I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Collects information on how the game is progressing

Unexpectedly, I knew the quest progression of the game.

It's a little dungeon in the woods where the Necromancer comes out.

It's a dungeon that has nothing to do with the main story, but it seems to involve it as a setting.

Do you think the people who made the case for the Spirit Fusion Experiment used the demonic life banning technique there to fulfill the conditions of the magic that calls for dragons?

But I thought the enemy had no more witches than I had the skill name witch. Does the fact that things are going well mean there are other witches?

I wouldn't do it if I wasn't there......

Although I felt depressed about whether there were other victims and anxiety about what would happen in the future if there were other witches, what should I do?

If I could use more magic or talk to the Spirit, I guess I could gather that kind of information.


I want to find a spirit in that big goblin.

He seemed to know a lot.

But even if you ask the spirits who come out when you make tea, they won't respond, will they? She looked like that sheep and she got dressed like this. That's why you can't tell me.

I wish I could have talked more. When the level rises, will that method also come out?

I guess it's because I thought about that and shut up a little bit.

"I'm not taking you."

That's what Mr. Eval tells me. Maybe because I want to go, I thought you were thinking of something.

"I was also brought back the other day in the Ministry of Personnel and I have just put a lot of effort into Master Lucien"

"Yes, I caused trouble to the captain and Mr. Frey..."

"It's okay to leave Frey alone"

Am I to be clear, is Mr Eval of a quality that I do not care about other than the head of the regiment?

No. Last time I ended up caring about me, I'm stuck, but I should be worried about Mr. Frey too...... right?

But, well, thanks to Mr. Eval, I thought I'd put my anxiety aside.

Really hard to understand that tundelle is real, though, huh?

Hard to cope with, but, well, Mr. Eval narrowed his eyes when he imagined that he was a bureau of accounting who had a lot of administrative skills and was a little twisted.

What, did you do something to piss me off?

"Yura, don't move a little"

I was so cautious, I was nervous if there was anything behind it.

Mr. Eval reached down and touched the side of my head.

"There was a thread crumb on it. Did you even put a cloth on your head? … No, is it for the coffee shop?"

"Ah, yes. I'd like to try to get a few things together."

"If I had the time, I wouldn't be too rash to help, but I have some business to go outside from now on too..."

"Huh!? Are you sewing Mr. Eval?

Unexpected or unexpected. Mr. Eval's stunts are so cute! And you wanted to help me or something!? I was unwittingly flattered by how much I liked sewing, but I kept hearing even more amazing.

"Master Lucien is better at this than I am."

"That's unexpected..."

I can't think of that captain sewing a tea mat or anything.

But I got a little pinned. It's definitely because of your grandmother's help, Master Regiment.

"That's what they say a lot."

After Mr. Eval returned home with some surprising information, I heard more about the Necromancer's crusade from Dr. Orvé at dinner.

Aside from whether it's going to be the kind of flow I'm going to, I wanted to hear about the game and stuff.

"Oh, that one. Thank you. I heard you found the guide tree in the process of looking for it. Oh, you don't want that bread anymore? Give me that."

"Yes, please. I'm glad you have the same amount as everyone else, but I can't eat it, so now you're going to put it on the teacher from the beginning, bread."

"Do that. I don't think it's enough. You're interrupting the drunken people and then picking food..."

Speaking of which, I felt like my teacher was walking around less often these days, but you were hungry.

"Don't be patient. Why don't you ask me? So if you're looking for the Tree of Guidance, where the Necromancer will come from?

Dr. Orvé sips down the bread with a nod and puts the tea in his mouth before responding.

"Yes, they do. I found a place where the tree of guidance was solidifying and growing. I guess I went back with your tea, it looks like the spirits were gathering, but they did say the trees were dying out." The spirits were changing in the first place, and the head of the regiment told us that they cursed the tree itself. "

I see. So did you say that only one Spirit of the Tree of Guidance...

"Well, the captain managed there. Around the Knights' field, he grows seedlings with branches. They want the Spirit there like a butterfly, so if you're worried, you should see it."

"Oh good...... So, what's it like to be where the Necromancer comes from?

"I hear it was a little cave."

Turns out it's more or less the same as the game.

There's an entrance at the bottom of the valley, a kind of dungeon that climbs up and down.

He said he was going in a 24-man position with all the knights he could use magic, so he probably wouldn't have a problem. It's also a place where you can try from about 20 levels.

And I think...

Maybe the spirits will join the fight again as players.

That player spirit is also a mystery... Too much I don't know. But the answer is nowhere, so I still don't know.

Even so, I felt much stranger that ghosts were usually treated like demons that could be defeated.

Think about it, this world is a little short of flair, isn't it?

I mean, there's no such thing as a basin or a shore.

Once a year, I thought I'd go and see it in the face of my grandson... and my daughter or my son would ask me to crusade and knock me down by knights and soldiers.