No matter how many times you look back at the screen, there is no change in status.

HP stays the same around.

There's little change in physical aggression or speed, but magic!

Especially MP, what is this!?

"What is this!?

I say it twice in my brain and with my own mouth.

"Ichi, Ju, Hiku, Seen, Mann... Ju Mann"

MP 100,000. What is this?

But I know what caused it. non-tea master skills. This is his fault.


That letter that won't go away, whether you rub your eyes or put the screen back out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

I accidentally covered my face.

I didn't think so. It was a bit of a weird status, and to the extent that it seemed like it was because of the experiment.

"I thought you were just a little mixed up with the Spirit. No, no, no."

Isn't this, like, confirmed already?

The game's Sigur Knights scenario involves witches in a colorful way.

Raid a group trying to create a witch. Maybe this is the event that helped me.

Then suddenly a dragon appears near the Knights' territory. To defeat the dragon, the player secretly goes through the dungeon onto the mountain where the dragon stays and will fight.

At this time the Knights Commander is suggested by the dragon about the existence of a witch.

That's how when we look for traces of witches, we talk about whether it's a neighboring country conspiracy. Neighbouring countries are destroying small countries and using their wizards to create witches.

This way it will not be what our neighbours did. If we let the witch destroy this country, we can repress it without sending out an army.

The Sigur Knights and players sought out those who fled the devastated country,

It infiltrates the neighboring country to defeat the witch, and here it becomes a battle into a dungeon called the castle.


"... well. If you stay like this, you won't get a dragon."

If the witch were me, the dragon wouldn't call and I don't know how to call it.

My neighbor's hands are apart, and you just have to make tea and live, not witches.

"What do you mean, why don't I just live here in peace?

I did - and it's the words the Spirit told me then that are caught in my heart.

"I'm the only one who can still talk. But you will be able to speak to all spirits if you gain greater power. And please, save us..."


The Spirit must have some kind of problem.

I said save me, so I have to do something.

"But it doesn't have to be a witchy force, does it?

Last time I ended up making tea, I just answered yes to the choice.

That solved it once.

Then we'll do something with only tea next time.

"Let's level up the Tea Master anyway..."

But just a little bit, I want to try out what magic a witch can use. I mean, MP, if this is all we have, we can use normal magic, right? Let's sneak in there.

Consolidate your resolve and turn off the screen.

Start working again today.

After breakfast with Dr. Orvé, let's spend some time helping the teacher first.

If that's what you thought, it was nearly lunch and Mr. Frey came to call.

"From the captain... or I've made a few arrangements, so I need to talk to you. Will you come to the captain's office?

That's what I said, Mr. Frey, put his hand on my shoulder with the teacher's herb on the shelf.

Since then, Mr. Frey has had more insignificant contact with me.

I know why, so sorry. But oh you say I just had to......

If I held the chicken I had kept from the scene of the fire and stayed away, let's just say I suddenly burst out and escaped my hand and jumped into a burning flame.

Imagine being a grilled chicken, determined to despair.

... as a result, it seems to have become mildly traumatized.

I can't help but make you anxious. Though I apologized quite plainly later. I also showed off my dugout.

That doesn't completely erase the trauma, and Mr. Frey just started checking my presence.

I think I'm sorry every time.

Dr. Orvé also looked delicate and glanced at Mr. Frey's hand.

The teacher you hadn't witnessed at the scene told you it wasn't a bad decision, was it?

I can't talk about the letters displayed on the screen, but I also told him because Mr. Frey's flying lizard was injured and could have all fallen and died.

He admitted that there would be such a decision if it was to keep someone alive.

When I heard that, even if I couldn't manage that tornado, I was relieved that my actions had helped.

The Orvé teacher says.

"Just go ahead, Yura. I was in a meeting about you yesterday. I guess I called you after packing up what I needed in the morning, so ask me."


I wonder what you've decided. Are you kidding me, my restraining order or something?

Though I don't know, I follow Mr. Frey.

I'm getting used to it more than before, and I'm not afraid of the road to the office.

"Oh, you're feeling better," some people say to me.

When I arrived at the chief's office with my head down, there were several people inside.

Sitting in front of my desk, the captain of the regiment wearing arms.

Vice Commander Harral at the wall a short distance from there.

It's Mr. Eval, who stands right next to the captain and refrains.

"Yura, how are you feeling?

That's what the captain asked me as soon as I came in.

I was a lot worried about this guy, and he came to see me yesterday and all yesterday.

Most importantly, shortly after that, the memory of being embraced was still vivid, and I saw that I was about to get upset about the embarrassment.

"Yes, no problem"

"Then yesterday, I'll tell you about my decision as a Knights"

What the hell is that?

I followed nervously and looked up at Mr. Frey standing beside me, smiling as if not to worry. Oh, isn't that a bad thing?

"Yura Savell. I'm going to lend you a painting of the castle."


I don't know what the hell you're doing. I told Mr. Eval to take over.

"It's after that happened. I still don't know why that tornado broke out, and I don't know why you sedated after you jumped in."

So, Mr. Eval shook his index finger.

"It is the purpose of this decision to have you stay in the castle as much as possible to see how you are feeling for a while and to have you perform a different activity because then you are going to be hiring as a crusader but not active"

"What do you mean?

"I would like to ask you for a job offering the best tea in the castle"

A few seconds after they said it, I didn't understand what it meant.

Ha, but I notice.

Do you mean maybe we should run a coffee shop?