I didn't get much sleep that day.

The impact is too great.

Roll over the sleeping table to remember. Remember and put your head on it when you calm down.

Then remember the feel of your hand and touch it yourself. I get ashamed of myself for doing that and roll over the bedroom again.

Looks like he finally fell asleep exhausted, over and over again.

I woke up in the morning, not awake by the sound of the bell in the castle building, when Dr. Orvé knocked on the door.

"Hey Yura, are you awake? Are you ill, too?

"Hih, I overslept!

If I make an excuse for being ill, I will make Dr. Orvé increasingly worry and hassle me. I jumped up with an honest declaration.

"I'm so sorry"

Because I overslept, Dr. Orvé was worried about carrying me a meal or making me tea.

"Well, never mind. I made you tea yesterday, and you're tired of talking to the captain."

"Uh-huh, yes"

Talking to the captain, I laughed and deceived around. That word works best now......

Seems like you've been deceiving me for now, so I decided to grab a bite to eat and get out of town.

Because I need a lot of tea because I use the method of spreading bulk. Milliort's actually says he'll take more on patrol duty today, so I'll have tea leaves, apples, lemons and pepper.

My luggage won't get heavy either, so I decided to walk away by myself.

I've gotten used to it a lot with the Knights, and I know more faces, so Dr. Orvé also says it would be okay to walk straight to the gate.

At noon, we're all out patrolling and working and training everywhere in the first place, so there aren't many people.

Most of all, I want to blur it out on my own......

But I was worried. Dr. Orvé told me he was coming with me to near the gate.

No, I'm not a little kid, so you can go shopping alone, right? It's also painful to say no to favors, so I decided to do what I used to do, and now people won't get close. I'm going to go fashion.

Don't worry your teacher if you see this! I thought so.

"... is evil not noticeable?

Dr. Orvé turns a complete blind eye to the suspicious.

Can't you? I wove a black hooded cape and covered my face with a black cloth.

This, by the way, is the outfit I used to dress every time I shopped, at a time when I was afraid of dating.

"It stands out, but doesn't it feel like you don't want to talk to me?

"I'm sure I'm too suspicious, and I wouldn't like to come near you..."

I'm not scared, I hate it. I see. No, no, that's fine. People stay away from disgusting things.

Dr. Orvé, who walked me to a place where I could see the gate, always looked anxious.

The gatekeeper gave me a little too.

"Uh... Dr. Orvé's customer?

"Have you ever been in and out of that?

I heard a conversation. If it stays like this, they're not going to let me in when I get back. So put it down by name.

"Excuse me, I'm Yura taking care of my teacher. Please don't ban me from entering the castle as a suspicious person as I will be shopping and coming back..."

"Ha!? No, why that outfit?

"I'm not a kid, so I'm fine, because the teacher seemed anxious to let me go shopping alone. Here, dress like you're okay."

"Oh, oh... No, well, I kind of understood."

That said, the two young knights let me through. Sorry to surprise you.

The castle is surrounded by hills with a few cliffs. I'm walking up there.

It reminds me of yesterday, after all, as I walk.

"Hold my hand from the captain and keep it... it was"

I know I didn't hate it, but how could I have kept my hands together? I think about that all the time.

Of course I didn't hate it either. People's pluckiness is reassuring.

"But not everyone is the same..."

No, no. Maybe if I tried to hold it, I wouldn't know? I didn't really talk to myself, people before in the first place, so I had too few opportunities to hold hands with others or anything. Previous life was......

"Was there anyone else in my previous life who held hands and dusted?

I don't think he was there. Is this how the captain feels special?

I just think about it and I put my head on it.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Blur or slap yourself in the head and breathe.

I stay gripped in my head, and I can't come back to reality.

'Cause in my previous life I thought,' I feel like I'm either holding a girl's hand, treating her like a child or willing to do so... 'and the five letters of' Ah Ri Na Yi 'come to mind when it's my feeling as a Yura born and raised in this world.

There's no way that I'm aware of being heterosexual to someone like God who doesn't have the plain, prominent beauty of not being able to talk to people. At best, because we met when we were dying, that we would recognize each other as much as we take care of ourselves.

It just sometimes matches both senses.

From what we have in common: grandmother and child, perhaps the captain will feel close to me.

"That's right...... I was your grandmother and kid - what a story, that Mr. Eval wouldn't be able to do it, and it would be hard to tell Mr. Frey. Is that Dr. Rigiri Orvé? But I don't think a brilliant captain can make such a confession, rarely..."

When I thought so, I shrugged, thinking I might have truly wanted company.

I'm just finally feeling calm, and I arrive in town.

I'm fine with shopping as long as I keep it in my backpack. I wasn't good with people. Maybe because I was able to have something heavy myself.

It just seemed this outfit was so weird that the store people gave it a little bit of a go.

I think at least I'll take the hood. Still half-faced, my eyes were often rounded.

But the shopping is done safely.

Tomorrow we will be able to make tea and put other spirits of confusion back together.

I was just about to leave town thinking that, and people hit me.