I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Because I want to remember something new.

"I wonder if there's a magic book in town..."

When it's a game, the Wizard buys The Book of Magic. When the level rises, you will automatically learn magic from that magic book.

I have low, medium, and high level magic books, special magic books, and yes I don't buy many in bulk.

I also remember the price per book. If it's a low level thing, you can buy it with my money right now.

"Most importantly, if you can use fire or water, you can boil tea slightly outdoors, and you don't have to carry water, do you?

Sometimes I've made fun of it for a while... and I can't explain why.

So I don't want Mr. Frey and the flying lizard to die, so I think it's because it only explains the subtle motive that he got off so he could fly fast, but it doesn't seem like he'd let me go to the woods or anything.

But when the month-long observation period is over, there will be another crusade or something like that.

... Honestly, I think I'm going to have to go outside somehow because of quest digestion or something, so I really want to be able to fight as well.

The fear of not being able to do anything is what I also thought when I fought goblins.

"Besides, this is the only MP I have and it's highly aggressive. Do something about the armored paper and you'll think it's pretty amazing."

I don't have a hand that I would rather not use.

So I also wanted to buy a magic book in town.

Talk to Mr. Frey first about wanting to shop.

You have to go to town to pick out the shape of the tea leaves and the tea utensils and pots that you buy through Mr. Eval and order from the pottery store.

"I can go by the end of the day."

To Fray that I have time in the afternoon, I said, "Absolutely! answered."

Then Mr. Frey looks worried.

"Tomorrow, maybe after we put some more time aside? I've just been teased during this time, but you might be scared."

I had no choice but to think that I might be going to town. Mr. Frey is really a good guy around telling me you can take it a little slower.

But honestly, I was full of heads about the coffee shop and magic, and I just remembered a little something tangled up, and I was driven away somewhere right away.

"Not at all. It's fine. It's more tea than that. Shopping. I want to make the cup as much as I want. Oh, I want to buy cloth too."

With that said, Mr. Frey just got a frightened look as well.

Oh, I get it. You think he broke his head screw because of the shock of the fall, or something like that, right?

"You know, I was shocked that you got involved, but you helped Mr. Frey right away. That's why I didn't pull much later."

When I said thanks to Mr. Frey, he looked happy that Mr. Frey was or was, and slapped me on the shoulder.

"Okay. Shall we go then?"

Wait for Mr. Frey to prepare the horse, then head out to town.

The first place I visited was the store that had all the cups. Choose a cup here that is not so expensive for your taste and tell them that you want it to be numbered and that you have it delivered to the Knights' Castle and that you also have Knights to pay for it.

I also had pots of pottery there, so I ordered that too.

The tea leaves are next. Go around the usual shops and the herbal shops. Later I also glanced at the fruit shop and bought some fresh fruit.

I knew I could use raw fruit to make tea that felt very luxurious, so I wanted to buy it.

Even in coffee shops, one type aims to be able to serve fruit tea every day.

Then a cloth store.

They should have gone around a lot of shops in the extension, but Mr. Frey is following me as he seems uncommon.

"Yura sews, too."

"Well, I usually sew clothes myself rather than buy them,"

Clothing stores are expensive because they are basically bespoke. It is common to buy old clothes or make your own.

What I'm buying in the game will be old or bespoke clothes. The same goes for armor, right?

At last, I was about to enter the desired store.

"Um, Mr. Frey. I'd like to take a peek at the shop over there."

It's the bookstore I pointed to.

Magic books are also sold in bookstores. It's not a problem if the seller can't use magic because it's expensive there, on top of what you can't master if you're not level enough.

"You want a book?

When asked, I remember. Mr. Frey said he could use magic.

"Uh, if you brew tea and it works magically, I wanted to try it because I couldn't use the elementary magic..."

When there was something I didn't know, I thought if I told Mr. Frey, he might tell me, I'd say so.

"It's good to try anything. Honestly, I want Yura to have the means to protect herself as much as possible."

That said, Fray's tone was so heavy that I felt the damage to Fray's heart the other day had not healed... and I apologized peacefully again.

That's how safe I was, I bought the elementary magic book!

"I wish I could light every fire myself."

I don't know what to say.

"That's a much cuter goal"

And they laughed.

But look, even if I'm wrong, I can't tell you what happens if I use all the MP I can, or can I burn down the woods?

Hopefully, this number is something that I don't want anyone to see.

I don't think you know witches or anything like that because what normal people see is a measuring stone and not a letter. I can see the abnormal MP growth.

I just want to hide this somehow.