I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

And two teas for you to rest in peace.

"... Yes"

You pulled the chair because of me, so I sat down, but what's in my head? So it's a drink. The behavior of the captain is also as if he were a drunk with alcohol.

Why? I just let him drink tea.

How is it that the leader of the regiment usually even represses himself to be like this due to the relaxing effect?

No, no. It's not like I'm rambling. I can't say I'm leopardized enough to say that.

I just had to think about it already. I should take the effects of tea well too and not mind if I do the same!

That's why I drank a lot.

Tea falls through my throat into my stomach.

Exhalation leaks into the fluttering warmth. It's still too cool at night, so warm tea makes me very firm.

And I, too, came to think of the change in the attitude of the captain as "stay, stay," and felt calm even as I sat next to him, whether it was because of the relaxing effect. Yeah, so it's weirder to panic.

Next to that, the captain had drank more than half his tea.

"I have an alternative. And the treats that Helga and the others gave me."

"I don't like sweets very much."

"Oh, right. You don't like sweet, Captain."

"You know exactly what I mean."

"Aren't men basically bad at being sweet? And it only hardens your expression a little when you have tea that smells sweet."

"... you're looking closely"

I feel like I'm talking to the captain about a lot of small things. But that's a lot of fun.

"'Cause if you made it because of it, you want me to tell you it's delicious"

The Spirit's tea pursued the effect, so I felt like I had to drink it. Because I think it would be a good tea soda if the sweetness was reduced so that the tea taste was stronger and cooled.

That's what I'm going to do when I sprinkle it all over the spirits.

Having said such a normal thing, after the captain had a slightly surprised look on his face,


and he agreed with me in a tone that seemed like something had come to pass.

"Speaking of which, Master Commander, you had no doubt about my tea from the beginning, did you? How so?

I feel like you're going to talk about anything now, and I listen to what you've been wondering. Then the captain answers, "Oh right".

"Because if it's dangerous to me, the Spirit stops"

At the end of the captain's gaze, the spirits that had appeared at some point were stuck in his hand, which had the cup.

I have no idea what the spirits are because they look like goblins. Oh, but it's a blue colored costume, so is it water?

"Look, say the potency of the tea"

The captain wears a spirit in goblins at his fingertips.

After escaping from his fingers like a yarn, the Spirit jumps into the arms of the captain. I wonder if you don't want to leave because you don't hate messing with me.

Come to the Spirit's actions.


When I accidentally snapped, the captain laughed at me.

"That's all I was afraid of at first. You said it was a demon."

"There's spirits like this. I didn't think so. Besides, my tea, it's all the spirits in goblins that seem to do the magic all the time, right? So my attachment..."

Even so, why do all of them lend a hand to my magic?

"Hey, why?

Asking the Spirit clinging to the captain's arm, he won't reply. I don't see it when I put out the screen.

The Spirit of the Water is watching.

What a word just came out.

Then the captain tells me.

"You like spirits."

"Yes, I like it. The captain loves spirits too, doesn't he?

"Right...... so if you don't have to kill the Spirit, that's better. I can't do that..."

That's what they say, I recall.

He said he didn't want to erase the Spirit, the word of the Commander. But I thought that was kind of weird, too.

"Wouldn't the captain be able to help any spirits? There are so many things you can do."

The magic of trapping spirits, I didn't even know there was such a thing. That's who I thought would be treated specially by the church.

But the captain gets a little annoyed.

"You can't do anything but kill"


"It's not the power to keep the Spirit alive. That's the kind of ability that specializes in that direction. So I'm good at taking power, but I'm very bad at giving. Even if there is something about the Spirit, I have no choice but to kill him. That's why I asked you to do it this time."


I did think so.

I think it's normal to be able to bring the Spirit back if you have strong powers. But I've just been able to make magical tea, and I'm going to knit it it because the captain couldn't do it.

"I can only kill you. If I had been the only one, I would have erased the Spirit this time."

That's a hard task, I thought.

Because the captain really likes spirits.

I wondered what I should have said. That's when I saw the Spirit jump on the head of the captain at some point. And he's stroking.

"That's kind of sloppy. Spirit?"

"Yes, the Spirit... is stroking the leader's head"

Seeing how it went, I was going to have a little tear in my eyes. Because the Spirit found out he was comforting the captain. Like saying it's not his fault, even though I know you've been killing your people.

The captain grins bitterly and tries to get rid of the Spirit. But I can't see anything above my head, so my hands wander in the right place.

"Then I will."

I thought I was supposed to pick the spirits, so I reached out. That's when I stretched out my body, so my eyes went crazy and I took the form of stroking the head of the captain.

The Spirit disappears all the time.

"Oh, excuse me"

It was a little rude to stroke the head of an adult man. I thought so.

The captain and my hand touched it.

Besides, I was grabbed as it was, so I wondered how kind the captain was, but I didn't like being done what I could.

The captain lowered his hand while holding my hand.

"I don't hate it, so you don't have to apologize"


The hand that stays in the grip, warm.

It seems that the mind is shaking left and right with a strange feeling of security spreading from there and a feeling of embarrassment in the hands of the captain.

"I just felt a little embarrassed to feel nostalgic. Not that I don't like it."

"But you surprised me, didn't you?

I'm surprised myself, and I'm surprised that they're still holding my hand right now. Whether it's because of twitching and surprise, it's like tea is becoming less potent.

Thanks to you, the gauge of embarrassment is rising, and I can't see the head of the regiment straight away.

"I've never been offended by what you do. Since the first time I was worshipped. Maybe it's because of what I thought then that I miss it. I was raised by my grandmother."

"Were you one of them"

"That's what I'm talking about"

I saw the captain nod at the edge of his sight.

But if that's all, why won't you let go? Or so it didn't mean I wanted my hands off me either.

I kind of don't think I want to be let go. So if I couldn't tell you, I'd probably stay put for about three minutes. Until the captain opens his mouth.

"Yura. As soon as you have enough to sprinkle around the perimeter of the alert line than you can undo the Spirit, you will execute it"

"I guess I should just sprinkle it from the sky, so I was wondering if I could make a barrel or so..."

"Right. I also have the art of gathering spirits, so it should only be once combined."

The captain keeps his hands open and tells him something very clerical.

"As I will let you know when I have the purpose of mass production. You don't know how long this tea will last, so you should make it and leave right away. I'd like to prepare it in the morning and run it in the afternoon if possible"


Is it because the captain is worried about me like a child that I say it in this situation? Or does it mean something different?

"I'm going to take your tea magic more than knowing if it's okay for the operator to leave. If the Goblin had been bewildered and wiped out by the Spirit of Confusion, there could be other demons. Make him act like Frey did on the last patrol, but keep in mind that unforeseen things will happen once and for all."

That's all I said, slowly taking my hands off the captain.

Having felt relieved and lonely, I recall feeling the same way before.

Sure, when the captain stroked my head.

I almost blushed when I remembered.

To me, the captain dropped more bombs.

"Protect whatever happens. Remember that, Yura."


The captain, who now spoke the same words as he had heard in his dreams, laughed a little and went home.