I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

You're sweet in the middle of your dreams.

From there, I felt like I was in a fluffy dream.

The feeling of sinking everywhere in your feathers is so comfortable and scary.

And sad.

I feel like I don't exist anymore.

I've lived in the same place all my life, but I've been crushed and used for magic I don't really understand. Everything fell apart.

"Nothing. There's nothing left..."

That emotion evokes the time I lost my grandmother.

I'm all alone.

No one will be on my side anymore. My grandmother was the only one who could lean on me without looking away from me like this.

I'm afraid to live alone. Lonely.

Someone whispers to me that makes me want to cry.

"It's okay. You're not a spirit. It's a tree memory."

Trees...... but I am.

What was I? I think it was a huge tree. But I have mixed memories of people's grandmothers.

"The tree of signs. Fang gives you branches that let you know the way. It is also used in sorcery. to make something separate, undoubtedly one"


People often prefer this scent. Someone who taught me that, sighed and said.

"Well, you were totally mixed up with the Spirit. You are. Wasn't it just the magic of the Spirit..."

"Different... people's memories in their hearts...?

"Yura, don't get drunk. That's not you. You're the daughter of a human who had a grandmother."

Someone's voice says.

"Do I open my eyes? Can't you? Too much magic..."

Someone who said that put his hand on my forehead.

Not cold or extra warm. But a big hand I can tell when I'm alive.

"Restore a little magic"

As soon as I said that, my hands touched my forehead get hot. Like hot water.

It was warm and comfortable, but it looks like they decided that's not the only way to do it.

"You don't have much magic. Can't you do it in a way that makes you a spirit? But when it comes to people..."

After a little thought, I get whispered.

"Forget what you're gonna do now."

I get anxious that the words I was told to worry about caused me trouble.

"It's not annoying. I'm just scared you're gonna get hurt. Because that's how you might hate me."

I don't know who you are.

But being nice to me, I'm comfortable with my hands, so I'm sure I won't do anything to scare you.

"That credit hurts. Even though one day they might do something they resent."

After I said that, my forehead hands broke off.

The loneliness seems intensely heartfelt. But I continued to relieve myself of the feeling that touched the center of my forehead and the feeling that my body would lighten up, which spread to breathe in.

Unconsciously, the mouth becomes a form of laughter.

Because it tells me you're worried, and I don't miss you anymore.

He's like a child, and I don't think he should be like this. But I'm relieved.

"It's okay, so am I. Rest assured you don't want to erase the Spirit, I'm no longer lonely."

I missed you too.

I was wondering if he was more Rin, someone who wouldn't shake anyone's mind.

... Is that it? Me, you know who you are?

"You don't have to remember now. Even if you remember later, forget it."

She told me like I was in trouble, and I was sad. I knew I'd be alone.

But because I promised Grandma.

He said he'd live hard.

That's right, Grandma. My name is......

"I'm fine. It's the life I saved because of it. And I'm saved by you, too. I will protect you if you forget. [M] Until you pick someone to protect you one day..."

Pick someone.

The words were sad.


I woke up feeling like I was floating out of the water.

"Oh, that..."

After I did lock up the Spirit, they told me to take out the magic that belonged to the Spirit or something... like I fell asleep as soon as I left it to you.

But I'm not sitting in a chair.

I woke up with him asleep in the bedroom, so I was terribly surprised.

"Are you safe? We were able to get the right amount of stuff together."


The captain was sitting in a chair in front of a desk with a sleeping spirit.

Oh, oh, I, I was asleep leaving the captain alone!

"Sorry, I fell asleep."

He waves to me in a hurry to wake up and tell me not to worry about the captain.

"I made a mistake adding and subtracting this one too. I'm sorry I'm supposed to let you sleep because I treated you like a spirit. And the problem is this."

"That's not crystalline anymore."

The captain indicated with his finger what he had placed on the desk.

What was there were three white, shining branches about 20 cm. It smells like huge lilies of deep flowers.

"A slightly special branch of a tree called the Tree of Guidance. It's also commonly used in sorcery. During the experiment of spiritual fusion, it was also used by you... I guess the spirits dwelt in the branches. Thanks to you, when I took out the magic, it was restored to the shape of the branches"

"Whoa, whoa."

I can only admire. Awesome or magic and spirits. You can do this again, whatever it is, can you do this, Master Commander?

"I'll give you two. It's the magic in you in the first place. And a strong substitute for fragrance, so one would be enough for the church"

"Thank you"

Surely this strong scent would spread the scent around enough even in Kakela.

"Thanks to you, I no longer have to go to the woods to catch spirits or kill spirits. Thank you."

The captain, who said so, seemed to have a soft look like he had lost his shoulder strength all the time.

So the captain found out that he didn't want to kill the Spirit. I'm sure the captain, too, could but didn't want to.

Just don't put it on the table.

"Now it's time to excuse me"

We have nothing more to discuss. The captain, who so decided, stood up and tried to leave the room.


When the captain walked away, for some reason I missed him immensely.

I reach out and confuse myself like that in an unconscious attempt to voice and retain it.

The captain also stopped for some reason and shook my hand without saying anything.

"Good night, Yura"

"Yes, good night"

But I was so relieved that you greeted me like that.

But that didn't end the next morning.

I guess the tea has expired. The awakened spirits of confusion seem to be saying something so open the screen and look.

Spirit of Confusion: The Magic of Hitachi, Hitachi Kama

In one word, I remembered what I had forgotten.