I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Before you go shopping, interrogate me.

"I heard you're not feeling well, but you look fine"

Even Frey, the Yura clerk, told me that when I looked at him.

Dear Commander...... I know you're worried, but like this, could you do it by Dr. Orvé? I'm stuck in explanations......

But I can't even say what's bothering me, and I laughed and deceived and stopped to say "because I was a little tired yesterday".

'Cause I crusaded the goblins in the woods, came back, went to church, and then cleared the Vice Commander's quest.

I thought they pulled the magic out of me afterwards... something like that. It's true I was tired.

"Speaking of which, as of today, Deputy Heral will be meeting with the head of the regiment."

Mr. Frey said, Dr. Orvé opened his eyes.

"You suddenly changed your mind? Is something wrong?

"No, I heard the captain discussed it yesterday. That solved the misunderstanding, but what was the misunderstanding..."

I distract myself from Mr. Frey so as not to say anything extra.

If you know about the upside of it, but the captain hasn't explained it, you shouldn't have said it.

"Anyway, looks like Deputy Harral went to the woods to get what he needed to get rid of the Spirit. So, Yura, you just need to get everything else together."

"Oh, I get it"

Speaking of which, there was something I had to pick up in the woods.

Milliorto fruit similar to grapes. Then I should just buy in what I can think of to make chamomile and tea that other spirits can undo.

Nevertheless, it is good that Mr Harral is able to speak properly with the head of the delegation.

In a dusty mood, I was taken outside by Mr. Frey.

I knew I was going to town, so Mr. Frey had a horse for me.

"I'll take care of you today"

And I thanked him first and let Mr. Frey ride me sideways on the front side in a way that I could pull up on first.

Not long after I let the horse walk out, I remembered and talked to Mr. Frey.

"Speaking of which, can you let me practice horseback riding?

"Did you want to ride alone?

"It's always bothering me, and if I can't do it alone enough to get to town, I'm always sorry to call you"

Even Mr. Frey should have a job as captain. Yet they're just taking care of me for a little while, and they're taking care of me. I thought it would be easier for Mr. Frey if that just went away.

"I'm not a problem at all, though, am I?

"Uh, but you have a job, don't you? Isn't it a shame to lose the chance to defeat a large number of demons?

I told him that if he's willing to be a battle freak, he must have more fun knocking down a goblin or something than hanging out with my shopping.

"Because you're quite an interesting person, too. It's just as fun to watch."

What to say.

"What do you mean..."

I'm a little thrilled, but I don't think this is absolutely romantic fun. That's all I was trying to have fun with before the battle. It must definitely feel like watching magic tricks or something!

If I was so sure, Mr. Frey affirmed it to me.

"Yura does one thing after another that you can't imagine. You don't get tired of watching, do you? I was just a poor victim at first, but I started making teas with magical effects, or I could see spirits."

Mr. Frey laughed in the middle of the conversation, tickling.

"I couldn't help but laugh when I shouted that the Spirit wasn't cute,"

"That's... but I didn't think there was a spirit looking like a goblin"

So at first, I thought it was a new kind of demon.

"On the contrary, even though the vice president changed his mind, Mr. Yura must be involved?

"............... No, that's not true"

"I saw it. After the deputy commander entered the residence building where Dr. Orvé was, he even came to the commander. Even if you asked Dr. Orvé, you two should definitely meet inside."

They were watching...... But when it's hard to nod and shut up, Mr. Frey keeps talking speculation.

"And until now, the captain never went to see Dr. Orvé in the hours immediately after the meal. For example, something unusual should have happened. Even Dr. Orvé could not break the deputy commander's stubborn attitude. Speaking of other elements, you're the only one who's been here lately, Mr. Yura."

If you look right on the side, Mr. Frey is looking at me and smiling.

This is no good. That's the face I'm sure of already.

"I'm curious how you made me meet the two of you and change your mind about the deputy commander... Because the captain didn't tell me either. Though I don't want the captain to be mad at me for not being able to hear it from you."

With that said, Mr. Frey pulled his left arm around my hips.


Horizontally, I would smash my shoulder into Mr. Frey's pocket lightly. Doesn't it hurt at all, Mr. Frey whispered to me as it was.

"It's pretty funny, and if you really want to hear what's going on, you're gonna need to be alone, right? When you put a horse on it, it's perfect, don't you think?

"Horse, you think it's more convenient for me not to be able to ride a horse in order to finally get the story out of me?

"I'm glad you guessed. And you're gonna need to be on your side to see you soothe things, aren't you? While you can't ride a horse, I'll definitely walk behind you. [M] I don't think we have to miss the fun."

Mr. Frey laughing at me for saying that......, sure, he had the same look on his face that he seemed to have so much fun with before that fight.

Me, I offered entertainment to the bad guys......!?

To frightened me, Mr. Frey whispered something even more outrageous.

"And now the most interesting woman is you."


Interesting women are going to misunderstand the way they say it!? Unexpectedly dodgy, I end up black-and-white with my eyes.

Then Mr. Frey laughed more and more funny.

Absolutely this, they're teasing me... Must mean interesting as a show or something!