Spirit Church is that.

It is that church where the priest is, who just registered with the Tea Master, without waiting for me to decide on my job title.

In the first place, the Church worships the Spirit King.

Though there is a God, it seems that it is the Spirit King who delivers his wishes to that God. This was true of the game as well.

Being a church, I guess I can get information about some kind of spirit.

Speaking of spirits......

During my return journey, what really bothered me was those player-like spirits.

I wonder what that is.

Could it be that the Spirits will play the role of player even if I don't fight? So here we are, not resembling games, but the world of games...

No, no, no.

If you're in the in-game world, it's weird without a lot of players.

The number of spirits was not so great.

... I haven't been able to confirm what you want from a rare demon other than Quest yet. I'm the one who's taking safety precautions in the first place, so I wouldn't go looking for such a monster!

So far, I don't want to see if the Spirit really plays the role of player.

The Spirit also acted when I came here in the first place.

"I wonder if you're pushing it with some kind of switch. Me"

You mean a quest-activated switch?

In the first place, I do anything questionable but combat.... No way, you're sharing?

Even if I think about it, I don't know the answer.

Anyway, I'll do everything I can with tea. That's all I can do.

And then I couldn't even think about it with too much poking around.

Because the return had to be hurried there to walk.

"It doesn't matter when you get to where you're keeping the horses waiting, so hang in there."

Mr. Frey was chasing me so hard while he said something nice, why - he went so desperately fast that he wouldn't leave me even though he said it.

Anyway, Frey and the others are taller, so their legs are a lot longer than mine.

Naturally, their step is bigger than mine I have to move double legs to catch up When the opponent is fast legged, this one goes for a small run.

By the time I got back to where I rested because of it, my legs were tired, my breath was clear, and my head was about to hang out.

"Yes, good day."

Mr. Frey holds me and puts me on the horse with a laugh. I already feel like a pile of blankets.

If I thought the heap of little blankets was me, I didn't even feel like it mattered anymore that you would hold me and ride my horse. If you don't fall, that's fine.

Because my soul is going to get out of my mouth...

"Shouldn't we get some more strength? She is."

I say slightly worryingly, Mr. Eval. That's sweet. But he didn't say it was okay to slow down, so he's a neat guy around here.

And Eval is right, if you're going to act with the Knights, I can't do it without more strength...

"Why don't you let me take part in the training every day from now on?

"In our training? Exactly. That won't be possible."

"Though you won't be able to do that from the beginning. If so, let someone train her or something"

"Who's gonna do it?

"Not you? I'm sure she's a Yura."

"Yura, what the hell? The one Dr. Orvé appropriately said. It."

"It's easy for the captain to say, and I use it every now and then. Frey, the Yura clerk, said."

"Captain, that's plain awful..."

Mr. Frey holding me and Mr. Eval talking as he walks his horse.

Ugh... Sounds like something fun, you two.

But I'm tired, I can't reply, I can't break in between the two of them and object to the name 'Yura clerk'.

On a rocking horse, the luggage remains held by Mr. Frey.

Come on...... Next time you come for a cup of tea, protest the captain. I was wondering if that's a name like a problem child you always have to take care of. I'm not bothering you because I'm rambling and taunting you.

It's just, though, because of the weird experiments, I have abilities and skills that I can't honestly say feel like magic, and I even put the captain to sleep a little because of it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, I can't even protest...

Soothing liquid is going to flow out of my eyes.

I'm sorry...... I'll do my best to exercise when I get home.

Having found the answer in my heart, I ended up being taken to the Knights' Castle without saying one thing.

Returning to the castle, the knight who was in front of the gate surprised me.

"Oh, are you hurt?

"No, I'm not. I think I'm tired of walking."

"Well, it's a girl..."

He had pity on the knight because he turned his eyes to him. Good.

I was wondering what I would do if they told me to be weak.

And then again, I asked the passing knight, "Yura, are you hurt?" I just got embarrassed and couldn't wait to be asked.

I'm sorry, I'm not hurt, it's just hard for ex-hikokori to keep running through the woods at the knight's pace. Are you saying that the roots are exhausted?

But it's not as good as this. It's creepy. We're recovering more than just after walking, so don't be sweet.

I did my best to correct my posture.

"Are you okay?

I have no choice but to say that Fray asks me worried, but I have no problem with it.

As it stands, the whole castle could be spreading the deception that I was injured. Or there's a story about not being physically fit. Neither is good.

That's how he snarled, but managed to come all the way to the castle's residence without Mr. Frey's support.

There, you heard me come back from someone, the captain was waiting with Dr. Orvé.