I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Negotiation with the Spirit of Confusion

Sigh, the captain said.

"I've been told to have some tea, let's get a drink"

That's the captain. Thank you for the ride.

"Please take this seat."

and led him to pull the chair in the front of the Vice Commander.

I'm sorry, Lieutenant. Funny, it's an interview status seating arrangement, but it's the year we've stepped on the number of places before, and we're good, right?

Dear Deputy Commander, I just didn't put it on my face. I would definitely catch my cheek.

Of course, Captain Lucien spoke while he was brewing tea.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you like this, Harlal"

"... you're the one on the left. Young man of Alvin."

Oh, I knew the deputy captain wasn't very calm either. I'm greeting you as a Duke. I guess it's confusing on the inside because I let you see me without saying anything.

I have a grudge festival. Around not calling the captain honestly.

About me, too, I looked flattered for a moment.

But this is all I could think of, even if the captain didn't bother going to the woods, in order to be able to confirm about the Spirit, or to carry it out without telling you why.

Besides, I wanted to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Now that I've just heard the words of the Spirit of Confusion, I'm a little confused as to whether I can direct you to do the same as the game.

But when I offered the tea, the captain said it was pompous.

"Were you obsessed with the Spirit, Haral"

The visible captain has no choice but to hide it.

"From the time Lord Commander was assigned..."

I guess Vice Chairman Harral gave up, too. That's what I did.

"The Spirit of Confusion? It creates confusion around us, but its power depends on the power of the original Spirit..."

And look at me.

"I set you up to meet with the deputy commander because the same spirit is in the hands of the Goblins. What? Yura."


I nod.

"I was wondering if it would be necessary to go to the woods and check it out, and I decided to meet with the deputy commander"

"And you, knowing that there was a spirit of confusion on the haral... Perhaps because you heard about the inconvenience that would be happening in Haral, you suddenly said you wanted to go patrolling the woods."


Even without explaining it, I'm afraid to the Captain who understands that much.

"Convinced. I thought it was odd that you'd come up with a suggestion like that, but it was to save Haral."

He was a much breathed captain, but he doesn't look particularly angry. Seems rather relieved. The possibility that I thought about something bad might have also been taken into account for once.

"So... could you keep this spirit away from me?"

So the deputy captain cut himself out.

"Until now, I apologize for keeping quiet. The reputation of the Knights also falls to the earth if the Spirit's beloved son, His Holiness, who has the authority of the Church and the Duke, is appointed head of the regiment, but the self who should support it is causing disturbance to the surroundings by the Spirit. People have warned me not to paint mud on the face of Lord Commander, who is rumored to be a candidate for the King..."

I don't want it.

Rarely, the captain spoke harshly.

I accidentally threw my spine up at the angry emotions that seeped through me.

"You don't have to take into account me. And don't believe in wanderings such as the King's candidacy. I'll take care of it personally."

"Ha... I understand"

The deputy commander also replies briefly in a tense manner.

Dear Commander, you must hate being told you're a king candidate so much... But I don't know why the captain would be called a king candidate.

Are you the Duke now? I am close to my uncle, the King. But your uncle has children.

But you don't have the atmosphere to ask that... so I hold my mouth. Because I don't want to be mad at you.

"That's the spirit, anyway."

"Are you going to find out by magic or something what spirit it was originally?

"Magic... is it"

That said, the captain gets up. But there, he was a little concerned about me.

"Maybe Yura shouldn't look too..."

"What, are you scared?

"It's torture in a way."

I shuddered at the words I was told to rustle, and I paid attention to the Spirit of Confusion.

The spirits of confusion must have felt something, too. Though I looked around in an atmosphere that seemed to escape, the movement stopped in a word from the captain.

"Give it a tentative name, Floss. I'll keep you here."

If you further invite with your fingers, the Spirit moves in front of the Commander so that he can pull the thread involved, even though he hates it.

I got lost. Because I didn't think the captain could force the Spirit to move like this.

The suspicion that it could be torture turned into certainty and increased fear.

But I want to see it.

Above all, I want to know the difference from the game.

So with a trembling hand, I displayed the screen. Prepare for the screams of the Spirit to be written as letters.

The spirits of confusion attracted before the captain, his eyes were held together.

"Spirit of Confusion: Let go... How far can a man take..."

"Reveal what spirit you are."

"The Spirit of Confusion: Don't Let Go..."

The Spirit of Confusion ignored the Captain's call. Then the captain also seems to have decided to ignore it and proceed with the pale.

"Remove water chi from the floss"

When the captain says so, a fluttering white wind rises from his hand, surrounding the Spirit of Confusion.

Then, after a number of sounds overlapped such that countless pieces of glass were met, a blue sparkling effect scattered around the Spirit of Confusion.

The Spirit suffers so much.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Dry... No, I won't let go..."

"Spirit of Fire: Hey, I shouldn't... I want to be...?

In between, the words of the Spirit of Fire, who was nearby, appear.

My heart hurts. But even if I deal with it normally, the Spirit of Confusion isn't going to talk to me.

"Reveal who you are, Floss."

"The Spirit of Confusion: Don't Loose... People... Found Out..."

I guess that's where the Spirit of Confusion tried to do something. The air plays with the puddles and surroundings and smells strangely sweet.

"Don't you both smoke"

So he said, and the captain grabbed the Spirit on the lid.

Spirits that burst into flames.

And I, after being surprised that I could grab it...... hurried to transfer the leftover tea from the pot to the cup, mixed the honey and served it to the captain.

"Come on, let me in here!

Thought maybe, I'll get it to try.

The captain did what I said.

Then the spirits change when they say they only dipped in tea to their knees.

Spirit of Confusion: Uh-huh. I don't like it anymore. Kampei. "

Isn't it a little calmer? Tea works for spirits!