I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Let's have a tea party with the deputy captain.

But does the captain think of me as a child...

It was an attitude of restraining the whole grumpy kid and telling him, but.

You mustn't do that to adults, Master Commander.

"Don't remember, don't remember"

I get palpitations and my behavior is suspicious. Let's forget it.

That's what I say, and I boil the water as I see what's going on. I already have tea for you.

I was able to sneak up a place for discussion between the vice president and the chief.

You did it! Your quest is complete!

"Well, the cause hasn't been solved yet,"

I sigh.

I can't believe this is the cause of the quest anymore 'Let's keep the Spirit stuck with the Deputy Commander away'......

But if you have a lot of players as a game, you can have a lot of demons wandering around. Otherwise, the demons won't show up, something you can't level up. When gaming, what if that's how the problem wasn't recognized as a problem...?

"No, no, no. It's not like a game."

Yes, we're alive now, and we're experiencing a slightly different situation than the game. So it's not like the game......

Anyway, now, I'm talking about the deputy commander.

After I returned to the castle, an apprentice knight came sneaking in looking after the deputy commander. That's how the letter I was offered said that I wanted to hear today's story.

So I set aside the time immediately after dinner.

Waiting in a room with a kitchen on the ground floor, that's where the deputy chief comes in.

"So... so how was the end?

I suppose you have heard the report to some extent, and I am somewhat pleased that the deputy commander will ask.

I asked such a deputy commander to take his seat first, and I started talking.

"Even if I did, there was a goblin raid. Undoubtedly, the Vice Commander's Spirit did not provoke it."

Once again, the Deputy Commander sighed as long as he was relieved that it was because of the words of denial that could be heard from my mouth.

"Ha-ha-ha. This really makes me feel safe..."

"So Mr. Vice Commander. Why don't you meet Captain Lucien and get rid of that spiritual thing that you find inconvenient in your daily life first?

Guided to do so, Mr. Vice Commander nodded slowly.

"Right...... If I haven't caused any trouble to the Knights, you can ask for it."

But speak of concern.

"I have always refused the request of Lord Commander. What is it now..."

"I'm not worried. The captain will understand, too. Would you like some tea for now? Like last time, I don't think the Spirit is hard to do evil either, because it's not something that enhances muscle strength or anything. I wanted a lot of people to try it if possible, so I would appreciate it if you could drink it."

That said, I brewed honey tea with a spoonful of honey in the tea and offered it.

It's a stopping operation until the captain arrives. I want you to relax at last.

"... right. Okay."

The deputy captain honestly drank my tea.

The spirits of confusion on its shoulders are only annoying.

Maybe I can't, even as I prank with tea that calms my mind. Does that mean you can only strengthen or weaken the effectiveness of the original tea?

The harassment originally inflicted on the deputy chief was also of such a degree that it continued.

My hair... yeah, because of my age. See, I was wondering if it doesn't make much difference if one spirits increases or decreases.

I felt my gaze all the time when I was thinking about that.

From where the spirits in goblins are glaring at each other while the fire is still on.

As you observe this one.

I wonder if it's something that bothers me. Or... and I imagine.

Are you observing what happens to the Spirit? During this time, he was dancing with fire spirits in lizards, and maybe he cares about other spirits.

Same race, isn't it?

And that's what I realize.

I wonder if this Spirit would be saddened if he let the captain disappear. What if they cry when they make their own people disappear?

... Do we have to get away with it in such a way that we get rid of it?

I tried to open the status screen.

The Spirit of Fire is silent.

The Spirit of Confusion looks at the Spirit of Fire, wondering if he was staring at the tea.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Why Don't You Resent... Why Don't You Let Me Fight..."

A mundane word appears.

What do you mean?

I wonder what the Spirit of Fire will give back.

Spirit of Fire: Huh?

I was about to get stuck. Hey, Spirit of Fire! I don't hate that Nori! Thought you were a little cute though!

I'm too tense with the Spirit of Confusion, and I'm going to be more confused.

But the spirits of confusion, they did not go through with it at all. High throughput.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Don't you think to return the grudge? Unsaved grief."

Spirit of Fire: Mm.

The Spirit of Confusion effort (?) Is it fruitful, the Spirit of Fire thinks a little. But I can't seem to find any answers.

"The Spirit of Confusion: I Can't Go Back... I Have to Break It..."

But I figured it out a little.

The Spirit of Confusion wants it back. But I wonder what caused that. I can't imagine.

and that's where the door to the room opened.

"Yura is here... na"

The captain who was calling arrived.

The deputy commander was about to jump out of the chair a little. I didn't know this would happen even if I threw down tea that would calm down......

Of course, the captain, who hadn't spoken, opens his eyes in surprise.

And we both looked at me at the same time.

"You, this is!?

"Yura, what are you talking about?

That's what I thought they'd say. So I have a reply for you.

"I called you to the tea party, both of you."

When I laughed and showed it, for some reason the captain gave me a bitter smiling look.

I guess because I figured it out that this was what I was trying to do.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you, but maybe this is how both wishes come true. I'm glad you forgive me.