I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Discussion on the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance

"Is this the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance"

When he turned into the spirits of a pretty girl with fluffy hair, the captain stared at the spirits just as surprised.

You'd be surprised. Perhaps the captain heard the word "contest" in his voice. Now I'm only crushing on what I think has changed my personality.

Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Yes, Yes.

You wouldn't think it was the same spirits who were arguing or worried about the vice president's baldness.

Eventually, the Spirit also seemed to be able to recognize that he was back to normal. He looks around and looks up at me and the captain.

"The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Who I Can See..."

took a lot of breath and the Spirit flew out of the cup and tried to escape.

Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Hiccup!

But the captain's magic cage remained intact, so he falls punctually without being able to leave.

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance: Liar...... Ya. I'll be cursed, I'll be cursed. "

As it was, the Spirit began to cry.

"Was the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance even slaughtered?"

Same thing happened last time, but crying out as soon as you wake up is... isn't that what happened? All I can think about is spiritual fusion.

"Suppose in spiritual fusion, it was the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance that was used by everyone. So many spirits are dead..."

I don't know how many people have sacrificed their experiments.

Whatever it is, it must have involved someone who was relieved of the experiment, or only magic, like me, disappeared. But since you can no longer exist as a spirit, doesn't that mean you're dead, after all?

Then the captain touched my shoulder.

"The numbers shouldn't be that high. At least the number of people that would have been experimented with in that hall that helped you is predictable."

"Did you already have an estimate of the number of victims?

I also knew that I was investigating with or without what was inside the hall.

If it's just an experiment in that hall... maybe five? He said there were two people who confirmed my death before me. Spiritual fusion will also take time to abduct people by summons from elsewhere. That's what I thought.

"Oh, about ten."

The number of people lightly said by the captain was double what I expected.

"It's a lot, sir..."

I heard it. It made me cry. Ten people were dead over there. I remember that place I woke up feeling like a continuation of my previous life, and I'm shivering.

"... sorry"

"No, I heard it."

I deserve it because I'm the one who said the word with the nuance that you wanted me to tell you. I understand very well the difference between my senses and the captain.

Nevertheless, I have often survived ten casualties. It's a real miracle. I don't even know what the hell divided my destiny.

"That means more than ten spirits have also been sacrificed, right? Is this a high number?

When I regained my mind and asked the question, the captain nodded.

"The tree of guidance itself is not many now. If you think of it as a unified spirit against a single tree, it would be a calculation that only a few remaining ten spirits lost their lives. And the tree that the Spirit breathes out withers."


That means ten trees have dried up.

I finally know why, the last time I awoke this Spirit, I cried and wished it was just a branch of a tree.

Because the Spirit dies. Or because there may be fewer trees and they will fade away, I wonder if that's how you want them to grow seedlings and produce new spirits.

Was the captain able to imagine that at that time?

I look up to the captain unexpectedly. The captain immediately noticed and looked down at my gaze piercing him.

"I know what you're trying to say, Yura"

Oh, my God. The captain seems to see through my mind.

"When I heard about you yesterday, I had some anticipation. And considering what was used for the fusion of spirits and where the spirits of confusion came from, there must be a native place in the tree of guidance close to that hall."

"Is it nearby?

"The Spirit doesn't stay too far from sides such as plants, which are usually split, even if they have changed crazy. We'll travel a few kilometers, but it should probably be around the halfway point between the Goblin settlement and that hall that helped you."

I see. That's why the captain replied, "I'll look for you" when we talked. Looks like it was because there was an athe in the place to look.

But the spiritual changes also seem to work magically...


"Was there anything bothering you?

I was about to say it, get lost.

It's hard to explain what a status screen is. Because even the captain of the regiment didn't use that, and even Mr. Frey that magic could be used didn't use that kind of trick.

But if I can't explain that, I wonder if I can explain the effects of tea. Because spirits, they all talk like children. Wouldn't it be a little weird because you don't use hard words like "cancel state change"?

No, but do you push it off with that?

Losing sight of the captain waiting for a response, I decided to go with my current proposal.

"Dear Commander. The Spirit made this tea, didn't he? He said it was definitely a tea that could be undone, but he said that the effect... was to undo the state change."

"Undo state change?

The captain who heard about it gave the appearance of suspicion.