"We talked about doing everything we could..."

With that said, he was looking at me like the captain was confused.

"Oh, that's right...... wow"

"Mr. Yura, don't push me."

On the way to denial, Mr. Frey, who had just gotten off his horse, held him and dropped him off on the ground.

But I had a broken leg.

The moment you're unloaded, you can hang in there.

It was Mr. Eval who supported me by making sure I had a root for it.

"After patrolling the line of alert, we have returned safely, Captain Lucien"

"Thank you for your hard work. Yura seems to be at her limit."

The captain laughed at me a little bit. But there are no words of denial. I can't stand alone on this. Seriously sucks......

"It's because I needed to hurry home. Goblins crossed the line of alert, and I knocked them down, and they said they were concerned about Yura."

To Mr Frey's report, the head of the delegation, after giving a few thoughts, told Dr Orvé.

"Orvé, I want you to rent me a room in that building over there. That's where I hear the report."

"I understand. Yura, can you walk?

Dr. Orvé, I was asking Mr. Frey in the second half. Why don't you check with me?

"It's subtle, I'll take it"


To Mr. Frey's interaction with his teacher, I wondered what he was going to do with it, I still had a blurry head.

"Eval, can you get your hands off me?"


As soon as Mr. Eval let me go, I lost my support. I'm fine. Oh, no. If I did find this difficult to walk, I was fluttered and lifted.

It was Mr. Frey who held me sideways with both arms.


"... We apologize for the inconvenience"

First of all, I apologize.

"You don't have to worry. We're the ones who made you rush without thinking about your strength."

That's what you're gonna say, but I knew I was weak.

People who are weak are pretty heavy... Something I thought of when I held my old away cousin in my previous life.

Besides, I'm glad it wasn't baggage storage. Because if they did that, I would have remembered that they were about to kill me in relation to all the culprits, what the Spirit Fusion Experiment would be.

But it's hazy.

Was it the captain who had a similar condition before?

Now for the second time, I'm already exhausted of something, I'm just flabbergasted.

Is it because of that?

"You don't worship..."

I felt like it followed Dr. Orvé, who started walking first, when the captain said something with a sayin 'look on his face... Oh, should I worship this?

Even while I am confused, I am taken upstairs to my residence.

That's how I came in, Dr. Orvé's office.

Now that no one has a patient, they don't even need to pay for it.

I was seated in the middle of a deep seatable couch, placed on the wall of the room. This sofa is for when someone waits for the check-up order.

Left and right are sandwiched by Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval, and the captain and Dr. Orvé, who put a chair across the street, come.

"Let's start with history."

In response to the inquiry of the captain, Mr. Frey began his explanation.

That there was a goblin, just approaching the alert line.

That there was a group of goblins that didn't catch on to the opponents and that we were about to be attacked that was supposed to remain in the safe zone.

It also means that Goblin was acting unusual or didn't catch on to his opponents because apparently there were spirits of confusion.

"So Yura explained that the goblins were fighting over the line of alert without even knowing because of the confusion."

So the captain raised his face.

"The goblins?


"... that's what Goblin said?

"When Yura finds out that's what Goblin is saying,"

To Mr. Frey's words, the captain and Dr. Orvé looked at me still.

On their faces, they said, 'Are you insane? Didn't you even dream about it? I think it says'. But it's true, I can't help hiding it, and it's going to be far away if I hide everything and talk to you to fix it quickly.

So I honestly nodded.

"Is it because of spiritual fusion..."

Dr. Orvé crushes like he's very confused. But that's the only cause, isn't it?

"I've never even heard of it before, but do the twitches fit?

Mr. Eval nodded in response to the chief's query.

"Yura knew the Goblin settlement was being raided by Taurus before we could talk. Along with the goblins, I haven't even seen Taurus. Even for me, I don't think every Goblin can disable the skills of an opponent. Did you use some kind of magic item, if that's not the help of the Spirit"

"That the Spirit is the Spirit of Confusion?

With the captain's eyes on me, I nodded again.

"That's right. So if we don't get rid of the Spirit of Confusion, I wonder if other demons will start coming over the alert line. I don't think goblins are the only way to end this. I think Taurus is probably manipulating the spirits of confusion."

"So I'd like to go ask if the Church has the wisdom to be able to leave the Spirit..."

Mr. Frey, who succeeded me after my story, asks the captain.

"Can't you please, Captain? Just write a brush."