Leaving the Spirit here, I know it's hard to manage.

Helga and the others are going in and out.

It would also be natural for me to manage more than I need to keep giving milk tea to keep me asleep.

I just have no choice but to feel a little hesitant. Because you're going to invite the captain to your room.

But I'm the one who asked you not to want the Spirit extinguished.

I clear the tea bowl and head to the room in a way that leads the captain while he grabs the Spirit.

Grab one empty cup.

"Doh, go ahead."

I unlocked it and tried to get the captain to enter the room.

Put it over tea. It's not so rough because I haven't messed around with this and the room or added more stuff.

But I showed him around, and the captain can hardly get into the room.

I look into my room thinking it's something weird, but it just looks like a simplified state that's not very girly. This shouldn't be such a problem.

"What's wrong? Was it some kind of spiritual thing?

I can only think of about that reason why the captain would hesitate. When I said so, the captain wandered slightly.

"No, that's not what... that. I thought you didn't have anything unexpectedly."

When you can wander around like that, this one's a little more embarrassed.

As a matter of fact, I said, 'I haven't thought about it!' I act like that.

"I just moved in, and I'm full of heads about tea. Oh, yeah."

I left it on my desk, I would put a book on tea and games.

"Maybe the Spirit should put it around here, right?

Prioritize getting the work done! and proceeded forcefully, the captain nodded as well.

"Oh, oh..."

That's how the captain finally walked into the room.

It must be very unconscious, the captain has closed the door as well.

Oh, I almost said, but I stopped on the brink.

I'm the captain, and I'm the one with you, and I'm too conscious of what can't possibly happen.

Above all, in the hands of the captain, there is a spirit who sleeps well.

When the Spirit was asleep, he looked like a very innocent child. If I had seen that face, I figured it would have been better to choose a way to put it to sleep this way but not to erase its existence than a way to make it disappear.

"First...... trap the Spirit. Don't let anyone possess you."

As such, when the captain receives the empty cup and puts the spirit there, he places it in the left corner of my desk and draws a circle around it with his fingertips.

"I forbid you to leave this place..."

When the captain chanted something like a spell, a hemispherical white dome was formed around the cup.

"People's hands can get in and out here. But this Spirit is unable to leave. It's the same even when you wake up. I just don't know what powers the Spirit will use after I wake up. Recommend letting them sleep as much as possible"

"Okay. Thank you."

The captain sighed at me deeply uncle.

"You don't need to thank me... I'm going to have to ask you to replace the Spirit, are you sure?

"Yes, no two words"

Though I made it clear, but I'm very concerned about what I'm going to do.

"But instead of the Spirit, what do you do?

"Rather than do it, it will bring out the part of the Spirit in you"

"The spiritual part?

"They would have fused it, wouldn't they? From what this sleeping Spirit says, the plant on which the Spirit was based is probably used to ban the fusion of every Spirit"


Is that why you said you smelled nostalgic or something?

Of spirits that have been merged with me, because they smell?

"Draw the power of that Spirit out of you. Blood, hair, if possible."

"Hair...... how long is it?

As soon as they told me, all I could think of was cutting my hair.

"About a finger from the beginning."

No problem then. The hair length now is close to the waist.

"Hair, please"

"... first, let me see if I can really do something with my hair"

I was told, "Is this about it for one finger?," he said, cutting a few appropriately with scissors and giving them to the captain.

The captain with it crushes something out.

Then his hair, which he put on top of the captain's hand, turned into a grain of sparkling white crystals. It will come from the grain, with the fragrance of fluffy, dark lilies.

"Looks like you can take it out for once... less than expected"

"Um, what's this?

"Should it be called the magic of the Spirit? It blended in with you, so I took it out of my hair. But the Spirit is stronger in itself. It's like a piece of magic. So the substance that shaped my hair turned into the substance on which the Spirit originated."

"When I took the magic out of my hair, he said it became crystalline with the power of the Spirit"

To sum it up because it was difficult to understand, the captain nodded.

"But less than I thought. Given your experiments and what you do to the church, if you try to take out the amount you need, your magic might be pulled a little too. You should sit in a chair because it could flutter."

I was advised to sit down honestly.

At this time I understood what the captain would do with the image that it was somehow like a blood donation.

Then the captain touched my hair from behind. The sensation of sagging and moving hair shows that.

It kind of tickles me and makes me kind of embarrassed that the captain is flushing me in the hair.

But I need it and I'm just touching my hair.

The captain told himself that if it were just a little shorter, he was like a temporary hairdresser.

"Okay, here we go."

Yes, after a beat the captain said, I felt like I would be caught in the back of my head all the time and then something moved in my body like water.

As for what happened, I think it was just a moment.

One second later, the captain said, "I'm safe" and the next moment the smell of dark lilies came.


Like I was anesthetized, I fell asleep.