I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

The interview was also conducted in tea.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Wow, Everybody's Revealed"

Fluffy tone like a drunk, but that's all it seems?

More than just before, the spirits of confusion seem to be able to afford their hearts. I didn't feel stubborn and felt a little like the other spirits, cute.

However, the captain looked frightened and compared the Spirit to me.

"That's insane tea..."

Ugh, that's true, so there's no gutter sound either.

Because normal spirits don't get drunk because they touch tea or alcohol... You're okay in the fire, aren't you?

When I say that, I think the captain who caught the Spirit and did it is insane all the time! I just don't think it's insane because it just seems serial, and I thought maybe it has some amazing background.

I think that feeling was in my eyes. The captain sighed and turned away.

... I felt like I won a little.

By the way, Vice-President Harral was an issue before that. Sometimes I can't see the Spirit, and it's pompous.

I think I probably saw about the effect coming out of the Spirit earlier.

The captain, who seems to have regained his feelings in a matter of seconds, resumed the question to the Spirit.

"Why do you tell me to fight?

"The Spirit of Confusion: I don't care. Of course not."

It's light to say, but it's still noisy.

"I resented what made me do that"

The Spirit of Confusion: Humans Are Terrible. It's all because of humans. "

The Spirit of Confusion tries to rave, butt in the cup. I used it for tea up to my waist and cried out as it was.

The captain changed the question there.

"What spirits are you?

"The Spirit of Confusion:... melted - A lot, a lot, a lot."

The spirits cry as they say it's terrible.

The way it looks, it just makes me feel so bad that my kids are crying.

I was so sympathetic that a confused spirit looked at me all the time.

"Spirit of Confusion: So let me reveal it instead? It's not going to melt."

I said something like you read my mind.

That's how I flutter up from tea. It's very strange to float in the universe without wings, but not if you're thinking about it for a long time.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Oh, I Miss You... Smells..."

I took a step back to the spirits of confusion that come fluttering by. Accidentally possessed like Vice Chief Harlal. He's in trouble!

But if you're having trouble with the spirits chasing you.

My captain grabbed the Spirit with his hand.

"That's it.... and more or less I get it"

The Captain seems to have found out what this Spirit was originally about in his current interactions. Wow. That's the captain.

But the captain says that he is in a bit of trouble.

"Okay, fine, but what about this guy..."

And look at me.

Oh, that gaze. You're just like when you told the Spirit to do a torture thing. Does that mean you're gonna turn it off as it is?

"Um, is it okay to say no......?

You can't even stop it lightly. Because maybe the captain doesn't have any other way to turn it off, either. And right now, I don't even know how to undo this spirit.

That's why I got the kind of words to ask.

said the captain.

"I cannot free this Spirit. If it just works, I can either isolate it with your tea or keep you asleep until it's resolved. In that case, you won't get the incense ingredients I was thinking"

"The ingredients?

I wonder if you will go and find what belongs to this Spirit.

"What probably belongs to this Spirit is hard to come by in large quantities. So break down this Spirit"

"Disassembly... do you turn it off?

"Don't be a willful being."

In reply to the terminal commander, I was annoyed. There, one option is thrown.

"But you can take my place, but what do you do?

"I can take his place..."

I saw the Spirit of Confusion. He had a fuzzy look because he was still in the potency of tea.

"Spirit of Confusion: No, no, no, no."

I keep saying.

And I saw which way.

A goblin spirit glanced at me from there, looking at me like I was crying.

Ugh... No. If you see a face like this, you have no choice.

"I'll take your place. That's fine. If you can't turn it off, so."

With that said, the captain nodded.

"I thought you would say that. Then first isolate this Spirit. You should make some tea to make you sleep....... and haral"

The name of the abandoned deputy chief of haral is called.

"Yes, Captain."

"The spirits that were on you took it away. Don't worry. Later, we will take action to rid ourselves of the Spirit of Confusion, but at that time we will have him on the line. You can go home now."

"Yes, sir."

Mr. Harral left the room with a relieved look as soon as he heard he had taken the Spirit.

And the captain waited for me to make the tea, then dipped the spirit in the milk tea once, put it to sleep, and then picked it out.

"You can't leave the Spirit here. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna rent your room and take care of it."