That's where I could open my eyes to the lid.

I see the blue sky.

Though it's not falling anymore. I was trapped like a black branch in a swirling wind.

"What, this..."

It doesn't look like he's dead, and it doesn't hurt.

I just have a strong dream shock and I don't know what to do with it being blurry.

I thought, on my stomach lying there, a spirit appeared in a little goblin.

Yes, Shinkokiju.

I didn't know, but I blurted out and did as I was told.

Then the black branches unraveled and disappeared as they melted into me.

I really stayed with the information that was in my mind.

Near this place, there shall be a tree of guidance.

That people who didn't want the Sigur Knights' captain to know about that collection or capturing the Spirit used magic that mutated the Spirit.

Just for that matter, that if we put the Knights' line of alert closer to town, we wouldn't be close to the place in question.

The Spirit of the Tree of Guidance was parted from those who were taken away for fusion experiments and from those who were driven mad.

Surprised, I fell again like I lost my support.


I don't like falling anymore. If you think so, the drop speed softens and you land slowly.

What you feel behind your hands and head is definitely the ground.

Soil, grass, and a feeling like a branch that was falling. Headache.

When I woke up, I was in a place where the remains of the settlement were also blown away and blown away.

"I... was safe"

I'm bluffing.

'Cause I thought he was dead. Anyway, it fell from the sky. Besides, you should have been caught in a tornado.

"Why are you alive..."

"Because you accepted the Vortex of Magic. We were able to take you with us."

I hear voices, and Yura looks to the side.

There, stood an incredible spirit-like thing.

They are about ten times the size of the usual. The face is the usual goblin spirit. But there's something wrong with the costume.


He was wearing something like a sheep and a beard of this hair. Why not?

"Goblin Masquerade Games......?

Crushing the scratch made my head a little clearer.

Obviously goblins. Plus, besides one fuzzy goblin, they all stay small. But this one is also fuzzy.

Why is there such a change?

'Cause you got the power to go up one staircase.


And only this big goblin spirit-like thing, somehow I hear voices......!?

"What, I hear spirits!?

"I'm the only one who can still talk. But you will be able to speak to all spirits if you gain greater power. The power leads to all spirits. To your fellow spirits."

"Uh, wait. How could you do that?"

'Cause you brought up the power of sleeping and it poured in on us, too.

"The influence of a vortex of magic?

The Goblin Spirit nods.

It was a curse hanging from the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance. What sharpens the power of this land. It was freed and taken in by you. "

"Take it in..."

"You have finally unleashed your" original power. "Please, save us..."

So the big goblin spirits disappeared on the lid.

I hear people instead.


I can see in the footsteps that the person who screamed comes running.

That's how he stopped at my side and woke me up on my knees.

Just like when.

"Yura, are you alive? Are you hurt? Are you conscious?

Master Regiment with a more anxious look than then. I wonder why. You look very sad.

"It's all right, sir. I'm alive."

There is no pain, so there should be no injury. Earlier, the big spirits in goblins said they took it. Then I wonder if the Spirit helped me.

When I answered blurtly, the captain gave me a soothing look, but he hugged me all the time.

"... I thought I'd let you die"

I'm surprised, but when I think about it, people jumped right in front of me and did what was tantamount to suicide. I would have worried, and it would be like this if I found out you were safe.

Mine, too, is glad you thought it was so good.

So softly, when I put my hand on the captain's arm, the hand was also gripped.

My heart bounces hard by accident.

... maybe this is too exciting and I think the Spirit's words are sober out of my head.

After being hastily brought back to the castle, he was ordered to rest firmly for a day, and was also examined by Dr. Orvé, who remembered the words of the Spirit the next day.

If I had gained strength, I was about to scream when I checked my status that something might have changed.

Yura Savell/Tea Master

Vitality (HP)/Magic (MP) … 500/1000000

Attack... 4 Magic Attack... 500

Muscle Strength............ 4 Magic Skill Proficiency...... 500

Speed............... 6 Sword Skill Proficiency...... 0

Physical defense…… 4 Magical aptitude…… 1,000

Magic Defense… 500 Spiritual Suitability…… 1,000

Acquisition capability

Tea Master... Skill Level 11

Witch...... Skill Level 10