Anyway, I snorted into the stitches for a few days after that.

If you make it too cute, it's hard for my age and stone castle, and the knight, the main customer, to come, so worry about the beauty and neatness, white and green? In shades like blue and white.

Hearing what I was teasing about, Helga and the others helped, and there was a surprise that they would even make an apron.


Spilling tea doesn't stand out, the blue apron that seemed to blend in a bit among the Knights even put it on the lace because it was for personal use.

I'm happy, so I'd like to pair it with a white blouse, a black torso and a skirt, and try it on a bit cool.

Afterwards, I was contacted that a chair, a table and something could be set up in the coffee shop room, and I was happy to carry my luggage.

It's light because there's a lot of tea and cloth stuff, but Fray helped me, so it'll be over soon.

When I had time, I just decided to make some tea treats.

I asked Eval to set up a stone cauldron to make sweets.

It's in the form of a pinch of iron plate, a fire underneath, and something you want to bake on top.

The flour had also arrived what I had asked for, so I have butter prepared via Mr. Frey and create two kinds of cookies.

A knight who likes rare things seems to glance at the room because of the work I'm doing.

It's just that I'm in the room I made into the kitchen, so Mr. Frey in the next room is supposed to respond.

I can hear Mr. Frey gently getting rid of them as he leaves the door open.

But when I started to smell the cookies baking, I couldn't seem to get rid of them.

"Captain. Aren't you making snacks? This smell."

"Smells like butter...... that's a cookie. This is!

"Oh, no. Can I just give the captain a taste? sloppy."

I also took care of him when I went to the woods, Mr. Frey's men came and that's how I started following Mr. Frey.

"I'm not here to taste it. What are you guys doing?"

'Cause there's no patrol today.'

"Can I come and see what's going on in between the stands?"

The conversation that is twisted is like a child, and I'm going to laugh unexpectedly.

Looking at the person who had the oven kiln built on top of him while he was laughing, the whole thing in goblin in the Spirit of Fire is breathing on the iron plate of the oven with hufu and cookies.

Oh, it might suck a little. Think so.

"That's it!

Speaking of stops, the Goblin Spirit said, "Ok!" Just gave me a goodjob sign and disappeared.

It's good you didn't offend me, but what the hell did you do? Very anxious.


Serve the baked treat out of the oven.

I put out a status screen and pointed to the confectionery.

Cheese Cookies: Usual

One kind is fine. It was a regular cookie.

Tea Cookies: Usual

Tea Cookies: A Spirit Snack


The only thing that seemed to make a difference were the sweet ones mixed with tea, and the spirits fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

"But what's a Spirit snack...?

I'll split the suspicious treats for now.

If you haven't changed, you decide to give it a taste and serve it on a plate, although it's still hot.

When I saw the next room trying to speak up, there were more people than I thought, about ten.

Since we are gathered around Mr. Frey, I put the baked treats at that table.

"Sweet cookies and not sweet cookies"

The sweet product was turned into a tea cookie. I don't like the dandruff sweet stuff either, so I suppress it with a fluffy sweetness.

If it's not sweet, it's a salty cookie with cheese and pepper.

If a lot of people like this, I'm going to focus on Cakesare or something.

"I want an indicator of what kind of things to put down a lot, so if it's good, can you eat it and give me your thoughts? Oh, be careful, it's still hot"

That said, the knights who were gathering gathered in the cookies.

Though we're all adults, I guess we get stuck in food. It's like a bunch of elementary school kids and I smile.

I just wanted to say that I'm really up...... but I only baked a few about the taste, so I quickly got clean on the plate.

"I prefer it not sweet over here."

"I'd rather eat sweeter"

Is there really two opinions? I guess I should get the same number.

"It was delicious, Mr. Yura."

That's what Frey thanked me for when I was cleaning up.

"Oh, thank you! I'm glad you said that. It's a problem because it's for people..."

Hahaha laugh.

Because I was just wondering what I would do if I was really disapproved.

"It's more like I'm bothering you while you're making it, and if you need anything, you can lock the door and go out."

As it is, Mr. Frey always narrows the scope of his actions when he starts the store.

Anyway, Yura Frey is scheduled to be on patrol as much as possible in the morning and in the castle in the afternoon.

Mr. Frey sighed small.

Place the wiped plate on the table and grab both my shoulders holding it.

"Okay, Mr. Yura?"

I was anxious that I might have pissed off Mr. Frey, who had a nervous eye contact. I pull back one step at a time.

"I'm more anxious, so I asked the captain to see you regularly."


I imagined Mr. Frey coming to observe the rabbit hut if there wasn't less bait.

"But isn't it hard every day? You'll be tired..."

Even rabbits are seen eating cabbage leaves every day. I don't think it makes a big difference what I'm doing.

But Mr. Frey says with extreme seriousness.

"I won't get tired of it. Instead, if you keep it normal, my anxiety will decrease. Anyway, it hasn't happened before. I can't believe protective subjects commit suicide from themselves. And I don't know what the motive is."

Do you mind? and forced me to take a step back further, dressed like I could grab my shoulder and be pressed against the wall by Mr. Frey, who closed in between.

They're preaching, so sometimes it's zero, and I'm unintentionally shivering. 'Cause I knew you were mad at me, Mr. Frey!

"As a result of your jumping, the vortex also mysteriously disappeared. So there must have been something you could have impelled. But at least you should have explained."

"Yes, you are..."

Truth be told, there are a lot of things in the world that I can't explain... I can't even say, so I just have to reply like that.

"The truth is, I'm worried about what I'm also doing while I'm not watching. So you should stop telling me to lock up, Mr. Yura. You really want to manage behavior from end to end, don't you?

Management!? What do you mean!

To me with my eyes round, Mr. Frey smiles.

"If you know what I mean, at least let me watch my freedom while I'm around. Because if I knew you'd act within common sense, I'd feel safe getting back on track."

Right? Though I was told.

... Finally, if you don't want to be put inside a locked cage out of the state of a loose keeper in a large park, do you mind if I keep Mr. Frey waiting?