"... didn't last until the effect time."

That was the first word I came up with when I saw the spirits of confusion that quickly returned.

I should have had three hours, but I was back in no time.

"Maybe, I wonder what a tea of a name it is"

That's what I thought, and I realized that the remnants still existed there.

Tears shed by the Spirit.

The milky white tears that fell on the desk, though they were sounding cuttlefish, became like little stones and remained intact.

Collect it and put it on your hands.

Looking at the whisper-weighted white stones reminds me of the spirits returning to what they were earlier crying about.

"Awakened, you did, didn't you?

I want to ask, but the goblin spirits that have stuck on the cup are gone, too.

But I'm probably pretty sure because the display of the Spirit name has changed.

As soon as I woke up, I asked for the tree I was living in, so I guess I was pretty stuck. That's about it, I guess the tree's about to go out.

But why?

As soon as I thought, I stuck with the idea that the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance was also used in the art of spiritual fusion, which was relieved by me.

"I wonder if that's why you asked me"

Because I felt the same spiritual magic. Save the tree.

"In the meantime, I think I'll talk to the captain"

I don't even know if there's a tree. If saving the Spirit, the Commander seems to know better.

Anyway, the captain felt very spicy when he said he could only kill the Spirit.

And in my dreams...... "rest assured you don't want to erase the Spirit, I don't miss you anymore" he said.

"Wow. Oh."

When I remember, I twitch again and slap my cheeks to pinch with both hands.

"Relax, I..."

Then take a few deep breaths and finally calm down. The captain is really bad for the heart.

Let's clear two cups first.

Place the Spirit in a cup of milk tea once again.

Take out the spirits that have fallen asleep immediately and place them on the desk, in the magical junction. That's it.

Spirits are different from people, so don't worry because they don't get wet.

Then when I went down to the ground floor where the kitchen was located, the captain of the regiment, who apparently came to visit Dr. Orvé, noticed that he was a little behind me.

I walked out of the teacher's room and came down the stairs from after me.


Unexpectedly, I feel like I'm stuck breathing in the back of my throat.

'Cause it's the first time I've met with the captain since I remembered one of the examples.

"Were you putting the Spirit to sleep?

"Um, yes"

"Speaking of which, how about some tea that drives the spirits away?

Asked about progress. The captain is very normal. So much so that I think I might be in a hurry. I even feel like I'm pale.

When I was blurry, it was so sweet and... kind of sweet to say something to me, and I just remembered, and I'm thrilled.

I thought I needed to stop it somehow, but I couldn't even slap myself on the cheek, so I grabbed the hand of those who didn't have the cup and answered.

"Uh, I think we've decided on a policy for research"

"Research... Don't feel strange when you hear me use that word against drinks."

That's what the captain smiles at.

"Then you should say if there's anything missing or if you need help. Bye."

The captain tried to leave lightly again.

"Oh, yeah. Consultation!

The moment I saw him in the back, I remembered something important.

"The spirits of confusion woke up only momentarily after touching the tea they made. I was right back, but I need to talk to you about it."

The captain, who has stopped his leg, will come back before me again.

"Without a doubt, I returned to the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance. So when I got back, he asked me to help him with the tree of guidance because I could just seedlings. I don't even know where I'm vegetating, so I thought I'd do something about it."

"The Spirit did you such a favor?

"Yes. Tell me you want me to do it"

The captain who heard the conversation, presses silence for a few seconds. I guess I'm considering what I heard.

"Let's find out where the tree of guidance is. I told you I wanted to ask you, didn't I? Yura."

"Yes, definitely...... But I was wondering if it was because I was there or because I felt the same magic as the Spirit."

Speaking as I thought about it, the captain said, "You'll have to confirm that later, too".

I see, you mean carefully double-checking with the Spirit.

"That's when the spirits were crying, and the tears lingered like little stones. Can that be some kind of item?

Honestly, my nice status screen only shows me the names of things for other than tea. Tears of the Spirit remain tears of the Spirit.

"Were you left with tears? That's what spiritual magic is all about."

"The magic... so solid?


He left it like a stone because it was magical.

"I guess you got it, and I hope you like it if there's anything you want to use. Drink it and you'll have more magic."


I didn't know it was such an item. I'm surprised I didn't even think about crying or anything.

Let's just put it in tea. I feel like putting pearls in champagne...... if you think

"Are you going to put it in tea?

What a prospect the captain has just told me.

"Ah, yes..."

"You think you can make anything tea, you"

The captain laughs. You were right, so I didn't even have a word to give it back.

"You should do it without packing too many roots. Be careful about your body."

That said, the captain was about to put his hand on my head when he left the scene.

"Oh, I almost treated you like a child. Bad."

And it turned into a shitty look.

"No. I don't like being treated like a child."

Instead, I remember when I was with my grandmother... and then I realized all the more.

Isn't this the same thing I told the captain to stroke his head?

I would deny it, but as I panicked in my brain thinking I was too conscious, I was fluttered with my horizontal hair.

looks up all the time and looks at the captain, looks right in the eye with him looking at this one.

"Good if you don't like it"


I answer that unexpectedly. I don't like it.

"Good night, Yura."

That's what the captain said, and now it's time to get out of the building.

I feel like everything I feel is blurry and stand up for a little while.

I don't hate it.

Somehow I was confused that the way the captain touched me earlier was not meant for the child.