The said captain looked a little stiff on his face.

But Dr. Orvé says without worrying.

"All the great men of the Church move in one stroke, so why don't you write it down?"

Because Dr. Orvé says so much, it seems that the letter of the Commander gives special power to the Church.

I find it a little confusing that I also thought that reporting to the head of the delegation was normally a report for informing him of the results of the mandate and the anomalies.

I remember the captain setting.

A man with the Duke's title, an amazing family member whose uncle is the king. The prince, his uncle's child, seems hostile to him.

Because your uncle was so adorable about Captain Lucien. They also have something to do with being a 'spiritual beloved' who can see the Spirit and hear the Word.

The story of the Sigur Knights involved the prince, and there was this problem.

Do you have a strong say in the Church when you're a spiritual beloved?

But, you know, if that's all... what about me?

I can see the Spirit, and I can now understand the words. I know that, too, Mr. Frey, and even Dr. Orvé should have just heard it and found out.

I think that's why there are other conditions. There may be an identity thing, but more else... I feel that way.

The captain, who had been silently thinking for a while, brought a small sigh.

"Okay. But I'll follow. Otherwise, the effects you're after will be faint, and I don't know what they're going to demand instead."

"That's probably the best...... But I'll accompany you."

Mr. Eval nodded and said so.

Apparently, the captain is going with us.

Even for me, sometimes the captain is treated like a final weapon, and I feel like a golden stick to a ghost when he comes with me.

The captain looks disgusted at Mr. Eval.

"As long as Yura is in charge, you must have just come back too. Rest."

"Because I didn't quit being your knight"

When Mr. Eval said it all the time, it seems that the captain also gave up.


Mr. Eval's love for the captain is too deep.

I accidentally stared at it.

I guess that turns out I'm very concerned.

In going to church, the captain and Mr. Eval leave because they are ready.

Mr. Frey followed, but left to make arrangements to deal with demons coming across the line of alert.

Then Dr. Orvé taught me.

"You were surprised what Eval said and did, weren't you?

"Yes, I mean, I was a little surprised that I liked the captain too much"

"I guess so. If I knew it was subordinate, I'd accept it without a problem."

"Are you an obedient?

"Originally Eval was the knight of the captain who was the son of the Duke's family."

Mr. Eval had been heartbroken by the captain since he was serving as a knight.

So even when the captain was to be part of the Sigur Knights, he said he followed him.

"I don't know why I got so drunk. What kind of obedience is that?"

I also asked Dr. Orvé why he could then negotiate with the Church if he was captain of the regiment.

"Um, when the captain goes, how can the great people of the church move too? It's not just because you see spirits, is it?

"Oh well..."

Dr. Orvé gives a look like he put his forehead up and put the challenge ahead of him.

I guess I got in trouble for what to say. I didn't want to get you in trouble, so I decided to undo it.

"Um, I'm not saying it's impossible, so you don't have to say it. I'm sorry to ask you a strange question. It's the captain's secret, isn't it?

"No, it's not that it's a secret. I know the guy who knows, but when it comes to explaining it to people in advance... Yeah, I don't know what to do with it."

I hear there's something complicated going on.

"The captain doesn't just see spirits. You can erase the Spirit."

"Turn it off"

I rounded my eyes. What, don't you just let me tell you what to say and get rid of it? No way. The spirits of confusion stuck to the vice president, actually, were the chief erasing them?

"Because of its ability to erase it, it seems to have struggled a lot. On the other hand, as a spiritual church, there are circumstances in which you want to disappear in secret before harm reaches you."

Indeed, even though the object of worship is the Spirit King, the Church's position would be worse even if the spirits at the end were rampaged and damaged.

Suppose I was asking the captain to decide there was nothing I didn't want to show you. Surely that would stop me from going up in my head.

"... I understand"

Yeah, I think that probably fits.

Dr. Orvé loosened his cheeks as relieved.

"Right.... between those who see the same Spirit as Yura. Something the head of the regiment said. If so, I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to me."

That's what Dr. Orvé said, pounding my shoulder.