I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Operation Undo the Spirit of Confusion

We had a little trouble, but we secured the tea leaves and the ingredients we needed safely.

So in the course of that day, I asked the head of the regiment to contact me about what I could make tomorrow, and I was to decide on the operation tomorrow afternoon.

The operation is not so big and daunting.

Travel with the captains to the woods with dragons and flying lizards.

Find the Spirit around the Goblin settlement (this will be done by the Commander), collect the Spirit as much as possible (this will also be done by the Commander), and magically scatter tea around the area to undo the Spirits and finish.

Safe because I will be on the sky all the time and will be watching the situation.

However, due to the use of various techniques by the captain, he will be riding the flying lizard only this time.

Being unfamiliar with flying lizards means it's dangerous, and I was made to train in flight by Mr. Frey this day, after being tangled up by a rough guy.

... Honestly, it would have sucked if I didn't have the memory of getting on a plane or the memory of a jet coaster. It frightens me when I rise and while I fly.

Flight held tight by Mr. Frey because naturally falling is not good.

But I couldn't afford to be embarrassed or anything. If they let go of my hand, I will die physically. I cling firmly to Mr. Frey's arm, just saying that the lifeline was important.

"You're cute, Mr. Yura."

I don't know what to say and laugh at it, but my face should be the toughest in the world. Even a hundred years of love is weirder to flatter a figure like that who wakes up in an instant.

But I'm not the one steering the flying lizard.

As soon as you get used to the feeling of flight, it's over.

I was told to rest early this day, and I went to bed early in a state of callousness.

Thanks to you, I was able to wake up normally the next day.

"All right, let's make it"

In the course of yesterday, I had a small barrel carried on the ground floor. It's too big for me to hold.

And three large pots borrowed from the castle's kitchen.

Now boil the water, add tea leaves and fruits there to create the tea, and overlap the itinerary of transferring it to the barrel.

The tea is fine for about half a day even if it is cold, so I can make it slowly, but the problem is the pot is heavy.

I transferred it to a barrel about five times and my arm just started hurting when I was pumping water into an open pot.

Still, I was just wondering, and Dr. Orvé is here to help me see how things are going.

"If it's heavy, I'm glad you asked for help, Yura."

"I thought you were busy..."

"Still speak up for once. I know you want to avoid it because when people say no, you're depressed, but it's better if you don't do it."

"Yes, Doctor"

I think you're right, and I think that's what I was able to do in my previous life.

Yet all of a sudden, it looks like the idea of a natural pull has appeared on my face. I had unconsciously forgotten to ask my teacher for help.

Though I thought I was cured, I knew I was Yura, who grew up in this world.

That's how I fill the barrel with tea, and with the teacher's hand I plug it exactly.

After lunch, Mr. Frey picked me up.

Come on, let's go.


Have Mr. Frey's men carry the barrel and go outside.

Having taken good care of the cold, I get them on a flying lizard that was already ready. This ride is Mr. Frey's flying lizard.

The barrel was followed by Mr. Frey's men's flying lizard.

It seems its men will scatter the contents of the barrel.

"I'm good at manipulating water, and I can use the magic of manipulating the wind, and I'm doing a prep exercise once, so I'm fine."

That's what Mr. Frey explained to me.

That's how the captain rode the dragon, as usual, all to the sky.

Even though it's still lunch, the wind is colder than yesterday.

I endured trying to shrug my neck, but that's a flash, too. Even horses arrive right at the time-consuming forest line of alert.

Under my eyes, I see some houses like a pile of trees and straw. Maybe that's the goblin settlement.

Let's go around, and I can see there's a big cow-like demon.

The captain raises his hand and sends a signal to begin. I guess I made sure there was a spirit on earth.

I wonder how we can gather spirits from here.

As he stared, the captain pulled out his sword. The sword glows thin blue.

The light fluttered over me and spread around, falling straight to the ground like snow.

Will that really gather spirits?

I called the screen to try to touch the landscape with my hand, appropriately visible under my eyes, without the Spirit.

Although it usually only hits demons. If I pressed persistently around the demon, I was lucky enough to catch the spirits.

"The Spirit of Confusion is Hidden by the King's Command"

The king's orders? I wonder what that means. But being hitched means the spirits are gathered, right?

Looks like the captain gave instructions to sprinkle tea while he was sprinkling his neck.

Mr. Frey's men open the barrel and float the tea in the air.

Spread it out like another man was shaved by the magic of the wind.

It feels like water in a clear tank is being diffused with an invisible sprinkler.


As soon as the tea rains, the spirits will be back to normal.

In fact, the spirits that appeared on my screen also became an indication of the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance.

"Mr. Yura, we're moving!


The knights moved out of nowhere.

Instruct the flying lizard to try to leave the scene.

That should be it, too. On top of the settlement, a major tornado was beginning to break out.