"Effect of the operation…"

Though I think it will be executed and one type of effect will be promoted.

"I wonder if the original tea means that Milliort's fruit awakening action is expected to grow and Chamomile is expected to be as effective as helping to awaken a little"

But this is weak.

"If you look for the weak tea of awakening and mix the tree of guidance, you'll be able to make tea that has the powerful effect of awakening."

I worry more with my arms together.

I think the flavor is irrelevant at this time because it lets them touch the body, something they can use to wake up, so ignore the harmony there.

"What's going to wake you up, mint? Ginger is surprisingly eye-catching, too. Cinnamon also has an awakening effect, doesn't it? After that, it's refreshing... with lemons? Do you want me to put pepper or something in it already?

So I pinned it once, but that's the part where I should think about it for a second.

It's already late tonight, so I'm going in to clean up.

I only make each one for about three bites because I just make sure it works, but I was drinking a few drinks so I'm a little hungry puffy.

... I didn't say tea that would be a mess if I just drank it.

"But I'm still happy to have a cup of tea."

After exhaustion at a company in my previous life, or drinking something that only suited my taste, I knew my heart felt relaxed.

Sleep a little better, sleep very well. Though sometimes I have had too much tea to sleep well.

That's how I'm on my way to cleaning up, making milk tea. Because I really want that Spirit to stay on my side in order to let me see the effect of undoing it first so that the Spirit doesn't get ravaged.

When the work was almost over, I was overlooking one cup.

There was a cookie on the table that Mr. Helga left me "because I made a lot" and I put it next to it that was covered in worms, so maybe I missed it.

But I just reached out and saw a goblin spirit stuck to that cup.

The Spirit makes me try to do things like drink tea. At that time, I pointed to the milk tea.

"You want some milk tea?

When I ask, no, no, I shake my head to the side.

Trying to get the status screen out, Goblin doesn't seem to be uttering a word,

The Spirit of Water: I'm Suing Something

It only comes out.

I mean, were you the Spirit of Water? All spirits in goblins look alike, so it's hard to have any idea what spirits are without looking at the displayed letters.

Anyway, point to the milk tea, wait a minute - show me your palms and make a gesture of extending your arms, point to the cup you're sticking to and do the drinking trick.

"Maybe you mean give me a drink over here before the milk tea?

The spirits stick together is the first awakening tea they make (weak).

To my words, the Spirit nods yeah.

I don't know, maybe it means I want that spirit to awaken just for a certain amount of time.

"Okay, sweetheart."

When I nodded to the Spirit, the Spirit gave him an innocent grin as relieved. Well, my face is goblin. When I got used to it, I felt the smile was cute, too.

To fulfill my promise, I carry two cups into my room.

In one cup, the Spirit remains sticky.

"Yes, it's tea time."

I speak to the spirits of captivity on my desk, but these spirits of confusion just say "contend" and "get me out of here to make me contend" anyway.

While I saw the words of the confused Spirit displayed on the status screen that remained out, I tried pouring "Awakening Tea (Weak)" into the empty cup that contained the confused Spirit.

A confused spirit in a very shuddering and attentive posture.

Then like a thread of tension cut off, my fluffy hair spread from my onion-like head, and the costume that looked like a petal also turned into a light petal overlay.

Thus the Spirit appeared weak, which tended to drip from his hanging eyes until he stood face to face… The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance spilled a puffiness and tears.

The tears of the Spirit fell out of the cup with a sound of cuttlefish as they turned into small squiggles.

It's like a little hail. I blur to wonder if the color is milky because it will be the same color as the plant I lived in.

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance, who spilled a number of tears, turns his eyes to me, still nagging with tears.

I'm a little thrilled to be made that way by a spirit as cute as a doll. I guess I did something wrong. I was wondering if they'd say it was better not to wake me up or something, anxious.

But it wasn't.

Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Please, Takeshi


The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Just one branch is fine. While we are still alive, please, in the presence of our lives only. Otherwise, we're all gonna die. "

In the name of all life.

For them to be the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance, is that about the Tree itself?

"What, me?

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Only You Can. So please... "

I don't know, but he nominated me. Could it just be because I'm on your side?

I would really like to call the captain to talk to him, but would he have time for that? The spirits are starting to feel more and more painful on my face. Keeping my throat down.

Help the branches. It's the source of life, so maybe you want it to grow seedlings in an intertwined way so that the tree can survive.

If that's what you need to hear first.

"Whether we do it or not, where are the trees left?

"The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Unlock this magic and you'll see... this curse..."

He said he'd break the curse.

Does that mean we should wake him up?

When I tried to ask, the change in the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance had begun. My hair returns to its original onion-headed state. I don't feel the fluffiness of my clothes anymore.

"The Spirit of Confusion: Presumably..."

I felt like I was being dreamed of.