I put my head over it.

It reminded me of something shocking.

The captain comforted me and kissed me on the forehead...... it seems.

"What are you doing? Me? No, no, no, no."

Not really, I shudder and tremble on the futon.

'Cause the captain did that, and it's definitely because of me. I mean, why are you acting like such a child!

I want to ramble with embarrassment. I hit the carrot head on the bedside several times.

But when I broke the bedroom, it was bad, so I stopped it three times. Forehead? It doesn't hurt that much yet. I may be a stonehead.

"Better than that, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

The plain woman, who was twenty years old, would have felt lonely and annoyed. It should have been tedious on a level entangled in intoxicated humans.

...... sorry. I, I may not be able to see the captain's face straight anymore.

"But why did you do that?"

Is transferring magic to your forehead something you need to...?

"I wonder if that's why I apologized. I'm sure you are...... If not, it's not like the captain would do that." Even if I remember later, forget about it, "I guess that's what I mean."

If that's all, I didn't question it either.

At the end of the day, the captain has to say something strange like 'I will always protect' or 'Until I choose someone to protect me one day'.

When I remember, I'm more thrilled than I am about my forehead.

I want to get slammed.

Because this is so much... a dialogue that I don't think would come out if I wasn't thinking of the other person. The person I have to protect at work because I said so...


Might I tell anyone who took care of you? Always protect, about.

If I had that much power, I would say it when I had to protect it in crisis situations.

"What's so embarrassing is that the next dialogue is the problem?

Someday someone will protect me.

"What do you mean someone..."

Certain people, I think.

Speaking of certain people who would protect me, it would be family. But I don't have a grandmother, and the captain knows that I'm lonely all my life.

If so, are we talking about a new family or a family candidate? You mean until I get someone I think I can marry?

I felt a little sore around my stomach.

I don't know why it hurts. To the captain, did you not like to be worried until about your marriage, or were you sorry?

On my side like that, the Spirit of Confusion was happy to slap his hand.

I called the screen wondering what the hell I was happy about.

"The Spirit of Confusion: More Konransu, But ♪ Tickle ♪"

I don't have a brace.

Impressed by the lack of much bracing, I took it off where I almost drowned with a little embarrassment.

But this spirit, are you feeling my reason for confusion? Or are you just happy to see how your depression is?


I can't make a decision, so I decided to put him to sleep with milk tea for now.

When I soaked the milk tea in the cup containing the spirits, I fell asleep with instant killing.

"Spirit of Confusion: Funya. Konran-san. Ugh."

He's in a pretty good mood.

But it smells good. I want to somehow eliminate the effect of tea at a later date so that I can drink milk tea normally. Before I go to sleep, I can drink orange milk tea. Because I want to drink lunch.

"But first, we need to do something about the tea in question."

I can't help thinking about the captain forever.

Thanks to the Spirit of Confusion, finally being so stomped off, I think about the tea to make.

The necessary condition is to get rid of the Spirit or not confuse the people and demons around you.

"I really wish the Spirit could give me a drink, rather than make it like incense"

Do spirits drink tea?

But I sleep when I'm soaking in tea, and that means it works when I touch it...

"Sprayed from the air?

The sight of spraying the field with medicine came to my mind.

From above the flying lizard, I wonder if I could feel like having everyone just sprinkle it.

and I find it difficult to just spray there. It only works for a certain amount of time. In three hours, the situation in the forest will soon be the same again.

"It's the only way to make the Spirit change his mind..."

To put it fundamentally, it's best to make that kind of tea.

Just a branch created from the magic of the Spirit. I just put in something that said that it was a tree where the Spirit of Confusion lived, and would it have the effect I would like right away?

"Experiments...... We have to experiment with different kinds..."

If you call in the status, you will know the effect of tea, so you have to make a lot and look for something that seems to work.

And if you can make it well......

Seeing the spirits of confusion that sleep a little.

This spirit, too, will be able to undo it.

That's how I decided after breakfast to go out and buy something that seemed like it could be used for ingredients all the way to town.

When I tried to talk to him about it, he gave me a worried look at Dr. Orvé with red hair.

"The captain told me yesterday to take care of Yura's health. Is it because of the tea that you may have used too much magic?

"Uh... yes"

I nodded because it was about tea.

The truth is, it's because the captain drew out his magic, but maybe when I talk about it... I think it's a consideration that people would ask me a lot about how I got my magic back.

The captain will have difficulty speaking, and I have difficulty saying it too......

"Is something wrong now?

"It's okay. Looks like he recovered after a night of sleep!

I let Banzai raise his hands in order to appeal to him.

Still, Dr. Orvé seems to have been anxious.

"At least I'll call Frey, so you can take him. Especially since you're incapable of fighting."

That being said, Mr. Frey, known as the 'Yura Clerk', was to be called in the alley.