I tried not to talk to men much and came alive.

The trigger is something that makes me look sinister, even if I remember now that I remember my previous life and got a little fuzzy.

Until I remembered my previous life, I was a huge drag on idea from my childhood.

I don't even know why.

By the time my parents were gone, they were, but I have a faint memory of them before that.

So even myself, I wonder if something happened before or after my parents died and I became scared of people.

He's such a kid, so naturally he doesn't have many friends to play with.

Even a quiet child can spare me the fright of being dark and eye to eye. It would also be cruel for you to take more care of your child, so you have no choice.

The kid I've known since I was a baby, though I tended to be alone, was still playing with me.

There were two boys in it.

They wanted to set me up so that the kids who were upset with me at the root darkness didn't like me, too. Where I don't know, he spreads rumors without roots or leaves that I like the two boys, so that even the boys don't like them.

The two of them found out about the rumors before me.

One suddenly started playing with another child and avoiding me.

I guess I was afraid I could hub up to myself. I knew how many children there were in a sparsely populated town, and now I can understand running to safekeeping if they don't like me there.

... I got the perspective of being reincarnated, so I think it's because I can think like other HR.

Back then, I was sad to think I hated you.

Plus my girl friend who was told she hated me about me, she left.

But only the boys from the two neighboring houses, they didn't leave.

They said my parents and his parents were very close, so maybe it's because of that.

But finally, the kid who got upset that I wouldn't be alone, in front of so many kids, said, "You like Yura! How weird of him to like the shady one! I said."

When one turns off his mouth, the other perfectly in tune also says in his mouth.

"If I were with such a dark child, I'd be lying"

"I heard Yura catches a man's eye as soon as she's a little gentle"

I can tell right now that colored eyes are something I must have remembered hearing the words of the adults.

But I was so shocked then.

At the same time, I thought it bothered the boy,

Because I don't really like people, because you helped me with it, I let them say such terrible things.

I thought I should be alone. I said to the boy, "I'm sorry," and I ran away from the spot.

The boy came to see me later.

explained at that time. A church nun who was teaching me to read and write came and scolded everyone. I made everyone promise not to do it anymore, or something like that.

But if you keep getting involved with me, they might say something again. There was also a possibility that he could be bullied worse.

That's why I didn't see you, and I asked your grandmother to tell you so.

Since then, there's no way anyone thinks you like me, rather you shouldn't be. That's how much people hate me.

My grandmother said, "Don't go to your daughter-in-law, I'll be at your grandmother's side the whole time," and I said, "Will you do that? Glad to hear it," he stroked his head...

I was remembering that in the evening as I took a deep breath in a room with a kitchen after Mr. Helga and the others left.

Because the thing with the captain and Mr. Frey making fun of me made me think that if I were my old self...

"You would have run away crying"

Now I can laugh and flow. Even though I was feeling anthropophobic, I wouldn't be able to do it if it overlapped to trauma.

Or, I'm not the one who can handle a relationship well right now.

"Even in my previous life, I wasn't such a hottie..."

myself in a previous life that was very normal.

One thought when I was in high school. Ever since I was a college student, I've been so good at saying no when I was teased. That didn't change being a sociopath.

I didn't get a serious confession from either of you this time. I think I should seriously think about what happened to make fun of it for a reason that I have to.

I'm just upset because something impossible happened that I can't keep standing.

"Yes, don't think about Matomo..."

Even from previous life's experience, I think Mr. Frey's words meant that the deputy commander wanted to know why things had changed. Because the other guy was a girl. Oh, I said, I think it's a degree of feeling.

I think the captain didn't even tell Mr. Frey, probably because Vice Commander Harral asked him to.

For once I have made a promise that I can say it once it is resolved, but it would not be preferable for me to rose that the captain will not speak out.

Because of Fray's words in the first place, he shopped with his head grunted, and took it too far in his hands without much concern...... Don't confuse me when shopping, never. I spent a little too much money!

If we hadn't talked about getting paid out of the Knights, I'd have been a little anxious about the future.

Terrible, Mr. Frey......

"In the meantime, we've got what we need. Let's do it."

After returning from the shopping, the Vice Commander himself brought me the fruit of Milliort.

The vice president, who began to give me such a soft look, thanked me again.

Milliort's actually, it was really like a grape. Feeling close to mountain grapes?

Chamomile was able to buy something dry. A lot to think about in the future. Store in a can.

And branches of the tree of guidance.

I'm just putting it away and it smells amazing like a slightly drifting lily.

"A tea with a lily scent... it seems quite luxurious"

If we smell citrus together, I'm sure it would look very tasty.

With that imagination in mind, I started making new tea.