"In the meantime, let's mix it all up normally"

I first tried mixing three types of tea leaves for basic tea with chamomile, just a piece of branches, and about three grains of myriot fruit.

The branches of the guide tree are structured in such a way that thin stone plates overlap and can be separated to remove them. White, translucent shards are like quartz and beautiful.



When I put in the hot water, a fluffy goblin spirit appeared from the hot air.

The spirits, wearing fluffy jumpsuits like hot air, turned and danced, slapping their hands against the pussy and pot.

Then an air bubble gushed out of the pot and started to pat and some.

"What the hell kind of tea did you become..."

The scent is very good. The lily aroma is only slightly aromatic, mixed with the grapey aroma of Milliorto fruit and chamomile, resulting in a soft aroma.

It looks delicious, or it still feels like I want to mix fruit with this.

"Yes, open the screen."

Press the appropriate space to call the status screen.

When I directed the pot, the name of the tea appeared.

"Awakening Tea (Weak). Effective time three hours. It may awaken the mad spirit."

"Could it be? Isn't that a terrible explanation?

What do you mean, "awake"? Much vague that you might be awakened...

"Oh, but other teas feel calm, too, that's so vague."

Come to think of it, my tea could have always been like this.

It says Awakening, and it seems to have an exclusive effect on the Spirit, so I'll take a sip of it with interest.

Mm, something's patchy. Warm soda tea? It's a little subtle if it's not cold.

The flavour is a bit of tannic grapey tea. Not that it tastes so good.

"Even so, it looks like soda...... no way to awaken you with this cunt or something?

It's like letting a glass of your aim be carbonated water, that's silly. Though I think so, when you look at the Goblin Spirit or something, you're starting to feel like it could really be that way.

Anyway, I want to know how to make this stronger.

Am I supposed to change the amount? Before that, if you don't know what works one by one, you may not come up with a mix.

"Try one at a time...... So to a certain extent, then two at a time."

If you take note of it all, you might be able to make a recipe that changes or strengthens it from the tea that awakens this Spirit.

Then mix it with other ingredients to find a way to strengthen the weak effect. Among the ingredients I bought too much, praying for something.

That's how you have to find a cup of tea that returns to complete normality.

I have a lot of work to do but I have to hang in there.

On the other hand, if I did all this work, I thought there must be by-products.

"Level Up... Pretty Much, I'm sure"

If the tea master's skills improve, something new could come to me.

Before, I could see the Spirit, and I could use this status screen as well. I don't know from what level that will happen, but in making some kind of tea, you should get the ability to favor it.

The status now is Tea Master...... Skill Level 7

I've already risen one level for making tea since then.

I think I could see the Spirit before when I went up to 5. Because that's when I signed up at church.

That means that if it's 8 or 9, there may be nothing, but if it's 10, you should get a new ability.

I wrapped my arms around it.

Spread the obvious cup over the table and still think it might not be enough, I decided to ask Dr. Orvé to do the math to borrow it and try several types first.

Start with one type of tea ingredient at a time.

"Chamomile Tea: Feeling Gentle. Skill Proficiency +10"

This feels close to honey tea. I guess the directions are the same.

Even if I drink it, I don't feel that it works very well now. I guess it's ideal for when you're upset.

"Milliorthey: Wake Up (Weak). Skill Proficiency +10"

Became a soda tea for shrews. And then I'm soaked. I think this means waking me up. I do feel sleepy, but when I drank it, I got snug. The effect is good.

Tea of Guidance: No Effect. Operate the effects of other types of tea. Skill Proficiency +20 "

This tea was the most unexpected.

It has no effect at all, and the scent of lily is strong. It became just tea.

The scent of lilies is too strong to drink as it is...... I think, suddenly I try to mix dried orange with apple. Wait for the strong scent of orange to come out, then check the status screen.

"Fruit Tea OA1: Physical Defense +3, Magic Heal +15. Skill Proficiency +20"


It's more stretchy than the fruit tee I made before if I only restored magic.

"What do you mean?

Anyway, it's an experiment. As a result, I checked the tea with the branches of the guide, mixing various things together.

"Right. If you want to make this stronger, the effect of the" manipulation "of the guided tea will only increase that effect."

I made ten cups of tea and finally stuck with it.