I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* Circumstances that cannot be consulted by the head of the delegation

Lucien wondered how many times it would be to date Yura's tea.

I also failed subtly last time, so I felt hesitant. But I couldn't beat my sleeping appetite because of a few days of shallow sleep.

Yura laughs with great pleasure when she nods.

It seems good to do so when anyone is pleased to do so.

I just decided to go to Orvé first.

Exactly. I feel unnecessarily relaxed when I'm in a woman's room all the time.

When you enter the Orvée's office, you get a unique smell on your nose, mixed with alcohol for disinfection and the smell of medicine.

With a little relief, I'll tell Orvé that Yura made the tea earlier.

"Already. You're early."

Orvé was purely, surprised at the speed.

"Normally, you can't knit a combination of drugs that fast, can you?

"Probably because I can talk to the Spirit"

I guess the Spirit is giving suggestions about tea combinations. They also seem to teach about the effects immediately every time they are made.

"It's incredible, but I also think it's something I can't help. Because the spirits that connect to Yura are the spirits that don't normally talk."

"I won't talk... even to the Captain?

Orvé surprises me.

"Is that possible? Lord Commander says you have the Spirit King's sword."

Sword of the Spirit King.

When I hear that word, I can't help but feel down. Because Lucien is also the culprit of everything that happened.

"If it's normal, it's impossible. The only spirits who don't obey me are crazy ones. That's why I always thought it was an unspeakable spirit."

Spirits similar to goblins. I thought they weren't crazy, but they were spirits that had been somewhere perverted. That's why I can't talk. Still, I follow Lucien, so I figured something like that would come out over the years.

But Yura seemed to be able to talk to spirits who resembled that goblin.

Lucien wondered if that was why Yura was only capable of her.

I'm pretty sure it's very special because I can even tell the demonic conversation.

"Whatever, now we can keep the line of alert. We'll have to find out what caused it."

"Right...... If it has anything to do with spiritual fusion, we'll have to wait for the investigation to progress."

The case of spiritual fusion has verses that are happening in other lands as well.

Without knowing that was a spiritual fusion experiment in the first place, I investigated a suspicious population and it looks like a case in the form of a body found.

In the Sigur Knights realm, we have not yet found a place in the vicinity where we are doing the same experiment.

It is only speculated that the escaped destination will have a base in a wide area of the country, possibly also a place where it was experimenting on other lands.

"Perhaps the day after tomorrow, a settlement will be reached on the line of alert. If Yura says she needs something, apply for it. And pills, please."

"I have it for you."

I missed the sachet Orvé gave me.

"... how does it work?

"I'm fine so far."

The truth is, it's not working, but Orvé also tells me that anything stronger is bad for my body and I can't get it out. So I kept it quiet.

Lucien leaves Orvé's office and sighs.

This is why I'm even beginning to wonder if I should sleep in Yura's tea anymore. It's a pain in the ass that when you sleep in there, you can't wake up until someone wakes you up with a herbal medicine.

Looks like Yura was just about ready for some tea when she got down to the ground floor where she was waiting.

"Please have a seat."

Sit straight in the chair you were pulling, and get some tea.

Yura's story was that it wasn't the kind of tea that would sleep right away. But last time, although Yura's tea made her relaxed and failed, the medicine did work better than usual.

That's why I mouth the tea as I excuse myself.

That time, I accidentally touched my hair. But about that, if you restrain yourself, it shouldn't be a problem. It's more scary to lack sleep than that, and to lose judgment.

... I felt like I was going to do a hell of a lot more.

With a sip of tea, he loosened his mind before realizing it.

Yura asked me what tea tasted like and I answered frankly, but Yura looked a little surprised.

I also feel guilty about keeping that Yura standing all the time, making her sit down.

She's hiring as a crusader, and she's about to calm down the Spirit and prevent the battle from happening. I thought it was strange to treat him like a servant in Wang Du's home.

After that, I told him something small, but in the process, he also talked about the Spirit...

Apparently the Spirit was on top of his head, and the pointed out Lucien tried to pay for it. The Spirit doesn't get hurt or anything where he just paid for it.

But Yura also tried to spiritualize her, and grabbed her hand.

At this time, Lucien finally realized that he seemed terribly relaxed.

I can't let go of that hand.

But what I remember with a woman's hand is really about my grandmother.

Lucien's only ally. Someone who never let go of his own hand who was abandoned by everyone.

I felt loose when I was holding her hand, talking about my grandmother.

To Yura, who said it was the same, I'm relieved.

At least keep holding hands, but Yura didn't seem to think she didn't like it. I think that's why it got sweet as it was.

She said she was sweet to a younger woman this year, but maybe it was Yura's tea that didn't bother her her her.

Then I went back to my room, but this day I could sleep naturally, even though I forgot to take my medication.

Both the grudging voices I would remember if I closed my eyes and the bloody people faded when I remembered the feeling of holding my hand... it was morning when I realized.


It's good to have slept.

Orvé was also afraid that I would continue to use the medicine, so I can also say that now I know how I can stop using it. But.

Lucien, off the sleeping table, stops trying to leave the room after changing.

I looked at my hand and then hit my head against a wall nearby.

Then when I left the room, Eval, who apparently had already come, looked a bit like him.

"Dear Lucien, I heard an amazing noise, but did you knock something down?

"No...... Yeah, I just knocked things out a little bit."

The truth is, I had to bump my head, but I couldn't stay calm.

But if Eval knew, I'd be sure it would get loud, so I'll keep my mouth shut.

... You can't be known to keep a woman's hand in your grip even if you were relaxed, or to say something about a verbal complaint, etc.

I just thought.

I'm going to ask for that tea from Yura, but if possible, I decided to take it home and drink it in my own room.