* This is Frey's perspective

Today it was my turn to patrol around the castle town.

Frey, who heard this morning that Yura had made tea to undo the Spirit, was going to push her to Yura's when this was over and show her the tea in question.

But before I do, I'm going to pick up Yura.

That was a little noise all over town.

Someone bumped into him. But that happens all the time.

Is it because the town under the castle is always protected by the Sigur Knights, the people who live in it are not so bloody temperamental and many try to settle things in serenity?

Maybe that's what happened to Yura.

I don't like every dispute, so I don't want to get involved as much as possible.

Even if you don't move, observe until someone comes along to join the vigilante.

I choose to let the weak wear mud so that the rough guys don't see me and break the store later.

Even though she tends to make such choices, Yura was dressed suspiciously at the time.

At first he thought it was just a fuss, then headed to put the spot away, and Frey was surprised to see his familiar flax hair and outfit.

Yura, why are you doing such a crazy thing!?

The more I wanted to scream, the more I stood out.

I'm suspicious that you're hiding half your face, like a very dark man behind you. So all the more so, I know that the surrounding area must have just been looking at the situation.

Where Yura doesn't cry at all, it may have been a problem.

I can only see the eye area without knowing the movement of my face, so it's making me look like I'm still observing a calmly relative roughman.

Though this was not good, Frey hurried in to crack it.

Advice, Yura is frightened enough just to have a hard time understanding her expression, and her legs are trembling.

I held him and put him on the horse, and he was visibly relieved.

No, but why are you doing such a suspicious thing?

When I asked him, he purposefully hid his face because, as a result of Dr. Orvé's worry about Yura, people wouldn't come near him if he had a suspicious outfit.

Dr. Orvé also decided to let him go like this......

I thought it was too counterproductive, but I didn't say any more.

Yura seemed rather frightened, because she seemed relieved from time to time on her way back to the castle.

of the castle, when you arrive in front of a building where Dr. Orvé's office is located, you can see that the strength falls out of Yura's back, which was frightened by tension.

"Do you think you can walk now?

When asked, Yura nodded.

"My legs aren't shaking anymore, so I think it's okay"

It was Yura who answered, but she pushes it off herself and Frey disembarks first and decides to hold her down.

Yura, who was blurry, finally gave me a hurried look back then.

When you look at me like that, I want to be a little more annoyed.

Probably because I've had a similar look.

It's like seeing a ghost when bad memories are connected and a past you don't want to remember is resurrected.

"Aren't you shocked yet?

"Oh, no, I'm fine. Thank you for your trouble…"

It was Yura lowering her head, but when she saw someone coming out of the building, she was about to jump up like she was watered, and she couldn't take her eyes off you anymore.

"Is that Frey? You sent Yura here?

The person was Captain Lucien.

I think Frey is a little funny.

For a long time, Yura had a verse connected to Captain Lucien. She is also an adult, so only the older Olve teachers and Helga showed such a clear attitude.

Someone had a slightly excessive respect for the Commander of the Regiment, but that would also be the case with a hint in the face of the Commander of the Regiment.

But not now.

"Yes, Yura was teased in town, so I picked it up and came back"

Captain Lucien turns a worried eye to her, a little surprised by the story of Yura being involved.

"Are you hurt? Yura."

Asked, Yura glances at the captain's face and replies, not knowing what to do.

"Yes, Mr. Frey has helped me. I'm so sorry..."

Although the statement is as usual, I am obviously aware of it as heterosexual.

Not a little funny as Frey. It feels like my new pet missed someone else. At the same time, I was very interested in what happened.

"Maybe it's not a good idea to let them act alone after all"

With that said, Frey decided to explore how he could be on her side even further as a Yura clerk.