I couldn't get it out of my head even though I thought I cared too much, and I fell asleep blurry that day.

The next morning I slapped myself on the cheek and acted like this was just not right.

... wrong addition or subtraction of beating power, but it hurt so much.

It turned red to give, and when I carried breakfast, Dr. Orvé surprised me.

"How did you do that yourself? I'm going to fix you, so check it out."

Sleeping habits make a little bouncing twinkly red hair, and Dr. Orvé sits me in front of him.

The teacher also eats rice in the office, so the patient's chair was right on the side.

"Yes...... Um, I thought you'd feel better."

When I falsely answered the reason, I had eyes like Dr. Orvé sees something sincerely pathetic.

"Normally I don't do it enough to turn red."

"Something like this, I don't know if I'll wake up without pain"

If I thought I'd start over, I'd done too much. I guess I wasn't turning my head.

"Just be patient for five seconds."

That's what I say, Dr. Orvé touches his cheek. The teacher snaps after touching his finger properly.

"Light of life, drop of grace, flow..."

I saw light under my face. It would be Dr. Orvé's healing magic.

Ordinary magic, they activate when you take a spell as a couple of verses. Mine doesn't need words, so I think I'm looking at the teacher's magic, rather because of the spirits.

"All right, pulled. It was just a red cheek and an overly funny face. I wouldn't be happy to keep it that way for a daughter your age."

The teacher is a very considerate person, and it's great to feel refreshed and dependable like a sports teacher wearing white clothes, but sometimes I say come on.

"Was it too funny?

"You were like a kid who came home playing with snow"

Lightly said, I want to cover my face.

That's embarrassing...... I guess it was either blurry when I looked in the mirror or even redder afterwards, but I didn't know it was like that.

"Thank you for healing the knights who come here before they laugh"

To thank you, Dr. Orvé nods that he will be.

I continue to help Dr. Orvé in the morning.

I thought it would be bad for me to drink it until I had a stomach full of tea.


"Ah, it's Mr. Yura. What does rumor tea taste like?

"Doctor, I heard you can have tea if you get hurt."

Oh, my God, more patients want tea. Why.

But more black tea enthusiasts is my main hope. I've always wondered if we could all have tea.... I'm the only one making tea at the moment, so I can't get a lot of people to drink tea without producing it in bulk.

"Ah, I'm sure it's the Vice Commander's fault..." Dr. Orvé snapped with a troubled face.

"Uh, is there a deputy commander? Why is that?

"You kind of reconciled with the captain, didn't you? He said it was your cup of tea."

"... eh"

"He said he wanted to try tea like that, so he spread the word. I even knew someone who didn't know much about your tea before."

I opened my mouth pompously and shrugged. I can't believe that was happening...

But the first thing to think about,

"Tea, should I serve it?

"Thinking about your future life in the Knights, I think you should keep your friendship."

You mean make it ok.

So I sifted through the tea of my qi recovery for now.

The knights who drank it tasted unusual, but at the end of the day, they smiled and waved home.

Oh, isn't that popular, tea?

But Dr. Orvé gave me a slightly troubled look.

"Five now? If there's going to be more guys like this later, it's a problem to make them serve tea just on your stomach... Talk to the head of the regiment so that subsidies are available separately from salaries."


I was surprised because I just thought that tea research and brewing in people was something included in my salary that I decided to get in advance.

"If we keep going like this, it's no different than opening a store, right? Plus there's the cup you asked for yesterday. If you're going to use a lot of research, you're going to want assistance."

I held my hands and bowed my head deeply to Dr. Orvé.

What an amazing consideration you are. God...... Sometimes being rude, I decide I didn't hear it exclusively from my teacher until the future perennial.

So I felt like a know-how when I was supposed to leave even aids.

I just got ten cups delivered that I was asking for this afternoon, and I'm going to make some tea.

Making it is what I was thinking yesterday.

"First, pepper, ginger, lemon, mint..."

Make four types of tea, examine the effects and go.

"Pepper Tea: Flame-resistant, but eye-catching when I drink it. Skill Proficiency +15"

"Ginger Tea: Ice Resistant. Skill Proficiency +15"

"Lemonty: Magic Defense Up. Skill Proficiency +10"

"Mint Tea: Fast Rise +5. Skill Proficiency +10"

"Pepper tea works a little weird though. If you can catch your eye, fine."

On a note, note what you can use. Unsurprisingly, I don't wake up with lemon tea, but I also find it problematic to make it sour enough. As tea.

I tried some ingredients afterwards... I felt like I could do it yesterday with what I imagined, so I just decided to make it.