Yarn, who slashed into the ten, instantly defeated the two thanks to an unintentional strike.

... I'm relieved because it was green blood and because when I die it turns black light and disappears, it wasn't so hard on my eyes.

But it was hard from there.

Mr. Yarn, too, seems tough to keep fighting on a one-on-eight basis, although he took positions that could not be attacked from left to right with trees and prosperity.

Though I went on to defeat the two of them, I see tiredness.


I wonder if it's time enough has passed.

Mr. Eval hasn't!? Please come quickly! Please!

I can only hope so already.

No, there's a few more things I can do. Let's get confused.

That's what I thought, put out the screen and turn on channel G.

Don't know where I am. I tried to make a blurry voice.

One more distracted goblin, Mr. Yarn put in place.

But there are still five.

I just thought... the bulk and the leaves of the tree fall from the top. with mini mini goblins.

Oh, Spirit!?

The tree spirits who came down shake something like a needle in their hand.

"The Spirit of the Tree: The Spirit of the Tree"

The Spirit of the Wood: It's a Goblin

Wood Spirit: Damage Sucks

"The Spirit of the Wood: Let's All Be Alone"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Taken Away"

While those words appeared on the screen, for some reason, the spirits of the tree began to hang on the rear goblin.

The stinging goblin begins to twist itself painfully, even though it shouldn't feel anything if it's normal to be swaddled by spirits.

"Goblin: Ouch! Ouch!

"Goblin: The Spirit! The spirits are attacking."

Oh, the Spirit attack is hitting the Goblin!?

Besides, the goblins that kept getting teased faded slightly and eventually disappeared into a black light.