"What business are you on today?

I felt like I'd seen him somewhere asking with both hands in his arms.

It's like this...... in a time play, "Doctor, what's wrong with you today? Hehe," he says, feeling like a merchant hiring a caution stick.

I guess that's the standing position for the head of the regiment for the Church.

I know you appreciate it, but is this a slightly weird way to lift it? Here's the thing... rather than being respectful, you just have to lift it up, right? It's like feeling like.

The opposing captain was pale.

"I want to get rid of certain spirits. Surely the Church had knowledge of it. I want you to tell me that."

"Get rid of the Spirit......?

The priest frowns and becomes a troubled face.

"I say it because I know I can't hide it from Master Lucien, but I do. But I was hoping you could tell me what the use was. Because the kinds of spirits change the way you deal with them again."

"There's nothing to hide about this one. Beyond the forest line of alert, demons influxed more often. Turns out that's because the Spirit of Confusion is making you confused. As it is, instead of the people who went into the woods, there is a risk that demons will attack the town beyond the woods"

"So get rid of the Spirit..."

I guess the priest was convinced. From a troubled face to a serious look.

"I do have trouble getting demons to town. If you can deal with it before then, you should. And I also found that you want to apply a wide range of procedures. It is impossible for Lucien to keep an eye on everything alone. Just..."


To the voice of the captain, said the priest.

"The problem is, it takes time to make the product to get rid of"

"... what the hell is that?


I was convinced.

Widespread, if it were to drive away certain spirits, it would be good to have something diffuse in the air. If it's incense, that's what you can do.

But how long does it take to make incense?

Just wondering, the priest said the continuation.

"Dry the ingredients, mix them with incense ingredients after powdering them, refine and magic them… will it take about a month"

"Then it's too late."

The captain thinks in.

Does it take that long to make incense? Though I didn't think I could poke around like an item or buy it, it took longer than I expected.

"For once, may I ask you something about ingredients?

Mr. Eval asks the priest.

"The ingredients themselves will be readily available. Milliort's fruit actually has to be picked up in the woods, but durke leaves, and chamomile. Mig tree sap is necessary to consolidate. And it's charcoal, right? The last thing that comes close to that Spirit..."

"I'll look into that later. They said it was shaped like a flower, so I think it's probably around there."

Incense, they make them together.

The problem is Milliort's fruit. Sounds a bit like sour mountain grapes to me. It takes a little while to dry this up. If you use magic to dry it completely, they're going to run out of scent.

Plus, it takes time after you've worked it out.

I was asking you about the ingredients, huh? I think.

Perhaps, but it can be made into tea.

They say the scent is stronger than not drying Milliort's fruit. I use Durke leaves for tea. Chamomile is delicious even if mixed. They don't need sap or charcoal because it's to consolidate.

Ooh? Me, maybe I can help?

Oh, but it doesn't mean I can make it safely.

Oh, my God, the captain turned his gaze on me.

"What's up, Yura? Did you come up with something?"

"Uh. Something I'd like to try...... But it's also likely to fail."

If I can't do it in the end, I'm going to waste that amount of time. So I'm telling you, it's not always going to succeed.

Besides, if the ingredients close to the Spirit of Confusion are something you can't accidentally put into tea, I'm in trouble.

The captain seems to be aware of that.

"In the meantime, ask for the creation of that incense. We'll see about the Spirit tomorrow."

The captain who requested incense and we decided to return to the castle.

After all, he was put on the captain's horse when he returned.

Mr. Eval had a slightly bitter look, but that also pulls me in with a word from the head of the delegation.

"Aren't escort targets easier for you to do if they're solidified?

"You're right, Master Lucien."

With a light nod, Shukyu and Mr. Eval lead the way to the castle so as to provide an escort.

That's the captain. Ex...... or even now there is only the Lord and I know how to control Mr. Eval.

"So Yura. What did you come up with?

Speak to the Captain's question, thinking it's about how you can leave the Spirit.

"With tea, I wondered if I could make something to replace incense"

"But you said you didn't know if you could.

"Yes, because if ingredients close to the Spirit are something you shouldn't eat, they can't be made into tea"

"I see. Then I'll go to the woods tomorrow to make sure."


I say.

If you want to confirm about the Spirit, you don't have to go to the woods. There's one at the castle, at the deputy captain's.

But wait for yourself. You can't just talk about Mr. Deputy Commander like that. It's a promise.

So after I thought about it, I thought about the bitter measures.

"Even after dinner today, would you mind staying with us for a moment to develop some tea?

While I'm close to Napa's complaint, I'm allergic, but I added it was for development research, so I want you to decide that it's good...

Nor did the captain change his complexion.

"It's good to be enthusiastic about your job. Let's work together."

That's what you told me.

The captain, who just returned to the castle and held me down, somehow wouldn't let go of his hand, which touched his flank.

Uh, you know, it's a little embarrassing to be touched even though you don't need it all the time. I dated a man once or twice in my previous life, but I still don't think I would do this to a woman.

Oh, I was held when my legs were up, and when I had a horse ride, it was no count... Because I think it was necessary.

For that matter, I also want to say what the hell is wrong with being left disappointed and caught.

"Um, Master Commander, what's wrong?"

If he was watched still and said so unbearably, the captain whispered in his ear.

"I don't know what you're planning, but don't do anything too fancy for me, okay? Give me shelter."

... Guess what I'm willing to do and I wasn't sure if I should be careful.

Please, here's the thing, don't do anything meaningful.

I'm used to that face because of it, but my heart is overburdened.