I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Tea for the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance 1

"First basic tea. And Milliort's fruit, the branch of guidance, is a must. If you want to add something else... it's definitely pepper."

That's why I added pepper and made it.

When you make about two peppers that remain grained in warm tea, it becomes a tea that feels a little spicy. It tastes slightly bitter and feels like adult tea.

I'm curious to see what happens when that goes with the carbonation, but check it out on the status screen first.

"Wake up tea. The subject wakes up. Skill Proficiency +20"

"That. Awakening action not fuelled"

If it works on everything that contains the action of a guide branch, I thought it would be perfect if I put in something that has an awakening effect. It didn't even work (inside). Besides, I have low skill proficiency.

"Hmm. Would you like to add it to your original awakening tea..."

I tried it and it didn't taste so bad.

So next, add pepper to the awakening tea recipe.

"Oh, it worked"

"Awakening Tea (Medium). Effective time three hours. I might be able to awaken a crazy spirit. Skill Proficiency +25"

"But the effect time hasn't changed, and it's only" sounds "to me."

I think I'll be right back, like I did yesterday when I used tea, if it's not something that will definitely work. That's what effect time is, isn't it? I think that's why I get the name.

Because I don't wake up completely.

"Hmm, I knew I'd have to try everything..."

Twinkle, start making tea leaves to make new tea. I didn't have to fry fruit, chamomile or pepper, so I thought I'd make a lot of basic tea.

Like earlier, a patient who came to Dr. Orvé said, "I want a drink! I might say."

Repeat waving the frying pan hard not to scorch over the dancing lizard and the fire spirits in goblins.

I just finished a can,

"Good luck"

I was surprised when Fray told me to sit in front of the table at some point.

"Heck, when did you get here!?

"I just did. I called, but seriously, I didn't seem to notice you swinging a frying pan, so I let you sit on your own."

"Ah, yes..."

Reminds me much later when I respond. That Mr. Frey made fun of me, too.

But so did the captain, but Mr. Frey was normal before and after that shopping. When they do, it makes me feel weird that I'm in a hurry.

Well, even in my previous life, I decided to take my shoulder off thinking that someone would unconsciously mouth a verbal complaint... Speaking of verbal complaints, I remembered being made fun of by my uncle at the company. I told him it seemed the same as that...... Mr. Frey is going to get hurt.

"Do you want to serve some tea?

I think you've come to see how I am, so I'll recommend some tea. Because even after I found out I was capable of tea, it continued to be Mr. Frey coming in between to see how things were going.

"Can't you drink this?

and Mr. Frey pointed to "Awakening Tea (Medium)." Oh, you want to drink that?

"I can't help but drink it for once. It's just... it's for the spirits, so I don't really care if it tastes like it, do you mind making it?

Are you okay with shrewd tea? I'll let it cool before serving, though. I had a warm drink.

Mr. Frey smiled rather pleasantly.

"That's why it's funny. I'm interested in what spiritual tea looks like."

... Wouldn't this Knights guy like something new too much?

Dear Commander, The same was true of Vice Chairman Harral. Tradition? Kind of friends... who?

"Okay. It seems a bit bitter."

That said, I took out the magic stick of ice in the fridge. After about a minute of placing the two bars on the side of the cup, the cup also became cold enough to drip on. If this happens, the tea inside is also getting cold.

"Go ahead, Mr. Frey."

Mr. Frey, who received the cup I offered, blinked.

"I made it a cold tea today."

"I'm going to be carbonated. This tea. So I thought it would be better if it was cold."

"I see."

That's what Mr. Frey says. He drinks tea.

"Oh, it's carbonated and a little spicy. But the spicy one might suit the carbonation. That's strange... tea for spirits."

"Well, I'm not making it assuming people drink it, because it's an effect priority"

"You said the Spirit would tell you how effective it is."

"Yeah, yes..."

Speaking of which, was that what was supposed to happen? I can't explain the status screen, so I'll leave it there.

"You're very close to the Spirit."

We're close. That's what they said, and I thought it was enough.

The Spirit of Confusion always only says "contend," but the Spirit of Fire in Goblin and the Spirit of Water teach a lot. Perhaps I can say that this is friendly with Mr. Spirit.

"... right"

Nodding, Mr. Frey looked weird.

Didn't you?

"No. I haven't been able to come up with a word that says we're close."

Somehow, spirits usually all look the same in goblins. This is because of the difficulty in individually identifying yourself, O O Spirit and I are friends! I didn't think of that idea.

"Because we all look the same," Mr. Frey seems convinced.

"Next time, I'll even give it a name"

The Goblin of the Spirit of Fire is Fire-kun or something. The goblins of water spirits are like Mr. Water or something.

"Do you name the Spirit?

"Can't you? I'm just calling it my own."

"Is that okay then? When I say I want to give it a name, some spirits are angry."


In the picture books I've seen since I was reincarnated, there were things like heroes and princesses making covenants by naming their friends' spirits and being best friends. Though I thought the name was a sign of friendship.

"Why don't you have a different name and someone else tells you, 'Your name is a frying pan from today on'?

I certainly don't like that. I was so convinced.

Fire-kun, let's just call it in our hearts.

"There doesn't seem to be any particular problem, and good luck," Mr. Frey said of his tea and walked away.