I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

And give you a cup of tea to rest in.

I was anxious to see how that looked, if you believed me.

"Did state change mean it was degenerated by the magic of a third party? The spirits used in the art of spiritual fusion may have escaped."

I am relieved by the words of the captain. Looks like you believed me. Maybe there are spirits in the world who use difficult words.

"I found that this tea would definitely work for now. More certain than getting rid of it, the problem can be solved. Well done."

That's what the captain slaps me on the shoulder.

Got it. I got a sense of praise and accomplishment and I was happy.

Until now, although it was finished, I didn't know if it really worked or not, and it felt a little different than being happy.

"Whatever, don't let this problem prolong. I guess being able to catch the Spirit means the Spirit's beloved is in their company"

That's what the captain sighs.

It was too deep and big, and I felt like Fufu's face was more wrecked than yesterday's.

"Are you tired? I kind of got my face knocked out..."

"I'm fine. I'm getting medication from the Orvé."

To the answers of the captain, speaking of which, I remember coming to Dr. Orvé all the time. I was wondering if it wasn't just about work, but did you need medication to come?

"Are you also ill?

"No, I wake up right after sleeping too shallow"

That means if you were normal, you could barely sleep every day, right? Sounds so bad to me.

"The medicine hasn't worked very well lately either. When I did that, I was asleep when I was laid to sleep with your tea."

That's what the captain laughs at.

"That really didn't work... Oh, yeah. Master Commander, would you like to have some tea? It's not as effective as sleeping, but your medicine might work better."

If you feel relaxed with tea mixed with chamomile tea and honey, your sawdust parasympathetic nerve will prevail and your medicine will work as well.

"Right... I'll take it"

The captain nodded at me, so I just decided to prepare some tea, but I did one favor before that.

"Before I do that, I need to ask you a favor. If it's perfectly undone, can't you free this Spirit first?

I feel sorry for you for crying all the time in the cage.

With that in mind, the captain makes a difficult face.

"... if it hadn't been a little more time, I wouldn't know if it would have worked completely? Last time we had tea, we must have gone right back, right?


That said, I don't feel comfortable leaving the spirits crying like this for tea. But that stuff is selfish of me. That's when I thought I'd give up and leave the room.

From the tea in the cage, a little spirit in goblins was revealed.

And let me give you two arms.


"Sounds like you're saying you're okay now."

To the words of the captain, I invoke the screen that once I wanted to leave the room. Sure, the spirits in goblins, they said so.

Spirit of Water: Todai Jabu


Did you come out on purpose to let me know? And was it the Spirit of the Water?

"Then let it go."

The captain approached his desk and swept at his fingertips in the magic cage he had seen around the cup. That alone made the cage disappear without a trace.

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance, who found himself free, disappeared, wondering if he had hacked around.

I thank the captain with relief.

"Thank you"

"No, you don't have to worry"

Along with the captain who says so, I stepped out of my room. The captain said he would come once to tell Dr. Orvé what had just happened and after stopping by to get medication.

Having moved to the usual room on the first floor, I quickly brew tea.

"Honey Chamomile Tea: Very relaxing. Skill Proficiency +15"

Where tea seemed better than I thought, the captain came just fine.

"Please have a seat."

When I put the tea where I kept the chair, the captain honestly sits there and puts his mouth on the tea.

I just took about two sips and asked what I thought.

"Did it fit your mouth?

Honey is kept extremely small because the captain would prefer not to be so sweet.

I only tasted one bite and made sure it was hardly sweet tea.

Because I thought men might not like tea that smelled a little like flowers on the soft, sweet apples of chamomile.

But if you're tired, you should make it sweeter. So I wanted to ask which was the right one.

"Enough. I think it's delicious, Yura."

The answering captain smiled softly. The voice is also much softer than usual.

"Wow, thank you"

What the hell is wrong with you!? I thought so, but I'm sure it's because of the tea. You must have given me such a fluffy look because I relaxed.

Come to think of it, even the last time you had a honey tea, things were a little strange. Seems more honest than usual......

Nevertheless, the smile of the captain is bad for the heart. I'm kind of thrilled. I used to feel forgiven and moved by God. Something different this time.

"You don't drink? Yura isn't even a servant, so it's uncomfortable to be watched drinking all the time."

"Yes, I understand."

Surely you wouldn't be happy to be observed sitting still by someone who is drinking only one and doesn't drink anything. Still, I don't think the only thing that bothers me is the little kid.

I put the tea in a cup and tried to turn across from the captain's diagonal.

Something like this, can't you just watch the captain still smiling properly? I feel ashamed across the street.

Yet the captain,

"It'll be fine here."

How dare you pull the chair next door?