"Um, that means you can run a coffee shop in the castle... right?

As with games, there are coffee shops in this world.

Although I've looked into it in my previous life, they didn't have any coffee shops in medieval Europe.

From that point of view, this world feels progressive if it develops naturally.

Maybe that and this is because there is magic and not many people take the profession of walking by defeating a demon named Crusader.

It's also a coffee shop.

To my question, Mr Eval nodded.

"Since your condition is state, I'd like to make it just a Knights person at first. If there is no problem with that for about a month, I hope to increase the number of people coming."

And then I cough it up once and go on.

"Just in case, I don't want to get away from Dr. Orvé's side, but there's no place in the building where that clinic is located that allows more than a certain number of people to come and go with Kamado. Even if I have to make it, it's hard to do because I have a few problems"

That's what I thought too, so I nod small.

The laundry is on the ground floor.

In and of itself, I think it's a good idea because there are a number of advantages when the doctor sees the patient.

As soon as the sheets and bandages get dirty, I can take them to the washroom, and when I have something I want to borrow during the day, Mr. Helga and the others can help me.

Even when an outsider is injured and put away for treatment, it's fine because if it was a woman, I could immediately ask the aunts in the laundry for help.

But to open a coffee shop, it's narrow in that little kitchen, and you can't narrow it down there because it's a laundry next door.

Dozens of people who belong to the Knights will cry when your laundry rpm drops.

So somewhere else, I'm comfortable with that.

"Where are the candidates for the place?

"This is the building here. Since there is a room that can handle enough tea and light cooking simply by installing magic tools for Kamadu and water supply. If you open the next room, a dozen people will be allowed to sit in and out."


I was a little surprised.

There may also be other meeting rooms in this building, which houses the chief's office and private room.

It is mainly the cavaliers' executives who are sleeping (the deputy chief apparently doesn't move as far ahead as he moves because he's gotten more comfortable).

Though I thought the laying was a high place, it is certainly convenient for my management.

At the same time fluff and I imagine.

I guess I get five cups of tea or something to order in the conference room. Mr. Eval may come to ask for three cups of tea even when a customer comes to the captain. Could it feel a little like going out front to another company in a big building?

Oh, something like that would be nice.


"Mr. Yura?

You want a wagon because you can't carry the number when you put it in the basin? He was a little blurry with a lot of fantasy.

The captain and Mr. Frey called me back, hah.

"Oh, excuse me. Nice story, I was a little paranoid."

To be honest with you, everyone who was on the spot exhales as relieved.

"If you don't have a problem with it, fine. I'll give the Knights another circular so they don't bother you. It's unusual and it might get in the way. I want you to talk to Eval about the fine items. After that, basically, let Frey see how it goes when his hands are free. Is that all right?

"Yes, thank you!

After saying that and bowing my head, I left the room with Mr. Frey, Mr. Eval.

"I'll show you where I plan to start"

I guess this is the right job for Mr. Eval. It guides me very well.

That was a room a little further from the entrance on the ground floor.

Two adjacent rooms are connected by doors, among them. On the left, they used it as a holding room, and on the right, they used it as one of the living rooms to guide guests.

"We will install Kamadu and others in this holding room. Do you have any hope of a placement location?

"Oh, then here are two, please. Like the other day, because I don't feel comfortable with one for when I need a lot of hot water. It would be very nice to have a sink or workbench next door."

I rush over to the window and tell Eval in gesture that the size will be about this.

Mr. Eval then writes a brief diagram with an exposé on the paper he had. And it's easy to understand.

"Oh, now please. It's very good and easy to understand."

If I said that, after Mr. Eval gave me a slightly confused look, I would still distract myself.

"Compliments don't raise the cost of equipment that much."

Probably hateful, but does that mean you can raise it up a bit?

With that in mind, I'm the number of cups or whatever dishes I need. We will talk about the number of pots, the number and arrangement of chairs and desks.

For all of that, Mr Eval did not end up saying "too much" or "I have a budget".

This guy could be a tundra after all......

Instead, Mr. Eval came to me asking, after he had said roughly what he could come up with now.

"As instructed by the captain, please make a request each time there was something missing later"

"Yes, thank you. I'll let you know when I think of it."

Mr. Frey, looking at it a little further away, was sifting his shoulders with a small laugh as he crept.

With such a disgusting look at Mr. Frey, Mr. Eval said.

"Frey, you keep an eye on Yura's shopping too. I went out the other day in suspicious clothes to confuse the knights, because they're making fun of me."

"I know, Eval. I'm afraid to take my eyes off you because I've already figured it out in the meantime"

Listen to the conversation between you two, it's me with a bit of a narrow shoulder.

Anyway, I just surprised Mr. Frey.

Still, when I was going back to my room and writing down about the coffee shop plan, that kind of went right out of my mind.

Oh, yeah. I think I'll sew up some tea cozee too.

As I buy tablecloths because it takes too long when I'm just making them. Oh, I want to decorate the table with flowers, too. There was a blossoming spot on the property, right?

As I went to buy more tea leaves, one thing I wanted was in my head.