Coming home, just now I opened my magic book.

If I hadn't reached the level, I was told because I don't see any strong magic, and because of that, Mr. Frey seemed to think I had no particular problem.

"... I can read it all. This"

You should be able to remember the magic up to the normal wizard twenty levels with this, but I can see it all.

The witch level should have been ten, but I don't know what that means.

I tried opening the status screen,

Magic: I've Learned Heel LV1

Magic: I've Learned Fireball LV1

Magic: I've Learned Wind LV1

Magic: I've Learned Thunder LV1

Magic: I've mastered Defensive Shield LV1

The magical name was in line in the long run.

"What, this is what happens when you just open the book!?

What do you mean you don't have to read it... Suddenly, the automatic magic mastery seems complete. But I don't know what to do. Spells, I'm supposed to have to remember.

"What's going on?

Anyway, I just read the first magic page.

"Uh, what? Deep down, source of life, wake up... so heel?

Even if it wasn't definitely a person injury, the primary heel could have been used. That's why I go outside and let them cut some tampon leaves that were growing on the side of the building.

I chanted my heels as I accompanied the cut leaves to the incision.


It stuck properly. As usual.

When you look at the status, the MP is just a little less. Yeah, about three. The error is also a good point.

So I noticed that there were more weird headlines on the status screen.


When I open the screen, I get a notification section that displays the status quo and the words and actions of the Spirit, but I have a headline of my status on the edge, and when I press there, I can double-check that haunted MP.

Channel G seems a little different again because it's stuck in the top right corner.

Anyway, the headline 'magic' increased.

He remembered to open it. It had a magic name in it, and it had a mark button that just told him to push it next to the magic name.


I broke another leaf again. With your right hand aligned with the incision, with your left hand the button pounded.

So the sparkling effect of light scattered over the leaves, and the leaves were back to normal.

The reduced MP is 3 after all.

"Spells, I didn't want..."

This may be easier because I don't need memorization.

Could it be because I am able to use magic with my witch skills? If it's normal, it's impossible. Normal people don't have a status screen.

"Oh, but this is not good."

If you don't say a spell when you use magic, won't you find out something strange about my magic in one shot?

Both that high level supposed captain and Dr. Orvé, who should be high level in healing relationships, had all cast spells.

"I thought it was memorization..."

Normally I guess I remember it repeatedly for practice. If I imagined that, I would touch my magic name and another window would open.

There was a spell displayed there.

"I didn't even need memorization..."

Should I be happy that this is easy? Instead, I felt a chill in this, more exhausting circumstance than playing a game.

Magic, I thought you could probably dominate if you read a book.

I'll make sure you can use it even if you don't remember! I guess getting a response like that means I'm going to have to do something terrible, or something.

Something more than jumping into a tornado I'm not sure about, for example, ready to commit suicide...

I trembled and then my hands kind of trembled.

I decided to have some tea to calm down.

It's tea with honey in it at times like this. Make it a little sweeter than usual and put a little warm tea in your mouth.

Thanks to the effect of the tea, I felt much calmer. The hand tremor also stops.

"In the meantime, I remember what magic is, so if you just buy a book, you'll have no problem using it"

You should be able to use it the same way as the game.

"Problem is, they'll know you can use it all at once"

Let someone teach you how to practice magic. Sneak...... to Dr. Orvé or Mr. Frey, please. That's how I get Mr. Frey to see the magic practice landscape once and pretend he's normally mastered it with it... can't you?

I decided to proceed with this policy because I can't think of it.

I'll just ask Dr. Orvé at dinner time.

"Dr. Orvé, I'd like to ask you about magic."

"What? If you want to leave it behind."

Today's menu features thin slices of meat on black bread and slices of onion in a stunning soup. It's heavier on my stomach than I thought this sandwich would be, so I'll be full soon.

I had three per person on it, but if I couldn't eat it very much and couldn't get my hands on it, Dr. Orvé took it from the front. Good, now you don't have to leave it.

"Enjoy it. So you should practice your magic mastery after reading the book, right?

"Hmm? Speaking of which, I heard you bought a magic book from Frey. Can I use something now? I thought it was a skill that specializes in the direction of making tea, but you can use magic, too. Yours is rare."


But push the remaining bread into your mouth so you don't find out, and deceive it by pretending to eat it.

"Right. haha."

"Well, it's not like there isn't. Yeah, well, if you have something you can use, you should practice. Magic may or may not be activated with magic."


The operation is one button, and I can't say I never thought of that. That's what happened when I cast the spell, so I guess this is the exception.

"Frey's worried, so you should let someone take a look at your practice once."


I don't know, because I really put a lot of effort into Mr. Frey.

I decided to keep it a big deal for today and ask Mr. Frey to keep an eye on the magic practice once tomorrow.