"What spirits... can you take down goblins...?

Now I'm faced with a new fact.

I think it's a tree spirit, probably a spirit that lives in a tree and encourages it to grow. They are harmless to humans and animals and demons. They defeated Goblins.

The shock also filled Goblin with surprises that he could see the Spirit.

Besides, the voices that accidentally snapped seemed to be heard by the goblins.

"Goblin: Who's That Voice Now!?

"Goblin: Didn't you tell the Spirit to take down the goblin?

"Goblin: Damn, there's a guy manipulating the Spirit!

For some reason, it seems that I, the Spirit, have been manipulated to attack the Goblin.

... Well, okay. Thanks to the confusion of the goblins, Mr. Yarn was able to finish one more.

But the tree spirits seem to have gotten tired of it. Is it because it's small?

Wooden Spirit: Ugh, I'm Still Coming

"The Spirit of the Wood: The Dust of HP."

The Spirit of the Wood: What to Do

Here I am, feeling a little weird.

It's like I've never seen it anywhere. I had a visual acuity.

I don't know what this is... That's when that guy showed up.

He runs in like a wind and buries two rear goblins in an instant.

The moment the last one looked back, the sword in his possession swept away his torso, but the moment he thought he bled, he disappeared to become a black light and dissolve in the air.

The only indication that the goblins were there was the skin and clothes of the beast, rusty swords and axes, which did not turn into light with the body.

"I'm glad I made it"

That's what I said and smiled at was Mr. Frey with the blonde hair.

It was surprising to see you back ahead of Mr. Eval.


When Mr. Yarn said with a relieved look, Mr. Frey slapped him on the shoulder to twist.

"I'm glad we still have goblins. With all these numbers, you can take them down."

I said that with a refreshing grin on my face.

... Did you make it, that way?

I felt my cheeks stick.

But Mr. Yarn seems to have been used to this kind of attitude of Mr. Frey, and he laughs haha.

Well, you helped me by knocking down Goblin.

That's how I looked at the spirits, I looked at the statement history on the screen and circled my eyes.

"The Spirit of the Wood: Wow, Mr. Kishi put me up to it"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Good, Good"

"The Spirit of the Wood: Then Quest It"

"The Spirit of the Tree: Modoro - Modoro"

To put it that way, the tree spirits disappear all the time.


And I finally realized, based on the discomfort of their statements.


No way, wooden spirits, haven't you played the players?

I knew it was a little strange. We fought abruptly, and it was like a huge player around the corner.

"What do you mean..."

In the meantime, there are no more subjects to check by looking at the screen. Close the screen and I get up.

"I'm glad Mr. Yura's okay, too"

That's what Mr. Frey said when he noticed this one. And I patted my fingers, and it looks like I've solved the magic.

"I didn't have to be attacked because of it"

"It's good to keep the magic on, though just in case. I didn't know this enemy skill didn't work..."

Exactly that seemed to be a concern and would give Mr. Frey a contemplative look.

"That's what Yura says. It's the Spirit."


Mr. Yarn reported to me, so I nodded to Mr. Frey, who looked back at this one.

"It is. The Spirit of Confusion seemed to stir up the Goblins."

And I wonder if I can say this far, but I can't help but hide it, so I rose.

"And me, I think I know what Goblin is saying..."

and told him that the goblins were out of the alert line, even though the number of settlers was falling dramatically because of the confusion.

"Is that... really?

That's right, Fray, too, though he seemed incredible.

"Sounds true. Or perhaps that taurus, too, was confused by the Spirit"

Mr. Eval, finally back with another knight, said with a slightly tired face.

"Frey...... I didn't know you were going to push Goblin and Taurus on us..."

"If you want to rush, I'm faster."

Mr. Eval sighs at Mr. Frey.

Now I know one end of the history of how Mr. Frey could have gone back first.

"So, what about Taurus?

"I knocked you down. We traveled after Taurus, but there was a goblin settlement just ahead of us, so we've seen it.... The goblins were surrounded by Taurus, weren't they? It seems to be hiding in a somewhat sturdy building."

Perhaps because so many goblins have gone out to be lured out, there is no one to fight.

I feel indescribable, but I guess that and this is the Spirit's fault.

"Can't a spirit get rid of it? When it comes to Taurus, it seems to me that all the demons around here are being fanned by the spirits of confusion. If it stays like this, all the demons will continue to rave."

I don't think it's a good idea as it is.

On the other hand, if you go into the woods, you will always encounter demons, and I think about games that have been upgraded.

When demons come out at that rate, people can't go into the woods, can they?

It's going to interfere with my life, and it's good for playing games, but it's not nice to say that I'm still in that state in reality.

Then Mr. Eval said.

"Let's go back to the castle. Then you'll have to report to the captain and go to the Spirit Church."

To the Spirit Church?