As we left the castle, the captain and Mr. Eval, who had run some errands, returned.

Thanks to the way back from the woods and the rest while we were talking slowly, I was also somewhat revived by the time I could walk on my own.

Going outside with the two of them, two horses had been brought in by the hands of a knight apprentice. I know because I just saw one head. It's Mr. Eval's horse.

One head would belong to the captain. It's a big horse with black deer hair.

The captain just lifts me up like a child and puts me on a horse.

Too vivid, I sat properly in front of the saddle of the captain with my eyes round. Or it seemed like a saddle for both of us to ride.

"I'll take you, though?

That's what Mr. Eval says with his face up.

"I'd like to hear a few words about the Spirit."

I guess I can't disagree with Mr. Eval if he returns it like that. I pulled back on things like reluctance.

When I left the castle that way, I knew people would look back at me just like they did when Mr. Frey.

It's unusual to have a captain on board......

I'm sure some noble lady would, but with me in a decent travel outfit, I wouldn't be half uncomfortable. Though not wearing armor, the captain will surely summon a costume.

... I was in a game and I was playing belonging to the more laid-back Knights of the East, and I recall that the Knights costume was also so expensive there.

It would be better if I aligned it with NPC because it felt like some sort of union, but I bought it with my money in storage.

I'm sure the captain's must be expensive too.

Oh, my God. I was thinking about it, and the captain talked to me.

"What did the Spirit of Confusion look like?

"Uh, he looks cute, but he seemed like he was trying to get us to fight anyway or something. Has the captain seen it?

"Yes. A confused spirit, or maybe that should be a confused spirit..."

That's what the captain answered.

"Confused Spirit...... does that mean the original is different?

To my inquiry, the captain shuts up.... I've been getting a little bit figured out lately. When I think of you as the captain, when I'm in trouble, when I'm troubled, I have the creeps to shut up.

Maybe he was worried this time.

I got back to you about ten seconds later.

"That's what I'm talking about. I've seen things change. Something that was a normal spirit changes his expression and his appearance changes slightly. So just looking at them doesn't tell them they're confused"

I hear it and turn my gaze to the spirits who looked fuzzy on the side of the road.

The spirits, dressed in fluffy clothes that passed in the wind and looked like little children, had a happy look on their face.

What spirits. I don't know because I haven't put out the screen, but I don't think it's probably the spirits of confusion.

"What are the conditions that make you confused?

I asked, though I didn't shut up this time.

"For example, if something you protect is broken by a person or a natural mutation. Or by magic."

I felt unspeakable knowing that most of its content was an artificial cause.

You perceived my sinking feelings, says the captain.

"Don't worry too much. Sometimes even spirits must be defeated if they come to disturb and eliminate people's lives"

Sure, people can't live without sacrificing something. The same goes for defeating demons. It's impossible to live without eliminating it.

I know, but I think.

"I feel sorry for the spirits because they look cute normally"

I said that seriously, but the captain laughed at me.

"Is that weird?

"No, don't you think Yura should stay put?

That being said and turning around, I accidentally got to see the face of the captain smiling in close proximity, and I kind of smiled to be caught.

I feel a little light-hearted.

Maybe I, a lot used to the honor of the captain.

Eventually, we arrive at a church lined with circular arch windows on that gray wall.

The horse is put together by Mr. Eval and entrusted to a nearby monk, and in the meantime the head of the regiment just goes inside the church.

Though I also took a slightly slower step, it followed.

Thus, as last time, before the giant mural sculpture representing the Spirit and the Stars, there was a priest of the Church.

The priest of the blue caped robe looked at the captain and turned his eyes round.

"What, Master Lucien!? I didn't know you were coming here!

From the front of the altar, rushing to me, but, uh, didn't someone else handle it?

The captain seems to be concerned about you.

"There will be people waiting to respond. I need to talk to you a little. I need you to show me somewhere I can wait."

"I understand!

The priest called the man of the Church, who was at the wall, a midwife with a black belt tied to his waist.

The Easter that came also leads us to the back of the church with the Commander and the attached me, Mr. Eval, who has caught up there, in haste.

From the outer corridor, we made our way around the chapel, like a place lined up with rooms to cater for visitors.

Behind it continues to where church officials live.

Looks like a pretty good room we got through.

The walls are also beautifully white and decorated with landscape paintings. Curtains are also woven with beautiful flowers on the thickness. The sofa is also comfortable to sit on.

That's how I waited awhile, and that priest came.