I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

They teased me in town and I got in trouble.


Whether it's because the luggage was there or not, I roll by the corn.

Terrible, when I saw them do something, Pa looked at them with a crusader-like sword, and they were two men in clothes. But I'm not even wearing protective gear or anything, am I not a crusader?

The pair, rather than oblivious, have looked down at me and become obsessed.

"What is this guy, dressed weird? I bumped into you, so apologize!

"Didn't you bump into him?"

I watched you come all the way from the other side of the road. I just didn't think you were coming to bump into me.

Then they said to the people who had taken care of their surroundings.

"Hey guys, which one do you think hit?

Then the people around them looked away from me.

"How about the butcher's jerk?

The butcher's uncle, asked, laughs bitterly and says nothing.

Shit. If you're facial acquaintance and suspicious, we all choose not to have a bad relationship with facial acquaintance. Especially in a society where there are demons and there are risks to getting around.

When I found out there was no one to help me, I suddenly felt blood draw from my head.

The "original Yura" part of my memory frightened me and I was about to lose my strength from my feet. I used to be very, very scared of people's eyes......

"So if I apologize for bumping into you, I'll give you that bag that looks heavy..."

He's not cute. He's a lizard! I've never seen a lizard like this in my last life!

It's hard to re-buy the contents of the bag. There's no way you can fight and win with zero combat ability.

You noticed the noise. People come together. But we're all just watching.

If this happens, I'll have to give you the money I have to fix it. I was trying to negotiate because I have trouble getting hurt and not being able to make tea.

"You don't have to."

Just before the cuttlefish finish, it was the people on the horses who interrupted me. The Knights on the Patrol... I thought it was Mr. Frey.

"Shh, Knights......!

If that's the case, the pair get away with it at first sight. Quick.

I was more surprised at my escape.

When I'm dropping him off, Mr. Frey, who got off the horse, comes to my side.

Are you all right, Mr. Yura?

"Mr. Frey...... you know, thank you. Uh. You get it, don't you?

Even though I was still covering it with half a cloth on my face, I still think it's boyah.

"With a familiar physique, hair color and head shape, I knew right away"

I say, I get my hair stuck at my fingertips, which seems to have jumped.

Physical...... shoulder width and back length maybe.

"Can you stand?

"Uh, yes"

I can stand. But my legs were shaking unexpectedly. It'll heal over time, but I'm anxious to be left here. Nevertheless, do not interrupt your work.

I was going to drop off the Freys, and I thought I'd thank you again.

"Thank you...... hey!

Lifted with or without, he was put on a horse.

"We're going back to the castle anyway, right? Then I'll take you. I want you to tell me why you're dressed so funny."

That's what they say, and I'm relieved.

"I'm sorry about the overlap. In fact, Dr. Orvé was terribly worried about me going shopping alone..."

"I see. You can't fight. But the teacher's worries may have been the most important. I guess it's just bad luck."

Indeed, it shouldn't be that high of a chance that even if I went shopping alone, I would see it this way.

Thanks to you, I'm scared if the men just came back.

Even if there was nothing to it, it was uncomfortable to be among those who just avoided the commotion while watching.

I'm still looking at this one, even though I said what it means...

Second, my appearance cried out, staring at me by an unspeakable group of people, crossed my brain.

When will I remember?

But if that's what you remember, it's strange to see yourself...

"Mr. Yura?

With his neck clenched, Mr. Frey can speak to him.

"You must have been scared"

As you thought I was flattered by fear. He's sweet.

"Ah, yes. It wasn't even one-on-one so...... If I could have made a weapon out of tea, even if this had happened, I guess I could have dealt with it."

I wouldn't have thought you'd be scared if you did. If you had a way to fight even if your legs trembled, you'd get used to those situations. Ultimately, I guess the memory of the original Yura won't feel hard either.

What a thought, Mr. Frey laughed when he did it.

Why not?

"No, Mr. Yura, it's funny. I really enjoy it, so I hope it stays that way."

"Ha... I think it's probably hard to change myself, so I thought I'd stay like this for the rest of my life..."

Nonetheless, Mr. Frey seems to remain fond of what's weird about me.

But all I can say is that I think I'll remain a weird person. Something that may be easier than changing others, but it's also so hard to change yourself.

Speaking of which, the captain said he was a weird kid.

I'm thrilled with that word.

"For example, where..."

Is it because I still care that you ask about it?

"Do you care?

Then Mr. Frey asked me back. What do you want me to say?

Honestly saying I care is a bit...... So I twisted out a very hard reason.

"Um, I figured if they hated me, I'd have an employment relationship obstacle..."

That said, Mr. Frey laughed more and more.