I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Tea for the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance 2

"You're a little familiar with spirits, Mr. Frey... I guess it's because I'm at the captain's side."

Oh, my God, I interrupted making tea once.

I filled the 3: 00 p.m. break with chat with the Helga and the others who are still coming to work today.

If I take a bath while Mr. Helga and the others are cleaning up, I'll keep making tea.

Anyway, I mixed everything up.

Something that could be lemon, mint, or wake up. I tried more pepper but the effect stayed the same.

"None of them are pampered..."

With that in mind, it was when I made tea with apples.

Powong and a spirit in goblins appeared out of the hot air.

After he got his thumbs up and held his hand and let him try the 'Good Job' trick, he threw the surrounding hot air round him, just as when it was.

"No way!"

Patience that I'm about to avoid, and hit the hot air.

Because of that, I shot him straight in the face this time. But it doesn't hurt because it's hot air, and it was just fuzzy and warm.

And on the screen I left out, the letters appeared.

"The ability to make tea has increased, making it possible to predict tea ingredients with top effects."

"I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!

This, I've been waiting for this!

Channel G and everything turned out to be helpful, but it matters this way. Very good to expect ingredients!

I hurried to make "Awakening Tea (Medium)". (strong) if this superior. Once you've made (strong), you'll know the ingredients for what will definitely awaken you.

Create an awakening cup of tea. Next to the tea letters displayed on the status screen [!] buttons came out, so I touch them with my fingers.

Then it came out.

"What, honey?

I glanced at the letter over and over again.

"I have a feeling I'm getting more power with honey!

And I had a hunch. Will it really be a stronger effect than this?

I was anxious, but there's nothing I can count on other than this letter. I solemnly tried adding about half a teaspoon of honey to The Awakening Tea (Medium).

... When I add pepper, I wonder if it shouldn't be too sweet in flavor.

Then what do you think?

"Awakening Tea (Strong). Effective time three hours. I might be able to awaken a crazy spirit. Skill Proficiency +25"

"I'm stronger! What do you mean, honey enhanced the effect of chamomile?

Gentle + calming minds make it easy to accept awakenings or something like that?

and [!] The button is out, so press. Maybe next time, it should be a decent awakening cup of tea.

I was more and more confused by the words displayed though.

"Increase the target's physical and magical defenses!

"Why? Awakening is something you can't do without consolidating your defense so much?

I don't know, but when it comes to physical and magical defenses.

I thought I was going to be sinister, raised the tea leaves and put in dried apples and lemons. Stir once so that the flavor melts thoroughly and wait about three minutes.

I just thought that this should have + the effect of apples and lemons...... more bubbles gushed out of the tea than ever before.

"It's like the slightest carbonation I've ever had is a strong carbonation!?

Plus, when the bubbles start, the golden light scatters.

... Without a doubt, some kind of tea is degenerating.

I was afraid, I checked on the status screen.

Tea of Cancellation: Cancel the subject's state change. Skill Proficiency +30 "

"Tea of disarming… state change?"

No more [!] buttons came out. Perhaps this is the tea that can undo the Spirit of Confusion.

But the name of the tea made me wonder.

Weren't you the spirits of confusion that changed when you felt resentment or something like that? I can only assume that disarming a state change has degenerated with the power of a third party.

enough to change the Spirit. There was only one thing I could think of.

"Does this also have any effect on spiritual fusion experiments?

Now, a tree of guidance was also used by me. If you think the spirits have degenerated under their influence, you can be convinced.

Anyway, write down the final ingredients in a note.

Ingredients Three grains of milliolt fruit. Three peppers. 1 cakera of guide, a little chamomile, dried lemon, dried apples. Basic tea. Half a spoon of honey.

"And then let the Spirit... let's have some tea"

I want you to stand up then, so I decided to ask Dr. Orvé to call the captain.

It was just dinner time, so I'll talk to Dr. Orvé about luck with the meal delivered to the designated location.

"Doctor. Now that we have the tea in question, I'd like to ask the captain to confirm, can I call you?

"You've done it already! It's only been two days, right?

Oh, speaking of which, I make tea! It's only been about two days since I said it out. That and this, thanks to that nice status screen.

"Yes. But I probably can't do any more, so I'm going to try it on the Spirit. There, I was wondering if you could see the Spirit in the presence of the captain."

"Okay. If you're not the captain, you won't be able to confirm it."

Dr. Orvé asked me to go get the captain for dinner.

That's how soon the captain arrived.

Looks like you came in a hurry and your silver hair is a little messy.

"Heard you made tea?

"Yes, I would like you to confirm that, thank you."

While I was saying, Dr. Orvé told me to tell you how it turned out and pulled me into the office.

It doesn't make sense if you can't see the Spirit...

"I have tea for you, please"

I'll show you to your room. Because the Spirit is isolated on his desk so he doesn't run away, we just have to.

I stopped once unnaturally before the captain entered the room...... No, that. You don't care, do you? Between now and then?

If I don't tell myself that, I can't stay flat.

Just take a deep breath softly and expand the status screen as you see the Spirit still saying, "Fight..." on your desk. Lift cups made of tea.

"This is the tea that can undo the Spirit."

Tea of disarming, I couldn't say the name.... I don't know how to explain myself.

Okay, let's get started.

The captain told me that I gently poured the contents of the cup into the cup containing the spirit.

The effect was nothing like awakening tea.

As soon as the Spirit of Confusion soaked in tea, a golden glow gushed with bubbles from the cup. It looks like gold flour has risen in the wind.

To its magical glow, the figure of the Spirit is painted all at once.

At the end of the day the glow of gold moves to gather to the Spirit......

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance appeared with a blurred expression.