"Let's start with magic that doesn't seem like a problem."

In the afternoon, I go to the large courtyard in the castle with Mr. Frey, who was just supposed to see how the magic was.

Some squad knights running around the perimeter, huh? He was looking back at me and Mr. Frey with the face that

"Shall we start with the fireball? A beginner's goal is easy, so let's mark this."

That said, stick one spear you were bringing to the ground.

"This, won't it break?

"It's okay. I mean, it's broken, 'cause it's the one that's already breaking."

He said, pointing to the spear's stone bump being more broken and rattled.

Then I will use the fireball LV1.

"What about this, the target of the attack?

"You just have to remember what you hit."

I can take the spell I put on the screen while I think I see it.

At the end of his outstretched hand, something like a ball of fire in the haunted mansion appeared and flew a little towards the spear.

The spear that the fireball hits is engulfed in flames. And the pattern became charcoal.

If it hits me, I'm usually going to die of a major burn. Frightened.

Mr. Frey praised me for "doing well".

"Let's try some other magic as it is"

I was prompted to use wind LV1 and the pattern of the spear that was carbide broke.

Thunder LV1 blackened around the arrowhead stabbed to the ground, and a bee and discharge occurred for a while.

The magic of the defensive shield is confirmed by tapping on the front where Mr. Frey was supposed to have given me the shield after the chant, around the distance I extended my arm.

It sounded good with Concon.

"Oh, now you can feel a little relieved."

Knowing that four kinds of magic can be used, Mr. Frey said with a relieved look.

I'm just sorry......

But when I use it like this, what interests me after all is' what happens if I use the magic of the maximum output '.

You have to get out of the castle to experiment, and if you can't use the magic of metastatic travel, it's impossible to sneak away and go home.

Or there are three ways to metastasize.

Something that will allow you to use high-ranking magic as a wizard. It seems that Master Lucien used it in the story once, a transfer by the Spirit. And underworld techniques commonly used by enemies.

Sure, the wizards who tried to kill you, who experimented with me, said something. He said, "If it's underworld art," and he was trying to escape.

That, I also remembered a few times in the game that enemies use it, but every time they use it, they need a body. That's when I was about to be corpsed for metastatic magic.

... smudged and glad you could help.

As for high-altitude magic, one of these days when you accumulate money, you'll secretly buy a magic book and master it.

Big magic is going to be used even if I don't like it one of these days, and I just have to make it big for now.

"Thank you for today. It's good to know you can use it anyway."

When I greeted him that way, Mr. Frey looked at me and said, caring.

"I used magic all at once, but did the MP decrease make you sick? Check the quantity with a measuring stone. Do you know how to look at it?

He tried to teach me how to look at it out of kindness, but I was relieved to oppose it.

Shit. As soon as they see something like this, they'll find out it's unusual!

"It's okay! I also use MP every time to make tea, but even if I make ten or twenty cups, it won't be a whirlpool at all! If it's not enough, I can fix it with my own tea."

"Speaking of which, you did," Mr. Frey convinced me, claiming that three or four of the magic was no big deal.

Oh good......

I am in trouble when I am pryed any further, so I was asked to end my magic practice.

That would be bad for my eyes if it weren't for daylight, so I decided to snort in the stitches when I tickled in the room.

Don't you want a tea cozee?

I also want to make a tea mat with a common cloth anyway.

So I cut the cloth all over and sew it off the edge.

There is no quilt cotton in this world, so it was a little hard to pack cotton but I managed to get one. One mat, too.

Where my shoulders came from, I had a visitor.

When I was knocked out of the door of the room, what a rarity it was, Mr. Eval.

"I'll only briefly tell you what to do."

I coughed up, and Mr. Eval said without hearing my reply.

"He wanted to offer confectionery at the coffee shop, but I got permission from the captain."

"Thank you"

Yay. He said you can make sweets!

I don't know what to make of it. Something to hold on to...... I'd rather have what I want that day. You said you made sandwiches, too, right?

Dreams flutter me, Mr. Eval told me about another matter.

"It's a message from the captain to make sure you decide which tea to serve."

"Oh, I get it. You can come and make sure you have a choice, right?

"If it's not tea with a funny effect, it's okay to serve what you can make"

"Okay, I'll make a menu and give it to you!

What do you say, I'd like some beautiful paper for the menu chart.

Mr. Eval tells me the delivery date for tea utensils. That's a week later.

It is the first time that Kama has been installed and it can be done in three days.

"Then you can start your shop in about ten days."

"Please let me know about your pricing plan," Ms. Eval said after adding to me, who said inadvertently.

"Ten days from now, just more people will want magic recovery tea."

"Do you have any plans to crusade?

"Yeah, because I discovered where the Necromancer was going."